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3 Ways How to Make the Most Money When Reselling Shoes

Reselling shoes is an incredible opportunity, but there are certain rules you need to follow to make the most of it. Check out these 3 insider tips on how to make the most money when reselling sneakers.


Should I Sell Shoes on eBay for Profit?

So you’ve gotten your rare shoes, you know they’re worth money, but how do you sell them? Let’s explore if eBay is a good answer for cashing out.


A Review of the Best Legit Shoe Resale Sites

Navigating the world of where to sell your hard earned sneakers can be confusing. We’re here to demystify the top platforms to use and which ones to avoid so you can have the best success as a reseller.


How People Get Multiple Pairs of Rare Shoes on Release Day

You probably get upset and jealous when you see all the people on Instagram flexing their 4-5 pairs of rare kicks when you couldn’t even get just one. Don’t hate, educate. Learn how they do it in this post.


How To Flip Shoes Like a Boss in 2019

One of the most promising markets to participate in as an entrepreneur and hustler is that of resellable sneakers. Here’s how to seize the opportunity and reach boss status this year.

An image presenting money gains chart.

A Beginner’s Guide to Selling Rare Shoes for Profit

You might recognize the profit potential and understand that shoe reselling is a very real opportunity. Beyond the obvious facts, a lot of things remain mysterious for beginners. Here’s how people actually build $10,000+ monthly shoe resale businesses.


Sneakerhead Economics: Shoes as an Investment

If you have money set aside to invest, you should take a second look at why Jordans might be one of your best options. Read more to see how shoes actually beat the stock market’s returns.


Live the Life of a Sneaker Plug

A lot of people dream about living the life of a money making sneaker plug. Here’s how to actually do it.


4 Ways How to Become a Supreme Reselling Master

Do not ignore Supreme if you’re looking for things to flip! Here are 4 ways you can become a master at getting this brand and cashing in on their lucrative releases

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