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10K Monthly Sneaker Workbook


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Have an exact roadmap today scale your shoe business to higher levels.

By taking this seriously, you’ll also gain valuable goal setting and entrepreneurial skills that they won’t teach you in school that will help you beyond in all areas in life.

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  1. Jesse McCrea (verified owner)

    Nice and easy way to track early sales and keep motivated. Helps one set clear goals and maintain the path to earning legit income.

  2. Bi Gohi brice Vreiva (verified owner)

    the info i get after reading this has been helpful for someone like me a ,a beginner in sneaker resell industry.

  3. Oscar (verified owner)

    This motivated me to go at this faster! In the first week, the goal is to sell $50 in shoes. I was able to manage to sell $100 in shoes and another $30 in clothing from supreme! This guide keeps you in track to make the 10K per month! follow it and do exactly what it recommends. Love this one! its a must-have! it is really important to write your goals down, and keep track if your accomplishing them, and this is what the workbook does.