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Hypemaster Playbook Reloaded – Sneaker Reselling Guide


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Hypemaster Playbook 2022 Edition, 400+ page Sneaker Reselling Guide!

Introducing the Hypemaster Playbook Reloaded! (2022 Edition), a 400+ page reselling guide with tons of valuable video content. We’ve completely upgraded the entire book with more video content in this new exciting version of our original HYPEMASTER PLAYBOOK – the most popular and most thorough sneaker reselling guide on the internet.

What’s In It?

You won’t find this amount or quality of content anywhere else. In this new version of the Hypemaster Playbook, you’ll get the following:

Actionable six figure, $0-$10K step by step business blueprint, perfect for those who want to learn the game from A-Z but don’t know how to start.

The most thorough (400+ Pages) and up to date (July 2022) sneaker resale field guide available.

NEW: Hours of video content that go with each chapter for the more visual learners (especially useful for the botting and NFT portions of the guide).

5 Guides in 1 that’s worth $150 in value: 

    • Part 1: Hype Shoes 101: Gaining Sneaker Plug Level Knowledge, covering all the basics for those starting out.
    • Part #2: Knowledge Into Action: Take the knowledge from Hype Shoes 101 with actionable items to get started.
    • Part #3: Becoming A Limited Sneaker Guru: How to gain an edge over other sneaker resellers and get sneaker plugs.
    • Part #4: The “Cook” Recipe (Completely rewritten for 2022): Learn how to use bots to gain an edge on sneaker releases, updated for tactics that still work in 2022.
    • Part #5: $0-$10k In 6 Months Or Less: Detailed business plan so you feel good and confident that you will actually take life changing action this time !

Satisfaction Guaranteed, if you’re not happy with the files, let us know and we’ll find a way to make it right.

Digital download with eBook and videos immediately accessible via login upon purchase.

What Skills Will I Learn?

With the Hypemaster Playbook Reloaded (2022 Edition), you’ll master the skills on:

✅ How To Skyrocket Profits With Multiple Kicks

Sneaker Flippers Hypemaster Playbook reveals this crucial step, including becoming your own plug with sneaker bot mastery! Skip years of trial and error that we had to go through with our sneaker reselling guide that tells you how to start copping sneakers and making money ste pby step.

✅ How To Always Get Winning Pairs

Selling sneakers has many pitfalls, especially for beginners. Don’t buy losing pairs and lose money like I did at first. I can recommend a sneaker reselling guide like the Hypemaster Playbook Reloaded 2022 edition.

✅ How To Grow To $100K and Beyond

Flipping sneakers is perhaps the fastest way for someone with hunger and hustle to make six figures.

This unique 5-part formula of the Hypemaster Playbook is crucial if you want to stand out from the pack of hype chasers as someone who wants to build and scale a real sneaker business.

What’s New In The 2022 Edition Of Hypemaster Playbook?

Most importantly: We’ve updated our sneaker reselling guide with all the current top shoes. While most of the classics remain such as the Air Jordan 1 Highs and Air Force 1’s, but new kicks have just hit the market like New Balance 9060’s and Yeezy Foam Runnrs – these things change.

✅  We’ve rewritten the entire botting guide with the latest tactics so you don’t fall behind. Unfortunately many of the botting tools and tactics from previous versions of Hypemaster are no longer working so we’ve updated it so you can continue to gain an edge with bots.

 We’ve added an entire section that’s all about NFTs. We’ve updated all the top NFTs you wanna get your hands on as and we’ll also teach you how you can take advantage of the current bear market in crypto to gain a cheap entry point.

We’ve added over a dozen videos to go with the Hypemaster Playbook. These videos will show you everything from understanding bids on StockX, to how to setup bots without getting banned, and tons of other information.

New tactics.  Many of our fans have complained with bots becoming so aggressive that many old tactics are not working so we improved them. We went back to the basics and improved many of our original “low fi” tactics that still work in 2022 for those of you who are not as technical or enjoy doing things the more old school style with a plug.

Tips and strategies to help your sneaker business survive in this current economy. We’ll teach you how to take advantage of the economic slowdown to get sneakers on the resale market at a fantastic price that could sell in the future for big bucks.


