New Balance 990v6 Lapis Lazuli is a new color combination by Action Bronson. The first Action Bronson Collaboration is the New Balance 990v6MiUSA Baklava.

With the success of the New Balance 990v6MiUSA and big influence of Action Bronson a lot of sneakerheads wants to get a piece of the Lapis Lazuli.

As of the first half of 2023, New Balance continues to thrive in the sneaker scene. With the upcoming second release of the New Balance 990v6 Lapis Lazuli Action Bronson collaboration, it is evident that people will once again turn their attention to New Balance for exciting new releases.

Who is Action Bronson?

Action Bronson has achieved legendary status in the food world. Originally a chef, he transitioned into a rap artist following a leg injury that temporarily sidelined him from the kitchen.

Known as Ariyan Arslani, Bronson has gained recognition for his exceptional rap talent and culinary expertise. With a successful food show and a published cookbook, Bronson̵7;s fame has soared to new heights.

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Action Bronson

That is why New Balance is lucky enough to get him as one of their artist to represent the brand.

New Balance 990v6 Action Bronson Baklava

Style: M990AB6


Retail Price: $220

Resale Price: $350 – $400

Release Date: 03/17/2023

Action Bronson has infused his unique style into the New Balance 990v6 by incorporating a vibrant neon yellow mesh base adorned with overlays in green, silver, and orange.

The sneakers boast a premium brown suede mudguard that elegantly contrasts with the blue sole.

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New Balance 990v6 Action Bronson Baklava

To add a touch of flair, Action Bronson’s Baklava New Balance sneakers are adorned with two-tone pink and purple rope laces and feature Baklava branding on the insoles.

New Balance 990v6 Lapis Lazuli

Style: M990AC6


Retail Price: $220

Resale Price: $350 – $400

Release Date: 06/30/2023

According to Action Bronson “It’s the perfect vehicle for your foot…It’s city boy blues – this is what happens when you’re from Queens.”

In addition in what he said, “This is aesthetically pleasing with every line drawn, every little edge, the fluorescents that are hitting me from every angle.”

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New Balance 990v6 Lapis Lazuli

The distinguishing factor of this release lies in the superior color combination of the Lapis Lazuli edition compared to the Baklava. While the Baklava presents a bold and striking brighter tone, the Lapis Lazuli impressively intertwines various shades of blue that connetcs with the cream midsole.

Refined with a captivating range of blue hues, the sleek and comfortable FuelCell cushioned silhouette emerges.

The mesh upper, adorned with overlaid suede, showcases rich tones of navy and teal, while an electrifying streak of ultramarine accentuates the contrasting, yet neutral midsole.

This intricate design extends to the outsole, where timeless gum meets vibrant teal highlights. Discovering the concealed depths of this extraordinary creation reveals its remarkable suitability for everyday experiences.

New Balance 990v6 Lapis Lazuli Resale Analysis

Currently, as of June 28th, the resale price for the New Balance 990v6MiUSA Action Bronson Lapis Lazuli ranges from $300 to $400. We are hopeful that after the global release, this value will remain steady due to the superior color combination compared to the Baklava edition.

Considering the Baklava edition maintained a resale price within the $300 to $400 range, we can maintain an optimistic outlook. It is safest to anticipate the resale value to remain at that level.

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