Nike and Travis Scott have released some of the most hyped-up shoes in the previous months. Let̵7;s take a look at some of the Best Travis Scott Sneaker Releases.

Sneaker companies have found a relatively new cash-cows. And boy have they been milking them.

Athletes have always been a good investment but their reach is limited. Because an athlete is only a symbol for a specific sport and that limits the company’s market.

However, if you replace an athlete with an entertainer, then you’ve got yourself a mass market and not just any entertainer. An entertainer who’s really hyped up at the moment, whose work is on the radio 24/7, playing at every club, and is just a symbol of success.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about Travis Scott here. Travis Scott owes his success to himself. His third studio album – Astroworld was a blockbuster. And from that point on, Travis Scott has become a magnet of subscribers.

Nike knows this all too well, which is why they’ve given Travis Scott the liberty to design and put his name on some of the most iconic silhouettes such as Air Force 1 and Jordan 1.

Travis Scott has had 5 releases so far, today we’ll be checking out his top 5 releases of 2019 and what he’s been up to in 2020 so far.

The following sneakers have been ranked on the basis of their average resale price.

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Here are the Best Travis Scott Sneaker Releases


img01 11

Release Date: 11th May 2019

Retail Price: $175

Average Resale Price: $1114

Released in March of 2019 for a retail price of $175, Travis Scott slapped his name on this legendary silhouette. Resembling the color scheme of your local coffee beans, this pair comes with a brown and white leather upper with a black Nike “Swoosh” in the middle.

You can see the audience’s approval by looking at the massive resale value of $1114. That’s almost 10 times the original value. That’s all there is to say about this.


J 6 Retro

Release Date: 11TH October 2019

Retail Price: $250

Average Resale Price: $770

Sold for $250 in stores after being released in October, this is the fourth edition of the Air Jordan that Travis Scott has left his touch upon. Cactus Jack got the crowd hyped by wearing them during his Super Bowl performance.

The shoe features an olive leather upper with a cargo pocket displayed on the sides. We can see black and red detailing on the tongue and the heel. All in all, this pair is being currently resold for an average $770 .


J 1 Low Retro

Release Date: 20th July 2019

Retail Price: $130

Average Resale Price: $759

Released in July of 2019 for a retail price of $130, Travis Scott premiered these shoes while on tour for Astroworld. He had the fans, both the Jordan and his own, all hyped. However, I didn’t see the appeal. Maybe it’s the silhouette or the color tone but this just doesn’t does it for me.

But then again, it’s not me who determines the resale price, it’s you guys. And boy have you spoken well. Because this pair resells for on average at $760.


AF 1 Low

Release Date: 16th November 2019

Retail Price: $160

Average Resale Price: $590

I may be biased because Damn, I love this shoe’s appeal. With its innovative detachable lace cover that closes with a heavy brass zipper, Travis Scott and Nike outdid themselves with this edition of the Air Force 1 Low.

These pairs have multiple patches with Cactus Jack insignia imprinted upon them. The price premium on these bad boys is 206%, which makes the average resale price almost $600.




Release Date: 14th February 2019

Retail Price: $185

Average Resale Price: $258

This pair of sneakers was released on Valentine’s Day, 2019. They feature an olive upper with a brown side patch. This pair of Jordan includes a white strap on the sides which I believe resonates with the Travis Scott style.

There’s nothing too special about this shoe which is why it is currently only being resold on average at $258.

2020 so far…

Nike SB Dunk Low Travis Scott (Special Box)

SB Dunk Low

Release Date: 22nd February 2019

Retail Price: $150

Average Resale Price: $1798

This is cactus jack’s first-ever skateboarding shoe. And who else to collaborate with other than Nike? This special pair features a resemblance to the Air Force 1 Low Travis Scott – with its multiple patterned patches.

The SB Dunk Low features a suede upper with flannel overlays. Was Travis Scott inspired by the Burberry color tones? Because there is a striking resemblance to the fashion house’s color scheme.

These were released in February 2020 for a retail price of $150. And so far, the hype has treated this pair well as it is being currently resold on average for $1798.


travis scott nike air max 270 react CT2864 200 4

Release Date: March 2020

Retail Price: $190

Average Resale Price: $1221

Finishing off the list with the latest release of the Travis Scott saga. He has teamed up with Nike to release a new edition of the Air Max 270 and I don’t know why, but this sneaker screams L.A. With it’s distressed and yellowed upper along with the waves, this pair is hyped up correctly.

Its price premium is almost 500% which is why it’s being resold at an average of $1200. Damn!

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Therefore, till next time, Happy Flipping!

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