Just when it looked like Ye and his Yeezy might have been gone from the hype shoe game, new silhouettes like the 450 and the continuation and further resale value of the slides and 700s kept the brand going strong.

To kick off summer 2021, Yeezy Season is in full effect, with 9 total pairs that will each have varying resale value.

There’s a combination of brand new releases as well as profitable restocks, showing how intricate and dynamic the shoe resale game really is, which is why we recommend having site monitors or belonging to a Cook group to participate most effectively in this exciting endeavor.

Let’s get straight to the list!

1. Yeezy 500 Taupe Light

adidas yeezy 500 taupe light resell sepjoy Profitable Yeezy Releases


Release date: Saturday, June 5th 2021

Retail Price: $200

Peak resale value: $300

Continuing the Yeezy 500 train and kicking off June’s strong Yeezy season, we have the subtle Taupe Light 500.

These 500’s haven’t changed much at all since 2018, so we expect these to remain a staple for the years, with the potential for price rises like we saw with the Bone Whites which are now worth $400 on the aftermarket


2. Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN Bright Cyan / Black

Yeezy Mafia

Release date: Monday, June 7th 2021

Retail Price: $220

Peak resale value: $350

Ever since their debut in 2019, the MNVN line (meaning Modern Version) of the Yeezy 700 has slowly grown in popularity, with some models like the Orange colorway going for over $500 consistently on the aftermarket.

June 2021’s Teal Blue/Black iteration is on the radar of many for a summer sneaker, so look for this to sell out quickly and hold good (although not sky high) resale value and popularity through the year.


3. Yeezy Boost 700 Enflame Amber-

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Enflame Amber 1 Profitable Yeezy Releases
Yeezy Mafia


Release date: Friday, June 11th 2021

Retail Price: $240

Peak resale value: $350

A head turner for sure, this “Enflame” / Amber colorway with its bright orange sole is set on a subtly upgraded 700.

Although this isn’t one that is easy to find an outfit for, the unique colorway is drawing the attention of resellers worldwide and will end up on the aftermarket at a premium for at least some time.

4.Yeezy Slide Orange (+Restock of Core/Resin/Pure) – Monday, June 21st 2021

adidas yeezy slide orange Profitable Yeezy Releases
Via Fit For Health



Release date: Monday, June 21st 2021

Retail Price: $55

Peak resale value: $200

Perhaps an unlikely success in regards to the sneaker resale market, the most modern version of the Yeezy slides are returning higher profits on investment compared to any other model by the brand–in part because of the low $55 retail price.

With a standard yet unique silhouette made signature by the toothed sole, these slides are supremely comfortable and the ultimate all around casual summer flex.

The Orange colorway, which is the only of the 4 slides making its debut on the 21st of June, might even be the most sought after Yeezy of the month–with the potential exception of the last Yeezy on this list.

These will be quite tricky to snag, so being in on dedicated cook groups like the Winner’s Circle with high end restock monitors will give you a huge edge over the general public, particularly with the Core, Resin and Pure restocks which have had peak resale values at or above $200 in the past.

5. Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Mono Pack – Thursday, June 24th 2021

image from sneakernews

Release date: Thursday , June 24th 2021

Retail Price: $220

Peak resale value: $500

It’s about time that the 350 had a new look, so this mono pack is a welcome triple threat and solid aftermarkt value out of all the Yeezys to debut this month.

We’re looking at a Mono Mist, Mono Clay and Mono Ice.

These are such a big deal that we have a dedicated post on release and resale details, check it out here if you’d like.

6. Yeezy 450 Dark Slate – Friday, June 25th 2021

Yeezy Mafia

Release date: Friday, June 25th 2021

Retail Price: $200

Peak resale value: $600

Wrapping up the list is perhaps the only potential Yeezy “Grail” to drop this month, and one of the first of the whole year: the Yeezy 450 “Dark Slate”.

We’ve only seen a Cloud White version so far, which still holds a resale value of around $500 months after its release date.

This all black colorway of the super futuristic 450 has some people on StockX paying $1000 to get a pair before the drop, but we expect the resale prices to consolidate to the $500-$600 range surrounding the release day, which is still a profit of around $300 per pair.

yeezy 450 slate resale Profitable Yeezy Releases
From StockX, the mid June resale value of these is over $1000 for some sizes.

If you want to learn how to forecast hot releases like these which happen multiple times every year as a sneaker resale expert, check out why our Hypemaster Playbook has thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who are all well on their way to becoming certified sneaker plugs.

How and Where to Buy Yeezys in June 2021

This month may be the hottest Yeezy season we’ve seen, so getting your hands on one or all of these pairs will prove difficult for beginners.

There are varied retailers for each specific drop, but all of these for sure will release on Yeezy Supply and Adidas where you can try your luck at buying them.

Individual boutique stores and some footsites may have some of these models, and our Winner’s Circle cook group will have direct links to all of these drops as well as community support in an exclusive community.

If you’re able to get just one pair of each of these shoes (experts get multiple) and sell them at the peak resale value, you will be more than doubling a $1600 investment to nearly $3500.

Get the free preview of the ultimate guide for sneaker plugs, the Hypemaster Playbook today, and check out our Instagram here for the latest sneaker resale tips straight to your feed.

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Thanks guys for reading and best of luck for the remainder of 2021.


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