After a pretty quiet March, it’s nice to finally have some profitable shoes again. There were some surprises in March, such as the regional exclusive Yeezys being such a hit, so hopefully some of the releases in April can live up to that standard.

Of course, all owners of the new 2019 Hypemaster’s Playbook and members of the Private Discord Cook Group (email for joining info) will have all the inside info on these releases, with members of the group getting free slots for all of them! Without further ado, here are the top profitable shoe drops for April 2019!

(If you’re reading this later in 2019, here’s the full list for May 2019’s profitable releases)

1.     Adidas ZX 4000 Carbon – Release date Saturday, April 6th 2019


Retail: $450

Peak Resell: $550

Potential Profit: $100

The first pick of this month is adidas’ futuristic ZX 4000, in a grey/black colourway. This shoe has a very high retail, mostly due to the research and development cost of the 4D Sold. This isn’t the best percentage profit shoe, but if you have a lot of money to spend this month, pick up some larger sizes and you can make a few hundred profit for sure!

2.     Nike Air Max 1 Susan ‘Missing Link’  –  Release date Tuesday, April 9th 2019

nike air max 1


Retail: $170

Peak Resell: $650

Potential Profit: $480

Air Max Day took place last month, and although it was quite a lacklustre month for air maxes, Nike made up for it by releasing tonnes of new Air Max colourways in April, the first of which is this Air Max 1 Susan, which has been created by Nike in a collaboration with animation studio LAIKA to celebrate the release of their upcoming comedy film, ‘Missing Link’. This shoe is reminiscent of a ‘What The’ colourway, seen on many Nike shoes in the past. This will be quite limited, and early sales are almost in the thousands. Don’t sleep!

3.     Nike Air Max 97 ‘Seoul’ – Release date April 13th 2019

am 97 seoul
Official image of the kicks from Nike

Retail: $200

Peak Resell: $400

Potential Profit: $200

April 13th is a packed day, so make sure to have plenty of money saved for this day. The first release of this day which I will talk about is Gwang Shin’s Air Max 97, which he designed with his home city of Seoul in mind. The neon blue and pink upper and the glowing pink outline of the swoosh reminds many of the big colourful billboards and advertisements in Seoul. This shoe has been teased for a long time, so expect these to sell out very quickly. Every size will do well!

4.     Nike Air Max 97 ‘Shanghai (SH) Kaleidoscope’ – Release date  April 13th 2019

am shanghai release date april 2019
The Shanghai Nike Air Max from

Retail: $200

Peak Resell: $750

Potential Profit: $550

Another release on the 13th, this is the most hyped of all. This light blue shoe is reaching very high pre sale prices, and of all the ‘On Air’ competitors, designer jewellery Cash Ru’s Shanghai inspired colourway is a hit among sneakerheads worldwide. Good luck purchasing these shoes for retail, as they will be very limited. Members of the Private Discord Cook Group will have all of the inside info required to cop these, and will also receive some free slots.

5.     Nike Air VaporMax Plus ‘Paris Works In Progress’ – Release date April 13th 2019

Nike air vapormax plus paris release date 2019 april

Retail: $240

Peak Resell: $325

Potential Profit: $65

Although we didn’t originally include these kicks in the beginning of the month, a renewed interest throughout social media has been buzzing about this deconstructed, minimalist and futuristic Air Vapormax Plus model. Lou is a female freelance photographer from Paris, and should have a promising career now after being in the spotlight and coming out with such a clean design worthy of big brands.

6.     Nike Air Max 1 ‘Tokyo Maze’ – Release date April 13th 2019

nike on air tokyo maze release date 2019 april

Retail: $150

Peak Resell: $225

Potential Profit: $75

Designed by Tokyo based Yuta Takuman, this head turning maze pattern is meant to reflect the vibe of Tokyo as seen through its subway system, with the colorful laces reflecting the equally vibrant and entangled map of the city’s trains.

A black sole with a red bubble insert tones down the business to make one of the more coveted and easily recognizable designs from the 2018 Nike On Air contest’s 2019 collection.


7.     Adidas x Yeezy Boost 700 ‘Analog’ – 13th April 2019

yeezy 700 release date april 2019
Image from @yeezymafia via twitter


Retail: $300

Peak Resell: $450 (depending on size)

Potential Profit: $150

Another hyped release of this day, the Yeezy Boost 700 returns again. Since the past three releases of this shoe haven’t done great, I would recommend avoiding this shoe if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Some sizes, like bae sizes will do well, but due to the high retail of this shoe, and the other profitable shoes releasing on this day, it’s not the best idea to cop a lot.

8.    Nike Air Jordan 1 ‘Crimson Tint’ – 13th April 2019

jordan crimson release date 2019
The Nike Crimson 1’s from


Retail: $160

Peak Resell: $300 (depending on size)

Potential Profit: $140

The final release of this packed day, the Air Jordan 1 returns, this time in a light pink and black colourway. Like always, the best sizes for Jordan 1s are 7-9.5, but these may be a slight exception, as the pre sale price is quite good even for bigger sizes. Jordan 1s always resell, so there’s almost zero risk with copping these.

