ASICS Sportstyle’s GEL-Terrain, a blend of existing elements, stands out as a noteworthy gorp-core themed sneaker. Now available on ASICS, it was inevitable for Kiko Kostadinov, the point-man for the sub-label, to collaborate on this impressive new model.

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The Kiko Kostadinov x ASICS GEL-Terrain, unveiled by fan-page @kikokurative, features a striking colorway in line with the shoe’s No-Sew construction. The chain-mail mesh base contrasts with white threading on a black backdrop, accentuated by a diamond-shaped pattern on the mid-panel. Subtle speckling, resembling glitter, adorns the exposed GEL cushioning at the heel, and an extended asymmetrical pull-tab graces the tongue’s peak.

Considering the Bulgarian designer’s tendency to create unique models, such as the upcoming GEL-Novalis Mule, it’s probable that the GEL-Terrain falls under the Kiko Kostadinov Studio sub-line rather than being a direct collaboration. Additionally, more colorways with similar modified construction are likely in production.

Kiko Kostadinovs ASICS GEL Terrain Top View 1
Kiko Kostadinovs ASICS GEL Terrain Side View
Kiko Kostadinovs ASICS GEL Terrain Bottom View
Kiko Kostadinovs ASICS GEL Terrain Iso Back View
Kiko Kostadinovs ASICS GEL Terrain Back View
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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

As a business student, Mohammad was thoroughly impressed with where the secondary market was heading for sneakers. He quickly realized that what used to be considered as a side hustle, was now the main income stream for many. He has studied the game ever since.


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