Gallery Dept. is a unisex clothing brand based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by artist and designer Josue Thomas. Lanvin is a French multinational high fashion house, which was founded by Jeanne Lanvin in 1889. Together they teamed up to create a collection and we are taking a look at whether it is underrated or not!

Some pieces from the collection. Image via Hypebeast.
Some pieces from the collection. Image via Hypebeast.

Gallery Dept. x Lanvin Curb Sneakers ‘Paint Drip – Black’

  • Retail Price: $1,420
  • Resell Price: $918
  • Colorway: Black/Paint Drip
  • Style Code: FM-SKRK11-DRGD-P2210S1
Image of the sneakers from the collection. Image via Garmentory.
Image of the sneakers from the collection. Image via Garmentory.

When you first take a look at these sneakers, you probably don’t anticipate a $1,420 retail price to come along with them, and that’s fair.

A retail price that high is usually driven by hype and the brand’s understanding that people are willing to pay a lot for something there is a little bit of. Of course, the sneakers are made with high-quality leather and materials, but not $1,420 worth.

These sneakers were actually hand-painted by Josue Thomas and each pair is totally personalized. The tongue also features the Lanvin label and an embossed Mother and Child logo.

The sneakers come with 1 pair of black satin ribbon laces and 1 pair of blue satin ribbon laces.

Gallery Dept. x Lanvin Wmns Mother & Child Applied Jersey Hoodie ‘Multicolor’

  • Retail Price: $1,025
  • Resell Price: $530
  • Colorway: Cream/Black
  • Style Code: RM-HOG003-J069-P22S1
Image of the hoodie from the collection. Image via GOAT.
Image of the hoodie from the collection. Image via GOAT.

This next piece also features a crazy high retail price at $1,025.

This hoodie was made to already have a worn effect and that is why you already see some fading on the printing. Gallery Dept. is printed in large font on both the front and back of this hoodie, with the white Lanvin logo shadowing behind.

The sweatshirt also featured a Josue Thomas signature patch on the side of the sleeve which can be seen in the photo above.

Contrasting with the sneakers, this hoodie is quite minimal and doesn’t have much color. Similarly, the materials are extremely high quality, but the price is generated mostly off of the brand names.


When we decide whether a collection is underrated or not, we have to compare 3 things: the retail price, the reselling price, and the actual quality of the items.

First, let’s take a look at the retail price. As we noted, it is extremely high. This is consistent with the rest of the collection as well. Starting off with an extremely high retail price means it is tough to be underrated because you are essentially saying the collection is worth more than an already very high price.

Next, we compare the retail price to the reselling price. With every single piece in the collection, the resell is notably lower than the retail, meaning it’s very hard to say whether this collection is properly rated or overrated.

Finally, as we’ve already said, this collection is made with the finest materials, but not to the extent that people are willing to pay literally thousands.

When we take a step back and look at this collection, it’s pretty clear that it isn’t underrated. The retail price is the dominating factor here, and it’s simply too high for people to give this collection a chance.

I believe if the retail were cut in half, this collection could potentially be resold for a profit.

It is still entirely possible this collection makes a comeback, but as new brands are designing new collaborations by the day, it is very unlikely people will all of a sudden love this collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gallery Dept. going out of business?

Following the abrupt closing of its flagship store accompanied by a “going out of business” sale, founder and designer Josué Thomas has officially announced the closure of the business.

What is Lanvin known for?

In 1926, she became the first Parisian designer to launch a made-to-measure clothing line for men. When “Lanvin Tailor-Shirtmaker” took up residence at 15 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, it was the only place in Paris that offered both Men’s and Women’s collections.

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