The Air Jordan 1 High OG Next chapter or the -retro-high-og-spider-man-into-the-spider-verse/" data-type="URL" data-id="">Across the Spider-Verse colorway shares a striking resemblance to the iconic “origin story” and the appealing “lost and found” colorway. They all boast the beloved combination of red and white, which is widely adored.

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Air Jordan 1 High OG Next Chapter

What’s great about the Air Jordan 1 High OG Spider-Man Next Chapter is that it offers excellent value and accessibility, being more affordable and reasonably priced in terms of resale value and availability.

Now, the question arises: Will the price surge after its release or will the hype gradually subside?


With the movie coming out on June 2nd, Miles Morales swings back into action in the highly anticipated next chapter of the Oscar®-winning Spider-Verse saga. Brace yourself for an epic adventure as Brooklyn’s very own full-time, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man embarks on a mind-bending journey across the Multiverse. Alongside the amazing Gwen Stacy and a team of fresh-faced Spider-People, they’ll unite to take on a villain of unprecedented power. This thrilling encounter will push our heroes to their limits like never before!

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Air Jordan 1 High OG Next Chapter vs Origin Story.

Style: 555088-602


Retail Price:$160

Resale Price: $600 – $700

Release Date: 12/14/2018

When comparing the Jordan 1 Retro High Spider-Man Origin Story to the Air Jordan 1 High OG Spider-Man Next Chapter, there’s a slight alteration in the design aesthetic. The Jordan 1 Retro High Spider-Man “Origin Story” features white translucent bubble spots scattered across the red sides, creating a web-like design.

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Air Jordan 1 High OG Origin Story

This AJ1 comes with a white upper plus red accents, black Nike “Swoosh”, white midsole, and translucent sole. These sneakers released in December 2018 and retailed for $160.

The Air Jordan 1 High OG Spider-Man Next Chapter , on the other hand, showcases a unique art glitch on the red sides, portraying the multi-verse glitch effect.

Air Jordan 1 High Lost and Found

In addition, the Jordan 1 Lost and Found can be considered the predecessor to both the Jordan 1 High Spider-Man Origin story and the next chapter.

Style: DZ5485-612


Retail Price:$180

Resale Price: $300 – $400

Release Date:11/19/2022

Origin Story
Comparison Origin Story, Next Chapter and Lost and Found.

The original Air Jordan 1 Chicago colorway was first introduced in 1985 and has only been retroed a few times since. However, 2022 marks the year when this iconic colorway makes a comeback with an added vintage touch. Pre-yellowed accents and cracked leather uppers create a fabricated look of age and wear. The Air Jordan 1 Lost and Found Chicago was released in November 2022, priced at $180.

Air Jordan 1 High OG Next Chapter

Style: DV1748-601


Retail Price: $200

Resale Price: $300

Release Date: 05/20/2023

The Air Jordan 1 High OG Next Chapter has generated a lot of excitement and demand, not just because it’s a sneaker themed after a Spider-Man movie, but because of its color scheme, which resembles the Air Jordan 1 High Lost and Found. If you missed out on the Lost and Found and Origin Story versions, this pair is considered the best alternative.”

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Air Jordan 1 High OG Next Chapter

Getting your hands on a pair of these shoes may be quite challenging, but some experts suggest that there might be a good number of pairs available.

Resale Analysis

Today, May 19, which is the Friday before the release day tomorrow, May 20, some stores have already held raffles, while others will begin tomorrow and provide details either in-store or on sneaker websites. As usual, you can expect the drop to happen on the Nike website, SNKRS app, and Jordan stores.”

“It’s surprising to see that the resale value is currently around $300-$350, considering the high demand for this release. If you prefer a conservative approach, a good strategy would be to quickly sell it for $300, giving you a profit of $100. The price might even go up to $400, but due to the larger number of available pairs, it’s uncertain whether it will increase or not.

How to be ready before release day?

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