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According to fashion publication High Snobiety, this year 2018 will be the biggest year yet for sneaker reselling.

If you’re reading this in 2019: it’s looking great, check our new list of shoes to look out for here.

There are many valuable sneakers coming out this second quarter of 2018, and we have compiled the most extensive list of the best shoes to resell that will make you money, including potential profits right here.

Thanks to its $1Billion market that you can learn all about here, many people are taking advantage and taking the initiative and investment to learn what it takes to become a successful shoe plug with the highly reviewed Hypemaster Playbook.

We saw a lot of amazing releases every single of the first three months of the year and the next three months will be just as good.

Here’s the list for you to check out that will let you know the shoes that are worth copping this quarter from April to June 2018.

For each pair we include the release day and potential profit, which can be had in full if selling locally in cash but you’ll have to subtract platform fees from places like eBay, GOAT and StockX which are around 10% and shipping which is between $9-$20 via USPS depending on where your buyer is located.

If you’re reading these past all of their release dates, don’t worry that you’ve missed out entirely: there are many more opportunities this year, including current opportunities now in December 2018.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Nike Air Max 97 “South Beach”, Monday April 2 2018

Air max 97 south beach
The Air max 97 south beach. Image from

Retail: $160

Expected Peak Resale: $220

Potential Profit: $60 per pair

The Air Max 97 “South Beach” comes in bright Miami inspired colors and will sure be a hit for Dolphin fans and sneaker fans alike, and is a great way to kick off spring. The fashionable colors catch attention, making the shoes desirable among sneakerheads everywhere.

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Nike Air Vapormax Plus “Black/Volt”, Friday April 6 2018

Air Vapormax Plus Black/Volt. Source:
2018 Air Vapormax Plus Black/Volt. Source:

Retail: $190

Expected Peak Resale: $250

Potential profit: $60 per pair

A revolution to the Nike AirMax line, Nike recently unveiled the Vapormax Plus line which builds on past technology. Past models like the “Sunset” Air Vapormax command resale values of $350+. The classic colorway of Black and Volt is sure worth getting.

Nike Vapor Street Flyknit “Olive” and “River Rock“, Friday April 6 2018

nike vapor street flynkit olive river rock 2018
Both colors in one picture of the Nike Vapor Street Flyknit. From

Retail: $180

Expected Peak Resale: $260

Potential profit: $80 per pair

Nike is making moves with tons of hot new shoe models this year, which is one of the reasons why this is the best year ever in recent memory to resell sneakers. These sleek running shoes will go as fast as they look, and you have two colors to choose from.

Nike Air Jordan 18 “Toro”, Saturday April 7 2018

2018 Jordan 18 Toro
Jordan 18 Toro from

Retail: $225

Expected Peak Resale: $400

Potential Profit: $175 per pair

Although this shoe is releasing 3 months ahead of the Spanish Running of the Bulls festival, its bold bull inspired color will cause just as much rush and frenzy as the event itself. It has been a while since Jordan has released a new 18, and this one is looking awesome.

Add it to the list as a top shoe to resell in 2018, and be on the lookout for future similar opportunities (the Hypemaster Playbook has been a good source of knowledge for many satisfied customers)

Nike Kobe 1 Protro “Final Seconds”, $175, Saturday April 14 2018

Kobe 1 protro final seconds mamba

Retail: $175

Expected Peak Resale: $350

Potential Profit: $175 per pair

Celebrating Kobe’s legacy even after his retirement from the court, Nike is releasing a vintage silhouette of the Nike Kobe 1 Protro in LA Laker colors, celebrating the last second efforts of Kobe Bryant in the historic game 4 against the Phoenix Suns in 2006.


Air Jordan 1 “Shadow”, $160, Saturday April 14 2018

Air jordan 1 shadow 2018
Air jordan 1 shadow 2018 with pricing data from

Retail: $160

Expected Peak Resale: $300

Potential Profit: $140 per pair

So far, 2018 seems like the year of the Retro 1. We saw the Bred Toe and University Blue last quarter, and in April we see a third coveted colorway, the shadow. Thank God for a third chance at an awesome color of such an iconic shoe!

Nike Air Vapormax “Off-White” White Saturday April 14 2018

Air Vapormax "Off-white" white 2018
Air Vapormax “Off-white” white 2018. From

Retail: $190

Expected Peak Resale: $1000

Potential Profit: $810 per pair

Back in December, there was one of the biggest frenzies yet for one of the biggest months in resale profits, much of it due to the release of 10 high ticket Off-White shoes which made records on the aftermarket. One of the favorites of the collaboration with designer Virgil Abloh (who is the new men’s designer for Louis Vuitton), the Air Vapormax, is making a comeback in all white and is certainly worth copping to either keep or flip.

