August is looking like quite an eventful month, after a mostly quiet July with the exception of some shock drops, so it̵7;s nice to have an action packed month again.

Plenty of money is to be made with the many releases occurring this month. Members of our Six Figure Sneakerhead Private Cook Group will be getting sneaker bot slots for all of the hyped releases, ran on over $10,000 worth of bots (2 copies of CyberAIO and Hawk Mesh).

The members and readers of our Hypemaster Playbook will definitely be copping most of the drops!

Ok, let’s check out the exact models you should be going after if you’re in it for the resale flip in August:

1. China Town Market x Converse UV High – Release date Friday, August 2nd 2019

chinatown uv high converse picture
Official image from

Retail: $100

Peak Resell: $250

Potential Profit: $150

Kicking off the month is not Nike Jordan or Adidas, but  actually Converse (side note- Nike actually owns Converse, so you’re giving the same people money).

chinatown market converse uv light in action video
The UV change in action on @jeffstaple’s Instagram

We have a highly anticipated new collaboration: New York brand Chinatown Market have put a spin on the classic all-white Converse high top by making it UV sensitive – when you step into the sun, the shoes change color.

These shoes have already released in a small quantity on Chinatown Market’s website, and are performing well on the resell market. Not everyone knows these are even resellable because they’re not the typical Jordan so go for them on Chinatown market’s site here! Expect the smaller sizes to perform better.

2. Kith x Converse “Coca Cola” Denim (Friends & Family colorway)- Release Date Friday August 2nd (Honolulu Pop Up) /9th

kith denim coca cola picture
From Sneakernews

Retail: $150

Peak Resell: $400

Potential Profit: $250

First debuted as a Friends & Family only colorway, this light grey/blue washed denim “Coca Cola” pair of chucks is a KITH NYC classic whose other colorways still resell in the $350-$700 range.

Honolulu is one of the newest cities to host a KITH retail location, with a pop up shop that is rumored to stock these elusive kicks–here’s the exact address of the shop if you’re in the area.

There is a wider release expected on Friday August 9th at all other KITH retail locations and on their website at

3. Jordan 1 Low ‘UNC’ – Release date Saturday, August 10th 2019

nike unc 1 low eric koston picture official
Official image from Nike

Retail: $110

Peak Resell: $250

Potential Profit: $140

This is certain to be one of the money makers of the month. With high stock, you should be able to cop multiple pairs, and with demand being also high, the resale value should be good too. Expect the smaller sizes to perform well (7-9.5), just like all Men’s Jordan 1s. Make sure to cop all sizes possible on the SNKRS app as there are free returns, so if the bigger sizes don’t perform as well, you can still return them (this is a sneaky pro tip for those who are accustomed to winning multiple pairs from Nike.)


4. Nike Kyrie 2 Low and Kyrie 5 x Spongebob Collection- Release date Saturday, August 10th 2019

nike kyrie 2 5 spongebob patrick squidward krabs sandy collection
Official images from Nike

Retail – $130 (per pair x5)

Peak Resell – $230 (per pair x5)

Potential Profit – $100 (up to $500 total)

A trip down memory lane for a lot of sneakerheads, the world famous Nickelodeon cartoon Spongebob Squarepants is collaborating with Nike on a collection of Kyrie shoes. I expect the Patrick Star and Spongebob colourways to perform the best out of the lot – and remember to only go for the smaller sizes.

Don’t expect huge resale values, but they will make some money, and they’re definitely a fan favorite (we have a whole article on the collection here if you’re interested).

There will be 5 different models releasing: On the Kyrie 5 silhouette we have Spongebob, Squidward and Patrick colorways, and on the Kyrie 2 Low we have Mr. Krabs and Sandy Cheeks.

5.  Nike x Stranger Things “Upside Down” Pack – Release date Tuesday, August 13th 2019

nike stranger things cortez upside down picture
Official picture of the Nike Cortez x Stranger Things August release

Retail – $110 (per pair x3)

Peak Resell – $175-200 (per pair x5)

Potential Profit – $65-90 per pair 

Following a successful and hyped drop in July with 2 different packs, Nike and Stranger Things is coming again with a drop that is set to have more significant collector attention and thus resale value.