9.  Nike SB Dunk High “Dog Walker” – Release date April  20th 2019

Screen Shot 2019 04 27 at 2.09.28 PM e1556388776770
The average going price is a $100 profit on StockX for these SBs


Retail: $110

Peak Resell: $250 (depending on size)

Potential Profit: $140

Released on 4/20, this shaggy dog-themed kicks were definitely date appropriate. They dropped on the SNKRS app in limited quantities and sold out at highs of a $150 profit. Days later, the price is still holding steady at around double retail. Not all SBs are a hit but these definitely were.

10.  Nike  Air Jordan 1 W ‘Panda’ – Release date April  26th 2019

jordan panda release 2019
Pic from


Retail: $160

Peak Resell: $320

Potential Profit: $160

After a thirteen day break from the 13th, hopefully you will have some money saved before this drop. The Jordan 1 this time releases in a black and white ‘panda’ colourway. This shoe will be releasing in women’s only sizes, so bigger sizes will perform better than usual. Don’t sleep on these, many stores will have them in store also, so although it may be an easy cop, you will still be able to flip them for a nice profit

11.   Nike x Fear of God Air ‘Raid’ and ‘Moccasin’ – Release date 27th April 2019

Nike Air Fear Of God Moccasin Pure Platinum
Image from (Fear of God Moccasin)


Retail: $170/$190 (Moccasin/Raid)

Peak Resell: $250/$350

Potential Profit: $50/$160

After a successful Air Fear of God 1 and Shootaround release, Jerry Lorenzo’s brand ‘Fear of God’ continue their collaboration with Nike with two new silhouettes. Featuring the signature icy blue air unit on the sole, these are sure to be a hit among sneakerheads and hypebeasts worldwide. Make sure to sign up for plenty of raffles in store and online, as these will sell out fast!


12.   Adidas  Yeezy Boost 700 v2 ‘Vanta’ – Release date TBD April 2019

yeezy 700v2 manta release date 2019 april
Image of the “Vanta” Black Yeezys from @Yeezymafia on Twitter


Retail: $300

Peak Resell: $550

Potential Profit: $250

Another month, another few Yeezy 700 releases. After a great start of this new silhouette (Static v2), last month saw the release of a disappointing ‘Geode’ colourway, which bricked before the release. This all black ‘Vanta’ colourway will definitely perform better than the Geode, and I expect it to be on par with the original Static release. Make sure to not sleep on these!

There is certainly plenty of money to be made this month. If you manage to get one pair of each on this list, after an initial investment of about $2500, you could make up to $4800. That is around $2300 in pure profit! If you’re not reselling sneakers already, I don’t know why you aren’t–there’s a billion dollar pie that tons of people, including teens like myself are taking part of. Of course, owners of the Hypemaster’s Playbook (which has recently been updated for 2019) and members of our exclusive Private Discord Cook Group will know the best ways to cop these shoes, and will be making lots of money this month!

See you next month and take care,


PS: email for info on availability of our private cook group!

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Alex W. Smith

Alex is a sneaker collector turned reseller. As a reseller he has supplied some of the top stores in Europe with sought after shoes. He is the leader of Winner's Circle and has taught hundreds of people how to begin and scale their reselling business.

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  1. Kelsey

    Thoughts on the air max 2 light x atmos release on April 5??

    1. Alex W. Smith

      Not great, I knew from early on that they wouldn’t resell for much.

  2. oncekicked

    Another good one you can still get in on (small chance, but it’s there), the New Balance Bodegas. resale is crazy right now

    1. Alex W. Smith

      Yeah that was a nice release, however, they were only released on the NTWRK app and a raffle on bodega’s site.

    2. Alex Morlanne

      That New Balance shoe is tight!! It is definately a hot commodity … 4 to 5 x’s over retail… how did miss that????? :-((

  3. Viktor

    Whether choose a smaller sizes on Air max susans drop will give me bieber profit or on this drop it doesnt matter?

    1. Viktor


  4. Daniel

    Whether buy a smaller sizes on susan’s drop will give ma a bigger profit? Or on this drop it doesn’t matter. What do you think about it?

    1. Alex W. Smith

      Sorry for the late reply, but any sizes of the susans did well. Bigger sizes performed slightly better.

  5. Charles

    How does one get in the private cook group you mentioned?

    1. JVG

      email for info.

  6. Alex Morlanne

    What happen to the Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Phantom”???

    I thought that most if not all Jordanian 1’s were money in the bank and performed well but shoe is a brick… does anybody even want this Jordan? It’s got a great colorway…I don’t get it.

    1. Alex W. Smith

      There was a lot of stock for the Phantom, it was actually one of the most widely available colourways of the Jordan 1 ever. The money sizes still performed well however.

  7. Miles

    When will owners of the Hypemaster Playbook from 2018 receive their updated copy for 2019?

    1. JVG

      email with receipt of your 2018 purchase

  8. Pete

    What are the predictions for other “On Air” releases?

    1. Alex W. Smith

      The rest of the collection were bricks unfortunately, and can be found in some places for under retail.

  9. James Richardson

    Fear of god be a good resell?

  10. Ales

    What about Fear of God? Release is this week. What are your thoughts?

    1. Alex W. Smith

      Updated the article and included them! I think the Raid silhouette will perform better.