Adidas x Undefeated Ultraboost “Black” and “White” Saturday April 14 2018

Undefeated Ultraboost 2018 black white
Undefeated Ultraboost 2018 black white, image from


Retail: $220

Expected Peak Resale: $350

Potential Profit: $130 per pair

High fashion Los Angeles based sneaker boutique Undefeated has a recent history of sought after limited collaborations with brands like Nike and Adidas. The Adidas Ultraboost has been a top seller since Kanye came to the brand in 2015, and this partnership of the two brands will make for a shoe that will be worth top dollar on the shoe aftermarket.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Homage To Home” Saturday April 21 2018

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Homage To Home" Saturday April 21 2018
Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Homage To Home” from

Retail: $160

Expected Peak Resale: $350

Potential Profit: $190 per pair

Nike Jordan does a good job of paying tribute to its colorful past, which is why it has the fan base that it does. The whole retro line is based on this nostalgia. Jordan is doing another Retro 1 in April, but this time it has a modern touch with an attention grabbing mismatched colors that are currently trending.


A wider release date is set at May 21 2018, and should see resale value around $250.

Nike Air Jordan 1 “Pass The Torch”/Think 16 Saturday April 28 2018

Air Jordan 1 Retro High Think 16 Pass the torch
Air Jordan 1 Pass the Torch from

Retail: $145

Expected peak resale: $800

Potential Profit: $655 per pair

It’s rare to see a brand new colorway for the Air Jordan 1 Retro, and that is what the “Pass the torch” is doing with its bold new chrome accents throughout the shoe upper as well as unique details like tally marks and hands throughout the shoe.

The shoe is passing on the legacy of old NBA players like Kobe and Jordan to new players. Kawhi Leondard, who currently plays for the San Antonio Spurs, is who the shoe is being made for.

 Balenciaga Triple S “Bred” May 2018

balenciaga triple s bred 01 960x640 1

Retail: $820 USD

Expected peak resale: $1400

Potential Profit: $580 per pair

For a shoe that seems to defy logic on many levels, including price, looks, and absolute non functionality (these are as heavy as a brick and not comfortable), these are easy to overlook for those outside of the community.

You need to see it to believe it, but the Balenciaga Triple S is not only selling for $800+ retail, but sells out and fetches as high as $1500 per pair on the aftermarket. The new “Bred” color pays homage to the black and red combo that is also a signature Michael Air Jordan palette, which is expected to result in a high value on sites like eBay.

Nike Air Jordan Retro 1 “Best Hand In The Game” Pack May 1 and May 5 2018

Screen Shot 2018 05 05 at 12.22.16 PM

Retail: $160

Expected peak resale: $250-400(yellow)

Potential profit: $90-$240 per pair

This seems to be the year of the Jordan 1’s so far. In addition to the 2 already mentioned separately, there are 4 releasing all at once in a pack with a black toebox and different suede colors.

The yellow color will see the highest resale value but every other color will bring in potential profit so do your best to get multiple pairs.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi  x Off-White Thursday May 10 2018

stockx Off White Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi
The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi x Off-White on

Retail: $130

Expected Peak Resale: $1500

Potential Profit: $1370 per pair

Designer Virgil Abloh’s streetwear/high-fashion hybrid brand Off-White made a huge splash in the shoe world in November of 2017 with its release of 10 models at once, whose astounding prices you can see in this post about the best shoe and streetwear resale opportunities of the end of 2017.

Many people don’t know this, but Converse is owned by Nike since 2003. The Chuck Taylor All Star Hi is a classic basketball shoe, and it was supposed to be included in the original 10 model Off-White x Nike release at the end of 2017.

Since it wasn’t, there is a ton of hype surrounding this pair of kicks, and it is certainly one of the best shoes to resell this year.

It will be available at boutique retailers as well as at

Acronym X Nike VaporMax Moc 2  “Light Bone/Volt” “Black Volt” and “Sail” Tuesday May 15 2018

Acronym x Nike Air VaporMax Moc 2 pack
Acronym x Nike Air VaporMax Moc 2 pack from

Retail: $225

Expected Peak Resale: $325

Potential Profit: $100 per pair

Acronym, a design industry that’s nearing 30 years old from Munich, Germany has a history of making golden touches to already great designs. The teamwork with Nike in the moccasin style remix of the Air Vapormax is complete with a signature print pattern and is highly desirable among collectors and fans of both brands. You’ll have 3 shots at 3 colors, each with similar profits.

Air Jordan 11 Low “Cool Grey” Saturday May 26 2018

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey low 2018
Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey low 2018 from

Retail: $175

Expected Peak Resale: $225

Potential Profit: $50 per pair

For another grey shoe as a rebellious contrast to the expected bright colors of spring, Nike Jordan is rolling out the Retro 11 “Cool Grey”, this time in a low version. Its high top version is one of the hottest Jordans of the past, and although the low top version is not nearly as valuable, it is certainly worth noticing.

