If you’ve been dreaming of getting your hands on Adidas’ latest 3D printed sneakers, now’s your chance! The Adidas 4D 1.0 Dash Grey Releases on the 8th of June in reportedly a large production quantity.

With new technology comes new sneakers which is further expanding this Multi-Billion Dollar market. For those with the right knowledge, you could really make a living off of this hidden gold mine.

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3D printed sneakers are finally on their way to becoming main stream. More importantly however, they’re becoming affordable. Before we get into the details of the Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Dash Grey, let’s get into some background.

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Adidas x Carbon/Cutting Edge Technology

Adidas 3 D printed sneakers

3D printing may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but it’s nothing new. It is new however for the sneaker world. Well, relatively new.

Adidas collaborated with the silicon-valley tech company “Carbon” to create their new mid-sole. Carbon uses a special material they call Digital Light Synthesis which is used in the sole.

Carbon is funded by Google and General Electric. They in return, help google and General Electric with faster production methods and more flexible materials.

This technology allows for faster iteration, helps companies deliver projects faster and perform tasks with precision that was not possible before.

Together with Adidas, they created what is officially called FutureCraft 4D.

The process used is known as Continuous Interface Liquid Production. The process uses liquid polymer resin which essentialy solidifies into any desirable shape. It is fixed into place using an ultraviolet light.

What’s special about this method use the scale it can perform tasks at. Previously, standardized mass production was not possible however, with this new method it is possible.

Adidas however, did not just jump to this opportunity and went it wisely. In 2018, they only produced 5000 pairs to test the waters and assess its market performance.

Adidas 4D Run 1.0/The Future is Here

Adidas 4D Run 1.0

Adidas only produced 5000 pairs in early 2018 to test the waters for the new 3D technology. It was a massive hit not only with sneaker-heads and sports-wear enthusiasts but also techies.

It piqued their interests on how 3D technology can alter performance. After consumers realized its potential and the market became more substantiated, Adidas went all in.

They aimed at producing 100,000 FutureCraft 4D sneakers in 2018. Marking a milestone for a company standardizing 3D technology sneakers.

The benefits of this technology are endless. It’s a flexible production method where smaller, more customized batches can be produced more efficiently.

Their next vision is to completely individualize production to fit the wants of specific consumers. That however, is a bit far off but Adidas says they’re working on it.

The original FutureCraft came into the premium price bracket as it was quite expensive. The Adidas 4D Run 1.0 however, dropped early 2020 for $250.

By looking at a few similar colorways. We can estimate the resale value of the Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Dash Grey.

Adidas 4D 1.0 Run Coral

Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Signal Coral

Retail Price: $220

Peak Resell: $439

Release Date: 02/25/2020

Colorway: Core Black/Signal Coral/Cloud White

One of the first Adidas 4D Run 1.0 to release, these sport the same 3D technology on the sole.

It comes with a coral upper with the unique triple lateral stripes in black. Black collar, black laces and a checked tongue finishes off the design.

According to StockX, the trade range is pretty volatile but it’s mostly not profitable. The average price is $197 which is below retail. That’s not to say profits are impossible though.

Had you sold these at peak resale, profit would have been $219.

Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Core black Cloud White

Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Core Black Cloud White

Retail Price: $220

Peak Resell: $620

Release Date: 04/02/2020

Colorway: Core Black/Cloud White/Metallic Gold

Possibly the most fire of the 4d 1.0 lineup, these sport an all-black upper with grey underlay. Triple lateral stripes, this time in cloud white, black laces and a Metallic Gold “Adidas” Logo at the rear.

A black collar, checked tongue and 3D printed core black soles finishes off the design. These kicks don’t resell too well either.

At an average selling price of $239, you would still be losing money after tax deduction and service fees. The only sizes making good profits are 9, 9.5, 11, 12.5 and 12. With the rest it’s a hit or a miss.

At peak resell, you’re looking at good profits at around $400.

Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Triple White

Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Triple White

Retail Price: $200

Peak Resell: $255

Release Date: 05/08/2020

Colorway: Cloud White

The triple white is another very similar sneaker to the Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Dash Grey. Its sports a striking all-white upper with triple white lateral stripes and a cloud white 3D printed sole.

The resale market for these sneakers are pretty unsubstantial, the average selling price being $202. That again is pretty unprofitable however, a size 9 has been sold for $255.

Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Dash Grey

Adidas 4D run 1.0 Dash Grey

Retail Price: $200

Estimated Resell: $200

Release Date: 06/08/2020

Colorway: Dash Grey/Signal Coral/Blue Sport

To start off the month, Adidas releases one of its originals. The 3D technology has come a long way since 2015 after the 4D FutureCraft. The Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Dash Grey provides an excellent combination of both function and comfort.

The knitted upper comes in a cool grey. They also feature matching laces and tongue with the “Adidas” logo embroided in orange.

Furthermore, triple lateral stripes in orange and a Blue Sport heel clip. The 3-D printed out-sole is a milky white this time around. Take a closer look with these detailed shots. Cop or Drop?

Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Dash Grey 2

Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Dash Grey Rear View

Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Dash Grey Hover View

Adidas 4d Run 1.0 Dash Grey mid-sole

Resale Value

It all comes down to the most important part for re-sellers. After analyzing the current resale market, it seems like these will brick at around retail prices.

The reason for that is, Adidas originals are producing in high quantities which means low resale. As the economic concept goes, Scarcity=Value.

That being said, if any profit is to be made it’s in the larger sizes such as 11 and up. There have been no sales made on StockX as of yet.

The lowest ask on all sizes is $333, this will likely fall soon after release date. To make your money back after applying a standard US tax and service fee. You will need to sell for around $238.

Adidas 4D 1.0 Dash Grey resale sizes

In simple terms, these don’t seem like they would be profitable for most sizes if any.

Where to Cop

Sources suggest that these will be produced in large quantities. So if you want one in personal sizes you can be rest assured copping one will not be too hard.

You can get the Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Dash Grey for retail prices on Adidas.com and select retailers.

You can also find them on reseller websites such as StockX, GOAT and, eBay.


Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Dash grey

Retail Price: $200

Estimated Resell: $200

Release Date: 06/08/2020

Where to Cop: (Retail) Adidas.com

                          (Resale) StockX, eBay

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Mohammad Yousaf

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