Nike Air Ship Every game may not receive as much hype as the Jordan 1, it offers a unique appeal and holds significant historical value. Serving as a Jordan 1 alternative, it exudes a distinctive vibe that is perfect for everyday casual wear.

One of the notable aspects of non-hyped models like the Air Ship is their versatility, allowing you to wear them effortlessly in any setting or occasion.

It’s worth noting that the Air Ship played a crucial role as a temporary replacement model before the Jordan 1 was officially launched to the public, adding to its intriguing legacy.

Nike Air Ship
Nike Air Ship “Every Game”

Nike Air Ship History

When Michael Jordan started playing in the NBA on October 26, 1984, he wore a pair of white and red sneakers that were initially believed to be the famous Air Jordan 1, his first-ever signature shoe made by Nike. However, a 2021 auction held by Sotheby’s proved that those sneakers were actually called the Nike Air Ship, and Jordan wore them for the first half of the season.

The reason for this is that the Air Jordan 1 wasn’t fully developed at the time of Jordan’s debut. So, he chose to wear a Nike model that was already available. The Nike Air Ship, along with another popular shoe called the Air Force 1 that came out in 1982, served as inspiration for Jordan’s own high-top sneaker, which was released in 1985 and became known as the Air Jordan 1.

The Air Ship acted as a transitional design between the Nike models Jordan initially wore and his iconic Air Jordan line. However, its significance has been overlooked due to the immense popularity of the Air Jordan 1 and the Air Force 1.

Untitled Design 35

Nike Jordan Air Ship PE SP A Ma Maniére Game Royal



Retail Price:$140

Resale Price:$350

Release Date:08/26/2022

The Nike Air Ship A Ma Maniere Game Royal sneaker is a shoe that is mainly white in color, made of leather. It has blue accents on the Nike logo (called the Swoosh) and on the padded collar. The top part of the shoe has a breathable nylon tongue, which has a label displaying both the A Ma Maniére and Nike Air logos.

Untitled Design 36
Nike Jordan Air Ship PE SP A Ma Maniére Game Royal

The midsole of the shoe is white and made of rubber, with an air-sole unit in the heel for extra cushioning. The bottom of the shoe has a blue outsole with a treaded pattern for better grip.

This particular Nike Air Ship A Ma Maniere Game Royal sneaker was released in August 2022 as part of the Nike Air collection. It had a retail price of $140.

To learn more about this release:

Nike Air Ship “Every Game”



Retail Price:$140

Resale Price: $220

Release Date:05/10/2023

The latest colorway pays homage to Michael Jordan’s University of North Carolina practice shorts, which he famously wore underneath his NBA shorts during every game for good luck.

We now have an exclusive on-foot breakdown of the general release version, separate from the Sylvester collaboration. The shoe features a pristine white leather construction as its base, complemented by shaggy suede in a delightful “Diffused Blue” shade that adorns the Swooshes, lacing system, and collar, extending towards the heel.

Untitled Design 37 1
Nike Air Ship “Every Game”

Embroidered in elegant white script, the phrase “Every Game” is beautifully positioned at the heel of the collar. To finalize the design, an off-white midsole harmoniously blends with a blue rubber outsole, resulting in a captivating overall aesthetic.

Nike Air Ship “Every Game” Hype or Flop?

Despite its historical value, high-quality materials, and limited global release, the overall hype surrounding it has regrettably fallen short, resulting in a relatively modest resale value.

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