Do you want to turn your sneaker reselling hustle into a full-time job? For this you would need to bulk buy sneakers so you could get high returns on them. But is it that easy? Unfortunately, limited-edition sneakers like Yeezys, Air Jordan 1s, or Nike sneakers are not easy to cop in bulk especially if you’re purchasing from an official website. Websites like Nike, Adidas, and Footlocker or Champs Sports don’t allow more than 1 purchase with the same credit or debit card details.

So unless you’re reselling sneakers from a vendor, your dreams of bulk buying limited-edition sneakers are narrowed down. But don’t you worry we’ll help you through it! If you’re looking forward to getting into the sneaker reselling business and cop sneakers to make thousands then check out our Hypemaster Playbook, the ultimate blueprint for starting your sneaker reselling journey.

How can I buy sneakers in bulk?

Buy Local

When you’re thinking of buying in bulk you should first search for some local wholesalers who deal in sneakers. The advantage of this would be that you’ll be able to check if the sneakers are authentic and you can buy in bulk from them. Searching for local wholesalers who deal in authentic sneakers could be tough and you might get ripped off with fakes.

You can even leverage family members and other local friends to try and accumulate sneakers in bulk. Using a sneaker bot could be a good idea too, although you may get in trouble if you constantly use the same address or apartment number.

Individual sellers

There are plenty of individuals out there who sell kicks in bulk, like wholesale suppliers. They might not be the latest kicks but the latest enough that you can profit from them. The benefit of individual sellers is that you can purchase in bulk from them and don’t forget to check for authenticity. You always want to make sure that you are reselling legitimate sneakers in bulk on the sneaker market.

Utilizing Footsites

using Footsites to bulk buy sneakers

The majority of retailers that release highly anticipated shoes will have measures in place to prevent a single individual from obtaining numerous pairs. This is referred to as a “one pair per customer” policy. Footsites are a good place to start (Footlocker, Footaction, Champs Sports, and Eastbay). You may know that these sites are owned by the same company, but they work separately. You won’t be able to use the same payment information to get more sneakers from Footlocker. But you can buy more from other Footsites.

In most cases, if you buy a pair of new Air Jordan 1s at Footlocker, you can also buy them at Footaction using the same card and billing profile. Furthermore, Footsites recognize men’s and GS sizes as two separate goods, allowing you to purchase one men’s and one GS pair from the same Footsite using the same payment information. It’s probably going to be quite tough to try and purchase hyped sneakers in bulk from luxury brands. You’ll probably only be able to purchase once as they have order quantity limits and luxury brands have high retail prices.

How to bulk buy Sneakers from any site?

In the sneaker reselling business, there will come a time when you would want to maximize profit and to do that you’ll need to cop more pairs. As mentioned above we can’t use the same billing profile to purchase more than one limited-edition sneaker. To tackle this we use the jiggling method.

The jiggling method is when you rotate your billing profiles in such a manner that the website thinks your billing profile belongs to a totally different user. To achieve that we can follow these steps:

  • Unique cards : This means if you have 4 different cards you can have 4 different billing profiles.
  • Unique email address : If you’re a student .edu email addresses look legit.
  • Different phone numbers : You can use different contact number for each profile.
  • Different billing addresses : By providing your friends and family address for every profile.

Conclusion on bulk buying sneakers

Your orders can get cancelled even if you did follow all these steps correctly if you attempt to cop more than one pair, especially if you’re using the same address. We advise you to test different methods until you discover the right one that works. Furthermore, if you want to be up to date with the latest drops that can make you profits and other tips and tricks for copping then check out our Cook Group.

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