Air Jordan 11 “Blackout” Saturday May 26 2018

Air jordan 11 2018 blackout
Air jordan 11 2018 blackout from @pinoe77 on Instagram

Retail: $220

Expected Peak Resale: $400

Potential Profit: $180 per pair

Most shoes have come out in all black at one time, but not the Retro Air Jordan 11. It’s been years in the making for this one, so there is tons of anticipation for the drop of this all black Jordan 11. We last saw the super elusive “blackout” colorway for the Air Jordan 11 when it was debuted only as a sample in 2012 at a whopping pricetag of $12,000. Prices won’t be nearly as high and the release will be slightly easier to get and will earn you nearly $200 per pair if you decide to resell them.

Air Jordan x Off-White “UNC” Saturday June 9 2018

Air Jordan 1 "UNC Off-White" 2018
Air Jordan 1 “UNC Off-White” 2018 from @py_rates on Instagram

Retail: $160

Expected Peak Resale: $1500

Potential Profit: $1340 per pair

Michael Jordan has ties with UNC, as a player for the Tarheels in his college days, so it’s appropriate that some of the hottest shoes to bear his name come in his college colors of baby blue and white. The Jordan 1 “UNC” itself was a hit that held 100% profit margins at its peak. With Off-White remixing the UNC colorway, expect pricetags that will make most people’s eyes bleed as successful resellers rejoice.

While originally slated for a June 9 release, these made a surprise drop on May 23 via the SNKRS app from Nike.

It’s still looking like these are confirmed to drop on June 9 for a wider release including internationally, so be prepared to grab a pair or two for profit or to add to your closet as one of the hottest shoes in the game right now.

Air Jordan 4 x Levi’s “Black” and “White” Denim Saturday June 16 2018

2018 Levi Air Jordan in Black
2018 Levi Air Jordan in Black being advertised on Google shopping on

Retail: $225

Expected Peak Resale: $750

Potential Profit: $525 per pair

When we last saw the marriage between the jeans brand Levi’s and Nike Jordan in the form of shoes, it was oddly lucrative, holding its initial resale value months after its release (this is a screenshot from a google search in mid May of 2018:)

Screen Shot 2018 05 17 at 6.36.40 PM

Since this standard denim pair wasn’t for everyone and didn’t really match a lot of outfits (how often and when do you wear denim colored shoes?), we are expecting that the black and white version should have a stronger market because those are incredibly popular shoe colors.

You’ll have two chances to get your hands on these in either black or white, ideally you’ll get them both and rake in the $600+ profit per pair that you can easily set aside some to afford a pair of these to keep for retail or any other shoe on this list if you’re a real sneakerhead.

Mark your calendars for June as the month of hot Air Jordan 4’s, because in addition to this pair, one of the hottest shoes this year is dropping the following week, one with a name that most people associate with hip hop.

Air Jordan 4 Houston Oilers x Travis Scott”Cactus Jack” Saturday June 9 2018

jordan 4 cactus jack travis scott
These are selling at highs of nearly 10x the $225 retail price tag

Retail: $225

Expected Peak Resale: $1500

Potential Profit: $1275 per pair

When rap and sneakers collide, it’s always a good thing.

We’ve seen this with the Drake OVO Jordans (he’s possibly moving to Adidas)  and most famously with Kanye West and the Yeezy, and we’re seeing it again with hot new hip hop artist Travis Scott, who according to sources like Complex are saying is a fashion icon just like ‘Ye.

With such hype comes high price tags, with people already paying up to $2800 for an early pair.

Originally set to drop on June 23, it’s looking like this coveted pair of Travis Scott Air Jordan 4’s will now have a release date 2 weeks earlier on June 9.

Refer to this list as a reminder, bookmark it if necessary, and we will always be updating this list to include more accurate dates.

If you don’t have it already, be sure to read and re-read the 5 part Hypemaster Playbook to get started in shoe reselling or to take your game to the next level so you never have to pay resale prices again.

Nike x Off White “Zoom Fly Football, Mon Amour” Mercurial Flyknit Orange and Black, Thursday June 14 2018

The Nike x Off White Zoom Fy is coming out in 2 highly anticipated colorways, Total Orange/White/Volt and Black/Multi
The Nike x Off White Zoom Fy is coming out in 2 highly anticipated colorways, Total Orange/White/Volt and Black/Multi

Retail: $200

Expected Peak Resale: $100

Potential Profit: $800 per pair

If there’s any sneaker collaboration this year that is causing the most frenzy and having people wondering how to get one pair, it’s the Off-White x Nike marriage that is proving to be more successful than recent Yeezy in regards to resale pricetags, arguably making this model the best shoe to resell in June 2018.

This time, Nike is stepping away from the basketball court and onto the football (aka Soccer for us Americans) field.

Although soccer inspired tennis shoes like the Nike Magista Footscape rarely have resale value, these “FOAM” branded Virgil Abloh works of arts will flip for a huge margin even though this shoe, the Nike Zoom Fly, isn’t used to having eyes of envy on it.

Keep posted as we update you in the future with all of the hottest releases this year in 2018!

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