Shoes make the outfit, right? Justin Timberlake’s outfit may have gotten mixed reviews from fashion critics, and a lot of people wouldn̵7;t be willing to pull of the look, but he topped off this Superbowl Swag with a fresh pair of Air Jordan 3’s. These shoes may have looked like an ordinary pair of Air Jordan 3’s, but  if you looked closely, this was a unique pair that included the Nike Swoosh symbol.

Justin Tweeted a close up of the kicks here, which got the sneaker world talking up a storm…

twitter justin timberlake superbowl sb lii shoes jordan 3
From Justin Timberlake’s twitter account, a close up of him lacing up his JT Jordan 3’s

Then Nike made them available on a surprise drop on the SNKRS App that night.

Nike SNKRS superbowl 3 Justin Timberlake shoes
Courtesy Nike SNKRS App on February 5 2018

Whether you’re a fan of the singer or not, money talks and in this case, it talked loudly. Those who noticed the opportunity and quickly snagged the $200 shoes in time were treated to a hefty profit:

Justin timberlake superbowl sb 52 2018 shoes ebay
Some prices that eBay resellers were commanding of this $200 pair of shoes.

Although this drop of the Justin Timberlake 3’s has passed, be on the lookout for these very same shoes to release this year. In the recent years of rare Nike or Adidas releases, restocks are becoming increasingly common, and in 2018, these shoes are no exception.

The Air Jordan 3’s don’t come out often, and when they do, the sneaker world notices and pays up, as these are incredibly iconic shoes. Tinker Hatfield, the legendary Nike shoe designer, originally teamed up with Michael Jordan to roll out a line of athletic footwear that was the whole package of functional and awesome to look at. The world noticed, and a rabid fanbase was built. In this instance in February 2018 for Superbowl 52, he teamed up with Justin Timberlake to make a slick pair of shoes to add to the many valuable celebrity collaborations that Nike has had in the past and will continue to have in the future.

Check out this article on how to get a pair of Air Jordan 3’s this year in 2018, at the end of February, and be on the lookout for lookalikes of these Justin Timberlake 3’s to release on Valentine’s day.

For those who have bought the full resale guide, be sure to read all 280 pages all the way through and read them over so that you can train yourself to be able to hop onto valuable opportunities like this with shoes that come up all the time.

This will be one of many chances to make over $1,000 on a single pair of shoes this year–imagine having the insider knowledge of being able to secure more than one pair of a shoe that returns at 500% profit margins!

That’s the whole game of this sneaker business. Although there’s hate towards the reseller community, as Jay-Z said, you can’t knock the hustle ;).

Also be on the lookout soon for an article laying out over 10 brand new upcoming profitable shoe opportunities.

In the world of shoes, you snooze you lose!

Don’t sleep for the next big money release!

Take your reselling game to the next level




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