We have an entire release guide article here for those specifically interested in buying this pack .

The white-to-denim wear and tear “Upside Down” pack is releasing on 3 different canvases, just like the last Stranger Things collection: you have a choice between a trio of classic shoe models, the Tailwind OG 79, the Cortez Classic, and the OG Blazer Mid.

The Blazer appears to be the most valuable among the three and should hold decent resale value over time.

nike blazer stranger things og pack release price
An early August, pre release price of the Blazer model of the Upside Down pack on StockX.

6. Jordan 1 SB ‘LA to Chicago’ (EU Release) – Release date Friday, August 16th 2019

nike air jordan 1 sb bone laker collab release date 2019 may
Both color palates looking fresh, again from @HanZuYing on Instagram

Retail – $160

Peak Resell – $550

Potential Profit – $390

After a very successful release of this colourway in the USA, Europe will finally get an official release of the Jordan 1 SB La to Chicago. With some smaller sizes hitting over $600, I expect the price to stay the same or even rise after this release, as it is only a small release compared to the main USA release. Make sure to try to cop and use a reshipper if you are from the US, especially if you took an L on the stateside drop. Thank God for second chances!


7. Jordan 1 Women’s ‘Satin Black Toe’ – Release date Saturday, August 17th 2019

on foot air jordan 1 satin black womens august 2019 release
The Jordan brand’s official on-foot image of these ladies’ kicks.

Retail – $160

Peak Resell – $5o0

Potential Profit – $340

Women’s Jordan 1 colorways are almost always hugely popular, with some especially good releases this year such as the Patent UNC colourway, which still resell around $400 months after their drop, this Satin Black Toe colorway is certain to perform just as well if not better than its blue patent predecessor.

The bigger sizes always perform better than the smaller sizes with women’s Jordan 1s, so make sure to aim for them.

Since this is one of the biggest releases this month, here’s a full release guide on how to get the “Satin Black Toe” when they drop.

8. Yeezy 500 ‘Bone’ – Saturday, August 24th 2019

yeezy 500 bone colorway adidas official image
Official image from Adidas of the “Bone White” 500

Retail – $200

Peak Resell – $300

Potential Profit – $100

Yeezy season seems to never end, and Kanye is finally dropping another colourway of the 500 silhouette. The 500 began slow, but now almost all colourways are performing great in the smaller sizes. This colourway is certain to be a hit with fans of the 500, and all sizes under 7.5 are definitely going to resell well, as the 500 is popular with women. Stock level is still unknown, but should be healthy enough on YeezySupply and

9. Jordan 1 UNC – Release date Saturday, August 31st 2019

air jordan 1 unc 2019 on feet hanzuying
From @hanzuying on Instagram.

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Retail – $160

Peak Resell – $350

Potential Profit – $190

Another great Jordan 1 release this month, this time in a dark blue, black and white colourway. This is an interesting step away from the traditional baby blue UNC’s, and is definitely drawing eyeballs. Big sizes will resell, but not for too much above retail.

To make the big money, aim for the smaller sizes. The release date is still unconfirmed, with some stores displaying different dates to others. This should be an easy flip, as demand is quite high.

The release date has been switch around a bunch of times, but it looks now that they should definitely drop on Saturday, August 31st–we have a whole release guide post here on this release.


These are, in my opinion, the best shoes to resell for this month. Make sure to not sleep this month, there is plenty of money to be made between the high heat and even the ‘bricks’ that are expected to sell well.

Keep this page bookmarked and subscribe to our email list for current updates in case anything changes or if new shoes are added to this list.

Members of the Private Cook Group will enjoy this month for sure, as they will be making plenty of money copping all the heat on this list with our top tips, slots and support.

August Profit Totals:

If you copped just 1 pair of each shoe on this list, you would spend around $2000. If you sold all of these pairs at their peak resell value, you would receive around $4500. That is a net profit of around $2500 – over double your money. If you’re not flipping kicks, what are you doing?

Have a look at our highly reviewed Hypemaster Playbook if you want the inside scoop on building a booming shoe resale business, and be on the lookout for an exclusive in depth guide on making thousands every weekend with sneaker bots coming soon.

Enjoy the rest of August, til next time,


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