Finally…shoes are releasing for the Dragon Ball Z and Adidas fans!!

Since the beginning of the year, we̵7;ve been teased about a potential DBZ x Adidas collab, and after many months we now have an exact release date is now here–Saturday, September 29 2018.

We’ll get into how to buy these shoes too, using a few tips from our extensive Hypemaster Playbook, but first let’s talk a little bit about the details of this magical collaboration between the three stripes brand and the cult hit Japanese cartoon Dragon Ball Z.

The Adidas ZX 500 RM “Goku” and Adidas Yung 1 “Freiza” are both releasing this month in September on Saturday the 29th.

Adidas yung 1 freiza goku zx 500 dragon ball z
From left to right: Adidas ZX 500 “Goku” and the Adidas Yung 1 “Freiza”. From

Although there are 5 more Dragon Ball Z inspired shoes releasing periodically until December, we’ll just focus on the September drops since they’re the most relevant at this time.

These are two of the most significant shoes this year that are a primary reason why there is a billion dollar sneaker pie that ordinary people are taking part in and making a killing with.

Here are few cool points about these works of art:

  • Each will have detailed Dragon Ball Z themed packaging and insoles
  • Each pair will come with a unique collectible figurine of the respective character
  • Expect them to sell out super fast so act quickly and get them by any means necessary, and try not to pay resale!
  • Rumors say that these first 2 models may be as limited as 1000 pairs each–making them more valuable than we projected.

Here are some details about each of the 2 specific models:

1. Adidas ZX 500 RM “Goku”-Saturday September 29 2018, $170 Retail Price

adidas zx500 goku
From @solebyjc, an exclusive on-foot look at the Adidas ZX500 Goku

 Level up your kicks game …

You’ll feel like a Super Saiyan with these ones for sure !

For those of you who don’t know, Goku is the main character in Dragon Ball Z that many people have come to love, and to have one of the first shoes in this collection inspired by his character is totally appropriate and awesome.

Regardless of color, the Adidas ZX 500 RM is one of the brand’s most popular lifestyle sneakers at the moment.

With a boost sole and a toned down, tasteful take of the “dad shoe” fad, this pair of kicks flies off the shelves in normal colors, so expect it to sell out super quick in this Orange and Blue Goku style.

Here’s an unboxing video that shows you what this shoe will look like when you (hopefully) get them in your hands on the release day.

The attention to detail with the packaging, styling and DBZ related touches and a rumored figurine are all part of the recipe that are the reason why this shoe is currently going for sky high values on the resale market (specific numbers at the end of this article).

2. Adidas Yung 1 “Freiza”-Saturday, September 29 2018, $150 Retail Price

First off, these are a true work of art, so don’t be surprised if you simply throw these kicks on your shelf untouched and just stare at them all day like in this picture from :

Adidas yung 1 freiza box
Yung 1 Freiza’s super detailed box is a total work of art. Image from

For those who want some sinister and a couple shades of purple in their life, this Yung 1 is for you.

Dragon Ball Z fans would know, but it’s worth repeating that Freiza is the villain, the antagonist to Goku, so in releasing at the same time there is a figurative battle happening between the two characters and their respective shoe models. Quite literally there is a also between Freiza and Goku Adidas shoes selling out on their release date.

…And like we would hope for the hero vs the villain, it seems that Goku is winning, based on its current aftermarket price compared to the retail value.

It’s hard to tell which one is more comfortable, but the Yung 1 for sure is more of a “dad shoe” than the first model mentioned: it’s chunkier, edgier, and formerly “lame”.

These sneakers are also slightly cheaper at a retail price of $150.

With a sick combo of pink and purple contrasted with icy grey, these shoes look just as sinister as Freiza himself and the box that it comes in is totally killer as well.

How to buy these sneakers:

  • Put it on your calendar
    • Seriously… the amount of people who simply forget when the day rolls around is insane. So start with the obvious and mark every calendar you have for Saturday September 29!
  • Make a list of the websites you can buy them on
    • Do extensive Google research and bookmark each page.
    • Sites that will have them include and, with varying release times that are typically around 10AM EST
    • Organize a document with each website’s respective release time.
  • Set an alarm during the exact release time
    • The more alarms the better! Label it specifically for a site, and set it 15 minutes before the release time to be prepared.
      • e.g. “adidas !!” at 9:45AM 
  • Check out our tips on manual and bot techniques.
    • The above links go through a extensive how to on getting shoes manually, without a bot, and using a bot.
    • The Hypemaster Playbook dives deep into both of these techniques and teaches you to get multiple pairs for maximum profit and so you can keep a pair if you want and still make money.

Price projections for resellers:

Like many other rare sneakers, a lot of people buying these shoes are doing so just to flip them for profit immediately. We can’t totally blame them when you can make $300-$500 per pair, but I guess there’s balance to everything. Just get 2 pairs: 1 to sell, and 1 to keep that you got for free + profit.

These 2 pairs are a sound first investment if it’s your goal to do so, because with so much hype they’re bound to flip for profit real quick.

Many people, especially beginner and wannabe resellers wonder:

How can you tell how much these shoes will sell for?

The truth is, no one knows for certain, and many factors determine the aftermarket price, and the price can change quite a bit.

We determine our price from a combination of metrics and actual paid prices from StockX, eBay, and insider sneaker Facebook groups.

Here are the expected prices:

The ZX 500 “Goku” should sell for about $350-$400, with highs of $450-$500 and lows of $300:

 Adidas ZX 500 Goku Price Stockx
Adidas ZX 500 Goku is currently around $500 as of mid September on Stockx

The Yung 1 “Freiza” should sell for about $225-$250, with highs of $300 and lows of $200

Adidas Yung 1 Freiza StockX price
Adidas Yung 1 Freiza StockX price projection, from 9/19

That’s a wrap for one of the hottest kicks of the year, one for the 90’s kids and the Gen Y and Z’ers alike.

Oh, one last thing…

Dragon ball z kamehameha

Kamehameha !!!

Take your reselling game to the next level




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