Who would have thought that sneakers would become so popular that they would have their dedicated market? This sneaker trend or fashion has had many investors thinking about what is the next best thing to invest in.

For now, by far, the sneaker market has been at the top. The youth of today is also invested in it as imagined but the surprising thing is that even the top gurus of investment are now looking into this market.

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People who used to trade stocks or even invest in bitcoin have now turned over to sneakers as a source of investment. But is this the case everywhere on the planet? Is the sneaker market as profitable as other investments all around the world?

Sneakers Market In China

Via Fortune

This trend of investing in sneakers, especially in limited ones, can be traced back to its roots in the United States of America. The Jordan series was a game-changer for the industry and since then, the sky has been the limit.

The same trend soon took off to Europe and now Asia, especially China. China has had a boom in its sneaker industry and is currently one of the best countries to invest in when it comes to sneakers.

Though the United States of America remains the worldwide heart of sneaker culture, demand for rare Nike and Adidas designs is growing even faster in China, where hip-hop and basketball are tremendously popular.

According to Zhang Qi, chief analyst at online consulting firm iiMedia, China’s secondary market for sneakers exceeds $1 billion and has been growing 35% year-on-year on average since 2015.

Growing Sneakers Market In China

Chinese App To Buy & Sell Sneakers via Al-Jazeera

Now the credit for all of this goes to all the sneaker fanatics that have made this hobby into a profession. With all this, there are proper apps like Nice, Poizon in China that allow users to buy and sell sneakers and see all associated information related to them.

Users have even earned more than 1 million yuan by buying limited-edition sneakers and selling them for a profit using the two and many more platforms mentioned above. And this isn’t even the beginning. The market is increasing per minute with hundreds of buyers and sellers. All looking for that special sneaker.

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Mostly these limited edition sneakers as the name suggests, come in a limited number of pairs, and getting one is one of the biggest challenges there are.

People have to place bookings and even wait for days outside the stores to get premium limited-edition sneakers. All this effort, energy, and time are worth it when the value of those sneakers doubles.

Covid-19 And Its Effect On The Chinese Sneaker Market

As we all know, the Covid-19 virus started in China and it was the first country that had been drawn into a wormhole of early disasters. Soon it spread out all around the world and for the very first time, the world stood still and all operations stopped.

The pandemic had proven to be one of the deadliest that the world has seen in many years. In such cases and scenarios, even the sneaker market had declined, especially in China where the virus originated. But the love and passion for collecting rare sneakers never died.

It’s that sought after. Soon as China opened its businesses, the sneaker market started to rise back up again from the ashes and is steadily increasing. Even trade between countries on a global level has resumed, which has brought the supply of sneakers, be it limited editions or normal ones back into circulation.

So, the Chinese market on sneakers isn’t where it was projected to be, but neither is the rest of the world. It’s still one of the best options to invest in.

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