Affiliate Program – 30-50% Payout has an easy to use sneaker affiliate program with extremely generous payouts that are the highest in the industry. We believe that if you send us a sale you should be generously compensated. You can sign up here

The most generous commission in the sneaker industry.

Our opinion is most affiliate programs in the sneaker reselling industry and the sneaker industry in general, well SUCK! Most commission rates for selling sneakers are around 1-3% for StockX or Amazon. However, we offer 30% royalties for all affiliates and an industry high 50% commission for those members in our Winners Circle .


Sneaker Flippers Affiliate Program! - 30-50% pay out, highest in sneaker reselling industry.

We even pay out 30-50% for Cookgroup membership as well.

Most other cookgroups aren’t much better, most of them only offer 5-10% at absolute most, which is not very generous considering its a digital service they are selling with little direct overhead. They also play silly little games with artificial scarcity and “wait lists” which means you can’t make money if you can’t make the sale. We never lock up our cookgroup and its always available. With our affiliate program you get the same 30-50% for cookgroup membership too and any additional recurring payment up to 45 days later. (NOTE: We do not do lifetime commission for ongoing Winners Circle cookgroup payments after 45 days)

Who is a good fit for the sneaker reselling affiliate program

If you can send someone with a link, you’re a fit. Here are some examples. Remember you don’t necessarily have to send them to a product page, you can send them to any page on our site and it will automatically credit any sale that happens to your affiliate code for up to 45 days. You can signup here

  • Sneaker Reselling Website – If you have a sneaker info or reselling website you probably are already signed up for various affiliate programs. This one works the same as any other you just add your referral code to the end of any URL.
  • Instagram or Social Media Sneaker Reselling Page – Many of you may have a small or large side hustle on Instagram or Tiktok reselling sneakers on your page. You can send traffic to our site by using a URL shortener like that has a link to our site with your referral code built in, or refer them to the link in bio. Business instagram pages can also directly add URLs in stories, and as I’m sure you know on Twitter and Youtube you can drop URLs directly.
  • Sneaker Info or Reselling Email List – If you have an email list you can directly drop the URL in the email as well. Our affiliates report this is one of the most effective ways to get a large amount of sales.
  • Cookgroup Admins – We get that you may not want to advertise our cookgroup to compete with yours but the Hypemaster Playbook and Botting Guide are very easy sales for your fans and we’re open to coordinating sales with you. If you want to sell our products and deliver them directly to your fans on your own platform please let us know.

How do I get started?

  1. Fill out the form
  2. You will be given a URL code of your choice. All you have to do is add it to any URL on our site such as
  3. Anybody who clicks on the URL with that code will have a cookie put on their computer giving you credit for any sales that come in from that device for 45 days.

Join our Winners Circle Cookgroup and get 50% instead of 30%

Winners Circle members get 50% payout instead of 30%. All you have to do is join and pay your dues and as long as you are an active member you get a 50% payout instead of 30%. It’s that simple. It only takes a handful of sales to make it worth it. And you get access to all the awesome features of our membership program as well. If you choose to no longer be part of the cookgroup, your commission rate will revert to a still-industry-high 30%. The choice is yours.

I have a large email list (10k+) or very large following on IG/Youtube (100k+)

For those of you with a large email list and IG/Youtube please contact us we can work out a special deal to run a coordinated sale and give you 50% even without joining our cookgroup. We also understand if you have a large cookgroup you may want to sell our products directly on your own server and site and then pay us a commission instead. If you have a very large following we are open to this. Please reach out and contact us. 

How do I check my comissions?

At the end of the day all business is based on trust. We’ve been featured on GQ magazine, SideHustleNation, NichePursuits and more.

You can always login to our dashboard which is the same URL as where you signed up and you will be taken to a dashboard where you’ll see your comissions.

When do you payout? What is the minimum?

We pay out monthly, or once you surpass $100 in commissions, whichever comes first. Payment is via PayPal, though we may be able to arrange ACH transfers for those doing over $500 a month in commissions.

Ready to signup click here.