Sneaker Bot Secrets Uncovered (Limited)

How to Use Sneaker Bots : A Top Reseller Spills the Secrets…

As much as the Hypemaster Playbook is highly reviewed, we have been working hard to release an advanced product for those ready to dive super deep into the profitable and secretive world of shoe botting.

yeezy bot multiple pairs
A shot from our insider’s group run by bot experts like Alex Smith of the UK.


We at Six Figure Sneakerhead pride ourselves in being the top educational resource for sneaker resellers worldwide.

With 2020’s Holiday Season upon us, we are in great anticipation of sneakers that have $500+ in resale value profits

The thing is: these sell out so quickly that bots are needed, but before you invest in a sneaker bot, it’s worth knowing how to use them–an that’s why we made

Finally, we are ready to announce a book that has the potential to pay out its investment ten times over, weekend after weekend…

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here is some real life proof about the shoe resale market.

…Here’s a “plug”:

many shoes bulk off white

Look at the boxes, he’s got at least 40 pairs of the UNC Off White Jordan 1 University blue…

If you don’t know what these are worth, here’s the June 2020 price on StockX:

off white unc price june 2020
“what are thoseee!!”????

This means he has conservatively $40,000 in profits sitting right there.

While we can’t know exactly how he got so many pairs, we do know from personal experience running our operations that sneaker bots can make up for a good chunk of a bulk buy like this.

Here is some proof from our private Winner’s Circle cook group:

shoe pairs multiple botsuccess pairs cg

…As you can see, those who are willing to learn can make profits.

The real kicker? We’ve used these techniques to get $50,000+ worth of pairs in one month:

$50K worth of releases off one bot

Since the market is so massive, we are happy to teach only the highly committed to build for themselves and see how high they can go because self empowerment is our mission.

**Drums Rolling***

Written by our expert Winner’s Circle Cook Group admin Alex Smith who has experience of getting up to over 50 pairs per release using bots, these are secrets that everyone has been waiting on…

Keep this between us though 😉 !


This is for serious sneaker resellers who are willing to take their game to the next level, all the way up to plug status.

Since this is truly powerful insider info, we are limiting the Shoe Bot Secrets to only 25 copies per week!

If it’s sold out you’ll just have to wait…you can check below to see if it’s in stock.

Become a Bot Plug Today (limited)

Thanks all, stay safe and healthy and inspired, and best of luck!