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10K Monthly Sneaker Workbook


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Ready to start getting into the sneaker reselling game but don’t know where to start? Have you joined a cookgroup only for it to seem like everyone is speaking a foreign language? Then this digital workbook is right for you. Its a step by step guide that gets your organized and gets you from making your first $100 to first $10,000 reselling and flipping sneakers.

Introduction: Reselling Sneakers

The “$10,000 per month workbook: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to creating and scaling a sneaker business” is a comprehensive guide designed to help individuals build a successful sneaker business and generate a substantial income. Rome wasn’t built overnight and neither was any other $10,000 a month hustle. This short workbook takes you step by step from making your first sale to making your first $300 profit on one sale, to consistently making $10,000+ a month plus.

Starting Point: Making your first $100

The starting point section emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals and intentions. It encourages readers to determine how much money they want to make overall and specifically from selling sneakers and streetwear. The section prompts readers to assess their current earnings and set targets for increasing their profits.

The Numbers Breakdown from $1k to $10k

This section breaks down the math behind reaching the goal of $10,000 per month. It outlines the number of shoes that need to be sold at different profit margins, as well as the potential profit from collections. It also highlights the importance of sourcing from specific stores and websites and developing a customer base on primary and secondary platforms.

Monthly Exercises

The workbook includes a series of monthly exercises to guide readers in achieving their goals. The first exercise focuses on selling the first pair of shoes for a $50 profit, followed by selling shoes for $200 and $500-$1000 profits. Each exercise is accompanied by notes to reflect on successes, improvements, and lessons learned.

Scaling the Business

Months 3-6 of the workbook focus on scaling the business to reach the $10,000 per month goal. The exercises involve selling multiple pairs of shoes in one day, engaging in bulk/wholesale deals, and aiming for repeatable consistency. We really emphasize here the importance of developing relationships with customers and becoming a trusted source as scammers and fakes are everywhere. Once you become a trusted plug you’ll have your customers coming back over and over.

Inventory Management

Effectively managing inventory is not a sexy topic that most people think about, but once you start getting serious you gotta get organized. This could be the most important necessary skill for building a successful sneaker business. The section advises starting small and avoiding hoarding habits. It also highlights the importance of buying shoes strategically and selling them quickly for positive cash flow.


The workbook aims to guide readers in building a profitable sneaker business and offers insights applicable to other entrepreneurial endeavors. By following the step-by-step instructions and taking the exercises seriously, readers can increase their chances of success in the sneaker resale market.

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  1. Jesse McCrea (verified owner)

    Nice and easy way to track early sales and keep motivated. Helps one set clear goals and maintain the path to earning legit income.

  2. Bi Gohi brice Vreiva (verified owner)

    the info i get after reading this has been helpful for someone like me a ,a beginner in sneaker resell industry.

  3. Oscar (verified owner)

    This motivated me to go at this faster! In the first week, the goal is to sell $50 in shoes. I was able to manage to sell $100 in shoes and another $30 in clothing from supreme! This guide keeps you in track to make the 10K per month! follow it and do exactly what it recommends. Love this one! its a must-have! it is really important to write your goals down, and keep track if your accomplishing them, and this is what the workbook does.