Jordan Luka 2 is coming out this July with a new tank-built design and better materials.

Doncic expressed his disbelief about having his own signature shoe with Jordan Brand and the upcoming release of the Luka 2.

He mentioned that the technology keeps improving, and he hopes people will experience the same special connection with this new shoe as he does.

Jordan Brand has officially introduced the Jordan Luka 2, Doncic̵7;s second signature shoe. The “Luk.AI” version will be available to select Nike Members on July 5 and will launch globally on July 11 at and select retailers. Moreover, a “Quai 54” variant will release worldwide on July 8, followed by the “Matador” edition on Aug. 3, with more colorways set to arrive later this year.

Jordan Luka 1 Quai 54

Style: FB1806-150


Retail Price: $110

Release Date: 09/01/2022

The Air Jordan 1 Luka Quai 54 showcases a sleek black and white color scheme, complemented by vibrant blue and red accents for a visually striking look.

Untitled Design 35 2
Jordan Luka 1 Quai 54

Crafted with a combination of premium leather and synthetic materials, the upper ensures both durability and comfort. Adding to its appeal, the shoe incorporates an Air-Sole unit in the heel, providing responsive cushioning and support.

Notably, the Quai 54 logo is prominently featured on the tongue and heel, paying homage to the renowned annual streetball tournament held in Paris.

The design of the Jordan Luka 1 focuses on helping you improve your step back, allowing you to dribble efficiently and jump high in a legendary style. With a full-length Formula 23 foam, these shoes provide excellent responsiveness, supporting your movement at any speed.

Jordan Luka 2 Quia 54

Style: FQ1153-100


Retail: $130

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the world’s biggest streetball tournament, Quai 54, the latest release of the Jordan 2 Luka introduces the Quai 54 edition. These sneakers draw inspiration from Pan-Africanism and showcase a distinctive pattern created exclusively for this significant milestone.

Jordan Luka 2 Quia 54
Jordan Luka 2 Quia 54


The Jordan Luka 2 incorporates the latest Jordan-exclusive innovations, including full-length Formula 23 foam and IsoPlate. These technologies work together with a new medial Cushlon 3.0 wedge foam to provide optimal foot control and support.

Cushioned for Impact

When you’re making lateral movements, you require firm support that isn’t overly rigid. The midsole features a cushioning wedge that aligns with the medial sidewall, allowing you to maneuver with precision. Additionally, a thick, molded insole provides stability and keeps you firmly planted.

When engaging in lateral movements, it is essential to have firm support that offers flexibility without excessive rigidity. The midsole of these shoes incorporates a cushioning wedge that seamlessly aligns with the medial sidewall, enabling precise maneuverability. Furthermore, a thick, molded insole ensures stability and keeps you firmly grounded.

Untitled Design 34 2

Enhanced Midsole Construction for Optimal Performance

The midsole of these shoes is expertly engineered, consisting of four essential components. Firstly, the Formula 23 foam lies directly beneath the foot, providing exceptional cushioning and responsiveness. Surrounding the Formula 23 foam, a firm foam carrier offers stability and support.

To ensure proper foot positioning for effective court propulsion, a soft foam wedge is strategically placed on the medial side. This wedge allows the foot to sink in slightly, ensuring a suitable angle for powerful pushes.

Lastly, the latest iteration of the IsoPlate technology elevates the lateral sidewall in conjunction with the carrier foam. This innovative design enhances balance and stability during lateral changes of direction, empowering the player to stay in control.

With this advanced midsole construction, these shoes are engineered to optimize your performance on the court.

Jordan Luka 2 Cop or Drop?

If you’ve tried to wear the Jordan Luka 1 and you like the build and performance level then you will also love the Jordan Luka 2. The Jordan Luka 2 premium materials, tank build structure and solid midsole will deliver stability and control in the court.

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