MSCHF X Crocs Big Yellow Boot is the second attempt of MSCHF to reproduce the Big Red Boot not just in a new colorway but with the help of Crocs.

The big reveal happened during Paris Fashion Week by tapping @tommycashworld to debut its Big Yellow Boots @crocs collaboration.⁠ The attempt to make it hype is wild because he was sitting front row in a mime-inspired outfit that featured matching yellow suspenders and an umbrella hat.

The Big Red Boot was one of the most astonishing releases by MSCHF this year, with its resale price skyrocketing by $1000. The question arises: Can this second version, created in collaboration with Crocs, achieve the same remarkable resale price?

MSCHF Big Red Boots

Style: MSCHF010

Colorway: RED

Retail Price: $350

Resale Price: last 02/16 = $1000 / now 06/25 = $350

Release Date: 02/16/2023

The idea of the MSCHF Big Red Boots is based on Astro Boy’s footwear. It is very simple and looks big compared to a normal boot. 

Untitled Design 17 3
MSCHF Big Red Boots

How MSCHF bring it to reality and sold it out on release day because of their marketing campaign is unbelievable.

Just the fact that the retail price is $350 for a ridiculous red boot is wild, knowing how and when are you gonna wear it or you just want to flex it.

Unfortunately, the hype died down and it became a relic of the past trend. Still, this is a crazy attempt and no one knew that this will hit $1000. 

As of now, on June 25 with the reveal of the MSCHF big yellow crocs, the resale price of the Big Red Boot plunged to $350 which is the retail price.

One of the main reasons is, no one would like to wear it and it is as good as an Instagram post. The second reason is the replica pairs from a sneaker factory were leaked attempting to copy an exact version of the Big Red Boot.

The Big Red Boot was fun till it lasted. 

Crocs Collaboration with other brands

Even with its usual design, Crocs have remained relevant, allowing you to wear them anywhere and pair them with any outfit of your choice. That is why partnering with them is a good choice because anyone will love to wear it because it is Crocs.

Croc’s collaboration with Salahe Bembury became a hit-making the clogs not just footwear but a hype fashion statement. The design is weird but during its peak a resale prices went up to $400 for just a limited edition colorway.

Untitled Design 16 2
Croc’s collaboration with Salahe Bembury

MSCHF’s collaboration with Crocs is the best move that they can do to resurrect the potential of the Big Red Boot. Considering Crocs may add their distinct materials and cushion advancement.

MSCHF X Crocs Big Yellow Boot

There is no official release date yet, but MSCHF and Tommy Cash unveiled it during the latest Rick Owen’s runway show. Tommy Cash came with a mime-inspired outfit while wearing the MSCHF X Crocs big yellow boot.

MSCHF X Crocs Big Yellow Boot
MSCHF X Crocs Big Yellow Boot

The MSCHF X Crocs big yellow boot looks like the regular Red big boot with big holes and a strap. Technically, what you are seeing is an exaggerated Crocs.

How to know when will it drop?

If we will look back to the previous MSCHF big red boots drop it was 1 month before they teased us in instagram. The probability it will drop around middle of July or August.

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