Adidas Forum 84 Bape Low celebrates the 20th anniversary of the collaboration between the two brands and the 30th anniversary of BAPE®, and the second edition of the commemorative model is going to be released.

Bape is one of the streetwear brands that was heavily valued in the past. Collaborating with them can cause an item, such as hoodies and sneakers, to skyrocket to $1000.

As streetwear brands rise and fall, it is just a matter of time before Bape can rise again with their identity and creativity.

From Streetwear to Luxury: Bape’s Journey as a High-Value Brand

Founded by Nigo, BAPE quickly became a cultural tastemaker, especially in Tokyo, and gained recognition worldwide.

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Nigo, Founder of Bape

BAPE, also known as A Bathing Ape, is a highly sought-after streetwear brand that has gained immense popularity in recent years. It has a rich history and was one of the pioneers in the streetwear and lifestyle fashion scene.

The brand’s iconic Shark hoodie, released in 2004, exemplifies BAPE’s unique and outlandish designs that set it apart from others. Despite its popularity, getting hold of BAPE products can sometimes be challenging, as they are often sold out quickly and are limited to flagship stores.

The Evolution of Bape into a High-Value Brand

While BAPE is known for its premium prices, some have criticized the quality of certain items. Nevertheless, the brand continues to be influential and has expanded its offerings, including the introduction of sub-labels like AAPE. Moreover, Nigo’s involvement as the Creative Director of Uniqlo’s UT line further showcases his creative vision and influence in the fashion industry.

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Pharrell and Nigo / Razer X Bape

In 2005, Pharrell and Nigo teamed up for the clothing lines of NER*D frontman Billionaire Boys Club & Ice Cream. BAPE’s flashy, playful, and oversized style quickly became a staple in millennial hip-hop fashion. During that time, BAPE expanded its presence beyond Japan with flagship stores in New York and Los Angeles. It’s worth mentioning that Kanye West even designed his pair of the highly sought-after Bapesta sneakers.

As Bape moves forward, its identity shines through collaborations with notable brands like Razer, Coach, OVO, Pagani, and more. This not only enhances its high-value status but also keeps it relevant, regardless of trends or challenges.

Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Bape Camo

Style: F35097
Retail Price :$250
Resale Price: $300
Release Date: 02/02/2019

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Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Bape Camo

The popularity of Adidas in 2016 wasn’t solely due to Yeezy; the Adidas Ultraboost also played a significant role in becoming both a lifestyle and trending sneaker from 2016 to 2018.

Furthermore, the Bape camo design, similar to what they did with Adidas Forum 84 Bape Low, shares an identical style with the Adidas Ultraboost. The release generated tremendous excitement, causing the resell price to soar to $500.

Adidas Forum 84 Bape Low

Style: ID4771


Retail Price: $180

Resale Price: $250 – $300

Release Date: 05/20/2023

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Adidas Forum 84 Bape Low

Adidas Forum is one of the classic pieces from Adidas and is known for being a great lifestyle sneaker. It has its own unique style and doesn’t resemble the Samba or the Campus.

The Adidas Forum is one of the models that Bad Bunny used for his collaboration with Adidas.

That is why it is exciting that Adidas and Bape have surprised us with the Adidas Forum 84 Bape Low, featuring the iconic Bape Camo design all over the upper in green and blue.

Adidas Forum 84 Bape Low Resale Analysis

After its release on Saturday, May 20th, the current resale price of the Adidas Forum 84 Bape Low is around $250 – $300, depending on the size.

If you managed to get a pair and plan to resell it, the best approach is to quickly flip it for $250, resulting in a conservative profit of $70.

If you’re interested in learning techniques for sneaker reselling, I recommend checking out the Hypemaster playbook.

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Take your reselling game to the next level


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