Although 2020 hit us with a curveball, sneaker resale has actually increased over the year.

The year of 2019 as a whole was flooded with exclusive collaborations, Ye releasing different models, Jordan Brand blessing the sneaker world with their iconic iterations, and various luxurious brands giving a spin on their own streetwear makeovers.

2020 has certainly delivered with hyped collaborations that have proved profitable for many.

Additionally, coming into the last months of 2020, we’re looking at a hot holiday season, so be motivated.

*We just updated this article in late 2020! Scroll to the bottom of this article to see which shoes are still yet to drop in 2020!*

December holds some profitable drops like the sacai x Nike Vaporwaffle — check out the full list of resale opportunities for the last month of 2020 here.

2020 is a hot year for the sneaker resale market which is making many individuals, including teenagers, legit sneaker business operators— this list will show you why.

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Furthermore, marking your calendars for the mentioned sneakers won’t be enough.

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1. CLOT Air Force 1 Rose Gold

CLOT Air Force 1 Rose Gold

Release Date: January 2020

Retail: $250

Peak Projected Resell: $600

Potential Profit: $350

Edison Chen had successfully shaken the sneaker community last year, with the Blue Silk and Fragment renditions of his prevalent Air Force 1 makeovers.

What started as a trend years ago at the Nike 1World Air Force 1 project, introducing the Silk material, the trend continues to trickle into the year 2020.

Following the aforementioned blue and black color schemes, enters the “Rose Gold Silk” colorway that follows similar construction.

Branding is seen on the insoles of the shoe and tongue with the “Nike Air” imprint overlapping Edison Chen’s signature logo.

Since this is a CLOT and Nike collaboration, the resale and demand will perform parallel to the previous Nike Air Force 1 x CLOT partnerships.

The unique design will cement these shoes, particularly this regal colorway, in the high end sneaker collector’s market.

2. Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low

Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low via Sneaker Freaker

Release Date: February 29, 2020

Retail: $150

Peak Resell: $1500++

Potential Profit: $1400+

Travis Scott set the sneaker world on fire from his latest “JACKBOYS” music video by wearing his unreleased Nike collaborative shoe.

This Travis Scott makeover is on a model that might become one of the most popular sneaker line of 2020: the Nike SB Dunk Low.

The Nike SB Dunk’s growing popularity gives it the potential to become the model of the year.

Cactus Jack’s take features unique designs on the quarter panel underneath a dark blue Nike swoosh, all atop a light brown outsole.

Time has proved that these aged well and should continue to do so.

The price of Travis Scott SBs has since skyrocketed past $2000 in profit for certain pairs, over 10x the retail price. This shot was taken in October 2020 on

Months later, this TS SB has held solid value of around $1500, meaning that those who had the knowledge to get these had an excellent payday.

3. Nike x Air jordan 1 new beginnings package

Jordan 1 New Beginnings Pack

Release Date: February 12 2020

Retail: $350

Resell: $1500+

Potential Profit: $1150+

Going down as a collectible classic for all time, Jordan Brand’s introduction to the sneaker community of the Air Jordan 1 High “New Beginnings” dropped in February 2020.

Arguably setting the tone for multiple classic colored Jordan 1s that have had solid and often growing resale value, these bold yet simple J’s are definitely a grail for many.

The hyped iteration features a mostly red upper construction, with the toe and side panels in an all-white look.

In addition, buyers will find a hangtag that includes Michael Jordan’s classic “Jumpman” dunk with the pair.

If you can find a pair under $1000 in late 2020, you definitely scored–some people are still paying up to $2000 for the pack.

4. Air Jordan 1 Dior

Air Jordan 1 Dior
Air Jordan 1 Dior via Sneaker Bar Detroit

Release Date: April 2020

Retail: $2000

Peak Resell: $10000+

Potential Profit: $8000

Luxury and streetwear become intertwined again as pictures have surfaced, thanks to Nike, of the epic collaboration between luxury attire Dior and sportswear giant Nike.

Via sneakerbardetroit, the low version.

Also dropped in a low version, the highly anticipated shoe boasted a white and grey upper, but the “Air Dior” text in the Wings logo which unequivocally stole the show.

A smooth and sleek light grey upper compliments the white hue on the toe and quarter panels.

Furthermore, the artsy Nike swoosh features an excellent color-blocking to the rest of the palette.

The deep pockets that got this pair profited huge.

Air Jordan 1 Dior via Stockx

Relative to the retail price, the highest bid is almost $10,000 on online sneaker exchange giant Stockx.

As a result, if you have the capital to invest even today in these for a good price, it will pay dividends.

