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Winner’s Circle Monthly Subscription (Cook group)

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Here’s what you’ll get when you join the Winner’s Circle Cookgroup!

  • Highest quality monitors that update live directly to Discord giving you a huge edge on profitable shock drops and more (worth $500/month). As of mid 2022 we added HUNDREDS of new monitors to everything from eBay, StockX, Walmart, Nike along with dozens of lesser known sites. While sneakers is our main focus our monitors look for deals on anything that can make you a quick flip profit including Playstation 5, electronics, coins and other collectibles as well. If there is a chance to make a quick buck or monitors will find it.
  • Office hours, private webinars, and 24/7 access to our admins including the famous [email protected]_ that will help answer your questions and help you cop your first big win.
  • A dope active community/support group that is there to help each other out, vs other cook groups where everyone is just a ghost.
  • Admins and experts from countries around the world
  • High quality ACO checkout service for botting checkout (great for brick flips)
  • Inside tips on profitable flipping opportunities beyond sneakers.
  • Direct release threads and tips
  • Backdoor and early links
  • Expert bot tips
  • Our proven system has helped thousands of resellers turn their small-time sneaker flipping hobby into a profitable business! But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what our members have to say!

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  • Psst get your first month for $5 (or get $35 off your first 6 month or 12 month purchase), use the code 5bux at checkout!

Instructions and additional info:

  • Before you can add to cart, you must first select the timeframe for your billing periods (1 month, 6 months, or 12 months).
  • Automatically recurring subscription that you can cancel at any time
  • **In order to join, you must first create an account (for free) at**
  • You must have an active Discord account for successful registration!
  • Then you’ll link your account by clicking Link Account while making the purchase–it will redirect you to Discord, for the smoothest enrollment have your Discord window/app open while enrolling!
  • For any issues, please email [email protected]

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Reviews (9)

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  1. zack (verified owner)

    When it comes to community the group is pretty quiet, but you get unlimited help from the manager @TCTK on setting up your bots, he’s one of the few people who even has bots actually working properly in 2023. I also like how since the margins on sneakers has kinda dried up they focused on quick flips on the most random stuff like collectible coins, and even in one case a perfume on sale for $20 that I quickly resold on ebay for $100 * 5x was a quick $400. the ACO also works I scored a new balance stone island last week for $150 resold on stockx instantly for $280.

  2. @AdidasLH1 (verified owner)

    Until recently I wouldn’t have recommended this cookgroup, and only stayed on because they offered me a really good deal. However as of late 2022 the group is under new leadership and they are clearly investing lots of money to make the cookgroup better, they added more admins to help out that will talk to you as much as you want for free, lots of new monitors including to lesser checked sites like dicks sporting goods and a few others, and added a killer ACO service to help with botted checkouts as well that works really well. Is it better than other cookgroups? I’d say TBH they are all kind of similar but the difference is sneaker flippers fixed up their discord to make this group worth it and on par with the other top groups, esp if you can get a deal on the first year, TBH you could simply do a year, then signup again a year later as a “new member” on another discord name I doubt they would notice. Another thing I like about this cookgroup is they dont do all that stupid fake scarcity bullshit like other groups that put you on “waitlists” and don’t threaten you will not be allowed access again if you pause or cancel ur membership. Here you can join and leave as you please. Overall i’d recommend them.

  3. Adrian Hernandez (verified owner)

    What’s good fam, well what can I say bout this community. I love it there their for u if ur just starting to the og best decision I ever made

  4. Adrian Hernandez (verified owner)

    What’s good fam. Been with this discord for a couple months now and what can I say. If ur new to flipping or an oh this community is where it’s at, from needing help to how to grow your set up. Love this group won’t regret it

  5. Shonya Abioye (verified owner)

    I love love love this cook group ❤️❤️, thanks to the help of the admins I managed to cop 3 pairs of Travis Scott Air Max 1 Saturn Golds for around $150 each and sell them for over $500 on eBay, thats just one of many wins. Give Sixfiguresneakerhead a try you won’t regret it.

  6. Chioma (verified owner)

    I recommend this group. Beyond sneakers, they post lots of other easy flips too. With help from the admin, i managed to get setup with proxies as explained in their hypmaster book and managed to buy 10 playstation 5’s for $450 from inside info on the group. I sold them on eBay for around $800 each at the time. i’m hooked.

  7. @Brodiga (verified owner)

    Monitors suck and are basic, overpriced, you’re really just paying for access to the admins to hold your hands. I joined when they did the $1 for the first month promo and quit almost immediately

    • Chris Michaels ([email protected]_) (verified owner)

      @_TCTK_ here. We’re really sorry you didn’t have a good experience. It’s true when it comes strictly to monitors, scrapers and so on that we can’t compete with some bigger cook groups, but you don’t get 24/7 help and office hours from admins either. We’re here to help people cop their first big flips and get them making a nice 4 figure a month side income stream. Thanks for your comment, we’ll try to continue to improve the group.

  8. Johnny Cop (verified owner)

    If you’re new to the hustle looking for a more “beginner cookgroup” with office hours and lots of guidance this group is for you, the admin is @_TCTK_ is very friendly and available for questions, but for an advanced reseller like me thats just looking for the best monitors and scrapers, I felt there are better cookgroups out there. To be fair this site does market itself to beginners.

  9. Oscar (verified owner)

    Very nice environment here! I have got a lot of guidance from this group. The first week into this hustle, and I have made over $100 in profits.