Today, we go through the partially forgotten Damani Dada Shoes that once stormed the market and even sold out until a few years later. Now, they’re rarely ever seen in the wild or even heard of. Stay tuned for all the details!

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Before we take a closer look at a few Damani Dada Shoes, let me briefly walk you through the brand’s history.

Damani DaDa | From Apparel To Sneakers

Damani dada logo
Damani Dada Logo

You would be forgiven for not knowing what Damani Dada is or even if you’ve never seen the once-iconic crown logo and their once-exciting Spinner sneakers.

The house of Damani Dada was established in the ‘90s (1995) and they primarily sold T-Shirts, shorts, pants, hoodies, and other apparel. Their hats and T-Shirts were the most popular but even then, the brand didn’t catch the spotlight as it intended to.

The much-desired popularity came with the release of Dada’s sneakers that were unique and functional sports and casual shoes. These shoes were aimed at urban basketball players and quickly caught on with the target audience, as well as celebrities such as Drake.

The last time that these sneakers had any hype, however, was probably when they were last worn by Latrell Sprewell in the NBA back in 2001.

Lavetta Supreme, the founder of Dada, was also a former NBA basketball player and she primarily made these sneakers for the NBA.

Weirdly enough, these kicks are nowhere to be found in the American Basketball Association today and are pretty much extinct. In regions such as Japan, however, these kicks are still showing decent numbers of sales.

Let’s take a look at a few models.


Latrell Sprewell Dada Supreme Spinner Green Sneaker
Latrell Sprewell Dada Supreme Spinners

These NBA sneakers were released back in the 00s and although they were popular, these kicks were also quite ridiculed for the weird design choices.

White covers the toes and rears, the latter of which features a silver spinner that might have not been the best choice according to many on social media.

The lateral toes feature “DADA” branding while white green midsoles and dark green outsoles finish off the design.

These sneakers were also rolled out again in 2017 and 2018 with slight differences.

Dada Supreme CDUBBZ Retro

Dada Supreme CDUBBZ Retro Side View With Silver Chrome Accent
Dada Supreme CDUBBZ Retro Side View

There were also patent leather options for this classic silhouette without the spinners. Although back in the day, Spinners were trending but now, these patent leather plain options are probably more wearable.

Uppers feature black glossy leather on the sides with “DADA SUPREME” branding on the lateral toes and perforated toe boxes. Metallic golden covers the lateral sides and the tongue tags with more branding. Black outsoles finish off the design.

You can buy them today for just $62 here.

Dada Supreme White

Dada Supreme White Side View
Dada Supreme White Side View

The CDUBZ model also comes in a white variant with white leather across the upper, appearing on the perorated toes with a crown logo on top and “DADA SUPREME” branding in black on the lateral toes.

Black patent leather covers the sides while black midsoles complete the look. You can also buy them here for $63.

Dada Shoes Will They Be Back?

Dada Supreme Basketball Advert With Spinner
Dada Supreme basketball advert

Although these kicks won’t be considered “pretty” by any means if they are released today, fans of basketball stars that used to rock these will definitely flock to stores to grab a pair to remember their heroes.

The Dada shoes were actually on their way back, rumored to drop in 2018 and 2017. Interestingly, they were rumored to be released in collaboration with Reebok even though they had no affiliation.

Though it is unlikely we’ll see a return in 2022, the previous rumors do give fans a little bit of hope to cling on to.

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Does Dada Still Make Shoes?

Dada’s are extinct in the mainstream market.

Who Owned Dada?

Hugo Ball was the owner of Dada.

When did Dada Shoes Come Out?

Dada started releasing in 2001, but quickly died out.
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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

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