“Selling Sneakers Sounds Silly, Why Should I Care and Buy a Sneaker Reselling Guide?”

BC 42 Backdrop hypemaster playbookGlad you asked! In uncertain and unprecedented times, while many other markets have had a bubble burst, the sneaker resale market is holding strong and stands the test of time.

Thankfully, it’s not too late to make the life changing decision of hopping on the train with us for a fun ride. This information may seem overwhelming at first, it might sound a bit too good to be true, or maybe you’ve tried and failed at reselling sneakers. That’s why we created the ultimate resource for those who are truly hungry for the shoe hustle.

Benjamin Kickz was and still is one of our biggest inspirations, and I simply believed that I could build a business like him and acted on the opportunity with the correct knowledge that is tried and tested after many mistakes.

The thing is, anyone can reach levels of sneaker resale success once they have the knowledge base. We modeled after what Benjamin Kickz showed me is possible. So, do you want to flip shoes for thousands of dollars today? Reselling sneakers is the funnest and coolest way to make tons of money.

This 18-Year-Old Makes A Fortune Selling Sneakers To Celebrities Like Drake And DJ Khaled

Why We Created The HypeMaster Playbook And Created Sneaker Flippers

The team here at Sneaker Flippers was originally a team selling everything from toys to hoverboards, not knowing where to put our focus and energy, with some wins and a whole lot of losses. We discovered reselling shoes by accident when I found out about Benjamin Kickz…and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

The first big AHA moment in breaking down what made him successful was when I discovered this pair of shoes that made $500 per pair: I knew that if he could do it, we could too. So I dedicated myself to decoding the formula to why a teenager could make millions selling sneakers.

don c hypemaster playbook


Just 2 months later, by learning how to sell shoes like this consistently, we had our first $13,000 month but that was only the beginning! We’re not geniuses, we just know the right kicks to sell.

And you can do this too! Lucky for you, you don’t have to make the same mistakes that we did. With our 5-part Hypemaster Playbook Reloaded! ,we’ll teach you everything we know and guide you every step of the way on how to build a successful sneaker-reselling business the right way.

Screen Shot 2019 11 21 at 11.29.28 PM hypemaster playbook


Yes, in 2022 the game has gotten a bit tougher, we’ll admit that, but its still not as hard as you think. The market is still growing. Sneaker Reselling is a $5-Billion Dollar Market and growing and you can join today with the right knowledge.

Here are some self-made Million Dollar Sneaker Resellers, most of which are teenagers and college kids who started not too long ago. A few not even on the million dollar list above include Benjamin Kickz and Allen Kuo.

Copy of ball groene hypemaster playbook

Here’s Allen Kuo, self made shoe plug, with of $200,000 worth of sneakers that are all his. His business was growing so fast even in the beginning that he wanted to drop out of college. His strict parents wouldn’t let him so made a bet with his parents that he’d have $100K in his bank account in 1 year from reselling shoes.

Screen Shot 2016 08 20 at 4.07.12 PM hypemaster playbook

He dropped out when he won the bet less than 1 year later with more than $100,000 in his bank, selling shoes like these Nikes below. These kicks were released in 2018 for $190, with a profit of over $1,000 per pair.

Screen Shot 2018 08 25 at 4.42.04 PM hypemaster playbook


So… how do you get kicks like this?

How do you grow your business from $0 to $100k, or become a plug like these guys?

I’ve answered all these questions and more in the 5 Part Hypemaster Playbook Reloaded 2022 Edition!

Hypemaster Playbook 2022 Edition

With the Hypemaster Playbook 2022 Edition, you will sell shoes this weekend, and make up to $500 (or more) on your first sale alone, a 20x return on the cost of the guide. And from there you can easily scale to $10,000 a month or more!

There’s no other reselling opportunity like this in the world. Selling shoes is the best feeling ever, and starting sooner rather than later is the best decision you can make when it comes to investing time, money and effort.

In it, I’ve taken the extensive insider knowledge of what it took to become a successful reseller like Benjamin Kickz and Allen Kuo, from a complete novice. Readers of the guide are getting multiple pairs of shoes and report starting sneaker businesses and scaling them to a significant source of income.

