Discover one of the most hyped streetwear brands known as The Anti Social Social Club, its history, and resale values

Sometimes also called ASSC, Anti Social Social Club was founded by Neek Lurk who was interestingly the social marketing manager for their new competition, Stüssy, a fashion house that was founded in the 1980s that was later adopted by skateboarders and on the hip-hop scene.

Many brands either start-up due to necessity while others are inspired by causes with a deeper vision. Anti Social Club started due to the latter as the founder released ASSC after dealing with mental health struggles at the age of 27.

Stay tuned as we go through the history and resale potential of this brand!

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Anti Social Club quickly became a fashion staple for many, particularly after the apparel by the brand has been spotted on celebrities such as Kanye West, BTS, and Kim Kardashian!

Let’s briefly go over what makes this brand so special and check out a few of its hottest products.

Anti Social Club | Rise To Fame

Neek Lurk Wearing Anti Social Club Hoodie
Neek Lurk Wearing Anti Social Club Hoodie

In 2015, Neek Lurk built his brand around the feelings of depression and raising mental health awareness.

Neek grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and gained popularity after posting WDYWT photos on social media that caught the attention of many.

His peculiar yet alluring style attracted and inspired many to do the same and eventually, his creativity landed him a job with Stussy as the social marketing manager.

After breaking up with his girlfriend in 2014, the Californian designer created a hat labeled “I Miss You” along with 12 shirts in 2015, all of which sold out.

This brand, on various occasions, mentions mental health, loneliness, social isolation, and many more negatives that other brands would never touch upon.

Kanye West Wearing Anti Social Club Hoodie Via Champion Hoodie

Some argue that this brand is a reflection of the designer’s erratic and unpredictable mood, and therein lies much of the appeal for Anti Social Club.

The marketing strategies of this brand are also quite strange. There’s minimal branding with few product descriptions and even fewer promotions which draws curiosity and appeal.

Products from this brand can be very profitable as well, but not always. Here are a few of the most noteworthy:

Anti Social Club Car Under Water Black Hoodie

  • Retail Price: $70
  • Average Resell: $150
  • Release Date: Saturday, March 28th, 2021
  • Colorway: Black
Anti Social Club Car Under Water Hoodie Which You Can Find Here on GOAT

This black hoodie features a relatively plain design but intriguing graphics across the front and back.

“Anti Social Social Club” In wavy white text covers the chest with vertebrates and visible rib cage graphics. The back of the hoodie features a similar back view of a rib cage with smaller textual branding.

The average selling price of this hoodie is $150 which is a gross profit of $80 per pair. That’s pretty decent for a hoodie!

Anti Social Club x Nike Air Force 1 Low

  • Retail Price: N/A
  • Average Resell: $700+
  • Release Date: Wednesday, May 11th, 2016
  • Colorway: White
Anti Social Club x Nike Air Force 1 Low which you can find here on GOAT

ASSC also has various collaborative sneakers with companies such as Vans and also with Nike on this clean white Air force 1 Low.

The sneaker itself is pretty minimalistic, featuring a white leather upper with perforated toe boxes, white Swooshes, eye stays, and an AF1 Silver lace Deubré. One tongue features “Get” while the other features “Weird” along with matching black text on the lateral heels.

White midsoles and outsoles complete the look.

The average selling price on the secondary market is a decent $700+ while they’ve also been sold for over $1,000.

Anti Social Club Bare Colors Tee Black

  • Retail Price: $50
  • Average Resell: $110
  • Release Date: Thursday, March 4th, 2021
  • Colorway: Black
Anti Social Media Club Bare Colors Tee which you can buy here via GOAT

This T-Shirt is fairly plain, however, features an Anti-Social Club branding on the chest in a colorful text. Larger textural branding that reads “ANTI SOCI@L SOCIAL CLUB” covers the back as well.

The average selling price is a decent $110 which is a $60 gross profit per T-Shirt. This shows that Anti Social Club is quite a profitable brand, some might even argue that it’s still underrated.

Neek Lurk really did start something special with this company. Discover more Anti Social Social Club hoodies, t-shirts, and more at GOAT.

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