We’re here at Supreme F/W 20 – Week 8! You’re tuning into the Six Figure Sneakerhead look at the newest Supreme drop coming up this Thursday. I’m jazzed for this one.

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Recap from Week 7

We all know if we don’t look back at history, we’re doomed to repeat it – which in this case wouldn’t be so bad. Let’s take a peek at last weeks drop – it was quite a doozy. The Box Logo Long Sleeve Tees were the obvious big hitter and cause of the slowness on the site. The purple and light pine colors have been the most successful on the resale market so far as they’re a more obscure tones for Supreme. Other pieces worth highlighting are the Sun Tee and the Futura Crewneck.

Check out the last droplist here. How fast were you on your checkout screen last week or did you have some help from us at the Winner’s Circle? Without further ado let’s go over the more popular items heading into this week.

A Couple Motifs This Week

For ease of scrolling, we’ll lump two mini collections together here that share similar themes.

First up is a thrilling a couple of pieces by Nike and Supreme. While we saw an dope, full-fledged collab a few weeks ago, we’re getting even more from The Swoosh in week 8. Very activewear-centric, there will be three colorways of the Air Max Plus, as well as a running hat. Word on the street is that the white pieces will be delayed. 

Image via Supreme Community

Nike Air Max Plus

  • Retail: $180
  • Resale: $325
Image via Supreme Community

Air Max Running Hat

  • Retail: $45
  • Resale: $75

The other items that can be grouped together is this Black Ark series they are calling it – very Joker-esque. Here’s few items we like from it. Other items not pictured but still releasing are a rayon shirt and beanie.

Image via Supreme Community

Black Ark Denim Trucker Jacket

  • Retail: $218
  • Resale: $275
Image via Supreme Community

Black Ark Hooded Sweatshirt

  • Retail: $168
  • Resale: $180
Image via Supreme Community

Black Ark Cruiser Skateboard

  • Retail: $54
  • Resale: $95

Now into the standalone pieces.


    Image via Supreme Community
    Image via Supreme Community

    Reversible Colorblocked Fleece Jacket

    Pictures featuring both sides.

    • Retail: $238
    • Resale: $260
    Image via Supreme Community

    Drop Shadow Hooded Sweatshirt

    • Retail: $158
    • Resale: $180
    Image via Supreme Community

    Micro Down Half Zip Hooded Pullover

    This is sneakily one of my favorite things from this week. If you need a warm winter coat, this could be it. Love the woodland camo or plain black.

    • Retail: $238
    • Resale: $275


      Image via Supreme Community

      Wavian 5L Jerry Can

      Take this sucker on your off-road excursions into the mountains or desert so you won’t have to worry about fueling up at the gas station frequently. Maybe cop a few since these are only 14″ tall and hold 1.3 gallons.

      • Retail: $108
      • Resale: $180
      Image via Supreme Community

      Pipe Skate Key

      • Retail: $38
      • Resale: $60


      Image via Supreme Community

      Velvet S Logo 6-Panel Cap

      • Retail: $54
      • Resale: $62

        Release Info

        When: Thursday 10/15/20 @11am EST
        WhereSupreme Online and in stores. Japan releases October 17th.


        After last week’s Box Logo drop, I thought we’d see a sleepy week but I was wrong. Big fan of the variety this week. I’m especially hyped about the Nike pieces and the inline accessories too.

        After the drop, always see if you can find or make sales on platforms like Grailed, Ebay, Reddit or Instagram. This way, buyer and seller can get the most out of the sale and not succumb to fees. I’ve had good luck lately on Reddit and Instagram surprisingly.

        And here’s my last tip – use StockX for bigger items like skate decks where the company pays for shipping. Try peer to peer platforms for small items that don’t require a big shipping cost when you have to pay for it yourself.

        Starting in Streetwear

        If you’re new to reselling, this blog has everything you need and more, including the Hypemaster Playbook that is an all-in-one package to begin sneaker and streetwear reselling. Over 300 pages of in-depth tips from experience. I guarantee everyone will learn something no matter your previous knowledge.

        The SFS Winner’s Circle I alluded to earlier is also expanding more and more. Get in now for the best insider info on sneakers and streetwear. All you have to do is look at our website and socials for testimonies on how we’re helping you cop streetwear. Our members have been killing it lately.

        Before you go, check out the Sneaker/Streetwear Market Recap Week of October 5th – my pal Ben Atkinson has been grinding and has his ear to the ground on everything. It’s your one-stop to get caught up for the week on hot items.  Even if sneakers or clothing has already dropped, it still could be a good time to invest in it considering it could still increase in value over time.

        Check out our Twitter and Instagram too, we have an awesome community of followers. If you want somewhere to get info and chat about making money in the sneaker and streetwear resale business, it’s worth a look! I have a blast reading through the comments.

        While you’re here, I’m guessing you’re into sneakers. I did this blog the other day on a pair I think everyone should be tuned into– Salehe Bembury x New Balance 2002R – Release and Resale Guide

        And good luck copping everyone! Thanks, have a powerful week. 

        – Erik

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