5. adidas x Yeezy QNTM BSKTBL OG

The Basketball model is still going for big bucks in late 2020 on StockX

Release Date: February 14, 2020

Retail: $250

Peak Resell: $800

Potential Profit: $550

Kanye’s attempt at performance basketball sneakers came to fruition in the year 2020 after having a successful past year with various Yeezy model releases.

2020’s Yeezy Quantum helped to revive Ye’s brand, particularly with its performance model.

Since this is the first Ye basketball model, the OG colorway should hold a strong resale value of around $750 for the performance Basketball model for the coming months and years.

Adidas Yeezy BB Quantum 2
The casual / lifestyle version of the OG QNTM has a softer bottom and lacks silicone siding accents.


The subtly different casual model is worth much less, but is a good subtle flex and definitely way up there in terms of comfort.

6. OFF WHITE x Air Jordan 4  “Sail”

off white air jordan 4 release date price 1 00

Release Date: July 25th, 2020

Retail: $200

Peak Resell: $1250

Potential Profit: $1050

With the highly anticipated Off White Canary Yellow Jordan 1 eventually called off, we still had a treat to look forward to from Virgil Abloh’s iconic brand.

Literally toned in an off white color, the summer release of the “Sail” colorway of Off White’s take on the Retro Air Jordan 4 will likely remain a classic on the resale market and may even rise in value like other similar models from the past years.

7. Nike SB x Ben & Jerry’s “Chunky Dunky”

stockx ben jerry chunky resale price

Release Date: May 26th, 2020

Retail: $100

Peak Resell: $1500+

Potential Profit: $1400

Who knew that such a collaboration could exist, let alone resell at levels that make it one of the most valuable sneakers to come across in all of 2020?

Ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s made a fantasy come true with their highly limited and cartoonishly eye popping take on the Nike SB.

Those using sneaker bots and in cook groups had the best odds on these, which had an insane 15-20x profit on $100, making those lucky few $1000 or more per pair.

8. Nike SB x Instant Skateboards

Nike official image

Release Date: September 19th, 2020

Retail: $100

Peak Resell: $600+

Potential Profit: $500+

Proving the initial prediction of SBs making a splash in 2020, the Instant skateboards collaboration is a standout among the many profitable SBs of 2020.

Keep an eye out for this low key / high key heat at the next convention you’re at (when those start again) or while browsing different platforms and forums online.

9. Off White x Nike Air Jordan 5 “Sail”

Via Yankeekicks, an on foot look at the Off White Air Jordan 5 “Sail”

Release Date: October 24th, 2020

Retail: $225

Peak Resell: $1250+

Potential Profit: $1000+

Although the Canary 1’s have been pushed to 2021, we still have a pleasant surprise with Off White x Air Jordan 5 in a “Sail” colorway.

Unlike the Off White Jordan 4’s take on this color, we are seeing “Fire Red” / Chicago Bull themed OG colors accenting throughout the shoe, most notably on the sole.

Make sure you’re in a cook group or know how to use sneaker bots if you want to get these.

11. Nike x Kobe 5 “Bruce Lee”

Nike official image of the late Kobe’s “Bruce Lee” 5

Release Date: November 27th, 2020

Retail: $180

Peak Resell: $500+

Potential Profit: $300+

A number of Kobe models have risen in value since his untimely passing, yet few have had the anticipation like the “Bruce Lee” model does.

Colored in the late Lee’s signature tracksuit’s hues, this Kobe 5 is set to be in high demand.

Resale value on StockX for the near identical 2010 model holds high.

If the 2010 model can signify anything for the 2020, this tribute to two late and great legends may be one of the best Kobe models to drop all year.

12. Jordan 12 “Reverse Flu Game”

Latest official Nike image

Release Date: December 26th, 2020

Retail: $190

Peak Resell: $300+

Potential Profit: $110+

Each year, during the holiday season, the Jordan brand does a tribute to a classic OG colorway, either by re-releasing a near replica, or by doing a slight new take.

This time around, the brand is doing the latter, and we’re pleased to see the final result.

Originally shown as an all leather reverse on the classic black and red “Flu Game”, we are now told that the final version will feature a red suede upper, to the delight of some (like us), or the disgust of others (we think they’re crazy).

Resale value won’t be huge on these, but they’re a classic worth collecting to wear or keep for the coming years, especially if you’re building a sneaker investment portfolio!


As we come up to close the hectic year of  2020 we want to thank all our readers and members of Six Figure Sneakerhead coming along for the ride!

I speak for everyone from the Six Figure Sneakerhead staff as we say thank you for soaking in our information last year and hope everyone has had a phenomenal start to the new year.

If you haven’t already, please peep our Dcember hyped shoe list as well which includes collaborations that may release this weekend, and much more.

We will also update this article as more news comes out–our private winner’s circle, the cook group always has the inside scoop, you can see if we have any availability here.

Until next time.


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