Here is an example of an opportunity that happened earlier this year–with many more to come– that readers of the Hypemaster Playbook acted upon. These Chuck Taylors had a retail price of $130 and resold at over $1,500 consistently for weeks, and still currently sell for 6x the retail price.

chucks hypemaster playbook


Does this all sound too good to be true? Because it is! Check out all of satisfied customers below!

IMG 5153 1 hypemaster playbook


Screen Shot 2018 05 07 at 7.39.44 PM hypemaster playbook


ig11 hypemaster playbook

testimoniall 2 hypemaster playbook

IMG 6296 1 hypemaster playbook

playbook review hypemaster playbook

success pairs cg hypemaster playbook

This unique 5 part formula of the Hypemaster Playbook is crucial if you want to stand out from the pack of hype chasers as someone who wants to build and scale a real sneaker business.

Remember, every day delayed is a potential dollar made. We promise you this is worth it! Join our team today.

Reviews (21)

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  1. Diego

    This book was a huge eye opener for me! It was full of great knowledge that I have been able to implement within a month to make my first resale for profit. Definitely worth it!

  2. kjames995

    If you’re serious about being your own boss. I highly recommend this book. Even if you’re not interested in selling shoes the knowledge is worth the $47. You will make your money back, i haven’t made my first profit yet but I’m working on it and should have one soon.

  3. alanceliker

    The book taught me a great deal about various sneakers, I am now armed with tons of knowledge and will be reading it again to soak up everything.

  4. snicfreshgmail-com

    Is a great sneakers guide especially for beginners into the sneakers game, make sure you read it over and over again to get it in mind. The staff also make prompt reply if any issue crop up.

  5. cameron-roy027

    I’m only half way through the book and I have learned invaluable information that I know will help me in the near future. It’s a good read for anyone that has that entrepreneurial mindset and especially if you’re going to become a sneaker head. I accidentally paid twice for the book and within a day they had given me a refund for the second one. Highly recommend this book. Thank you for all your knowledge!

  6. jsjw

    Great investment! I learned a lot about the reselling market and this guide probably saved me a lot of time and money. Thanks JV

  7. Vadim

    Rarely will you come across a book that is as packed with knowledge as this one. There is no time wasted reading this book as it is all an investment. Unlike school textbooks that often require rereading because of their confusing format, this book was written in a way that makes every little detail as easy to understand as possible.

  8. Dan

    This book is loaded with information, doesn’t just skim through or beat around the bush. They go in depth and explain it so that someone that’s new to the sneaker community can learn the ins and outs. Very helpful.

  9. Luke

    My name is Luke and I’m 14. I’ve always loved shoes got into reselling in May 2019. I failed a bunch on what felt like hundreds of pairs of shoes until I gave up for a while. It kept nagging at me so a few months later I got back into it. I bought and read your book and tried to cop so many pairs until I finally copped the Air Jordan 1 Satin Black Toe size 9.5 Women’s. I was so hype all day. When they arrived I sold them minutes later on stockx for a whopping $960. I was so excited. Your book helped me learn everything I had to about copping and I really do think it was the reason I got that pair. I made a $680 profit on my first shoe. I would give this an easy 5/5 stars

  10. Lysander Mahilum

    Honestly, I’m only on Guide 3 at the time of writing this review but this playbook adds TONS of value! Yeezus, this thing is a goldmine. I’ve bought textbooks for stupids amount of money that taught me nothing valuable for my bankroll and I’m juiced I only got this for $47-a gaddamn steal. From someone who’s loved flipping as a teenager but got into the hype of trying out SMMA, professional photographer, and other entrepreneurial ventures, the knowledge in these guides revamps my love for flipping- granted I’ve been flipping a little on eBay through random garage sale items. The shoe game always mystified me and now I feel like I got my head in it. I’m looking forward to applying for the discord group soon once I make my first couple of flips so I don’t go in completely green. I haven’t finished the guide yet so I don’t have any suggestions of improvement, nor do I even have the proper knowledge to even make a suggestion because of all the new info in the guide, but I’d say that this is worth the investment. Not just money but your time. Do be warned, it’s 283 pages so you’ll be reading for a good minute but it’s definitely worth it.