Sean Wotherspoon Adidas SuperEarth Background, Release Details, and Resell

After collaborating with Asics and Nike, Sean Wotherspoon teams up with Adidas to bring us a colorful new treat! The Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Super Earth price is $110 and drops on the 29th of August. Keep reading to know all about it!

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The Sean Wotherspoon x Adidas Superstar Superearth is a hyped sneaker because of Sean Wotherspoon’s history with sneakers. Every time he’s collaborated, the sneaker’s resale value goes sky high.

Is it his artistic prowess, the passion he puts into his work or maybe he’s just lucky? Before we estimate the resale value for the Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Super Earth, let’s get into some background to find out why Sean’s sneakers are so special.

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Adidas Superstar| History

Adidas Superstar Original Daleillustration
Via daleillustration

This sneaker is perhaps the most iconic out of any sneaker out there. You can see it from a mile away and know right away that it’s an Adidas Superstar. It’s almost as if they’ve always been around with no beginning in sight.

Well, it was 1969 when they first entered the market. The Superstar was inspired by the ‘Pro’ basketball shoes however, most people think you’d be better of barefoot than play in one of those.

Anyway, they were cool to wear but hype gradually died down and after a decade they were completely out of fashion. It wasn’t until a particular Hip Hop group decided to advertise them that popularity of the Superstar skyrocketed.

Run DMC’s ‘My Adidas’ is all the 3 stripes needed to get their shoe back on the map. The album’s cover even had the band members wearing them which according to many, shifted people’s perspectives into thinking they were cool again.

Later on, an official collaboration with Run DMC marked the first ever collaboration between a sports-wear company and a Hip-Hop group.

The Adidas superstar has not only been the longest-running, it’s also one of the best-selling sneakers Adidas has ever made.

Sean Wotherspoon| The Golden Touch

Courtesy of Deladeso

In case you’re not aware of Sean Wotherspoon’s previous collaborations, they sell well. Really well. The resale for his sneakers however, are even better. It seems like no matter what company he collaborates with, resale for those sneakers are highly profitable.

I believe we’ll see a similar trend with the Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Super Earth. Why they’re so popular? I believe the answer may be a combination of a few things.

He works with passion and whatever he believes in, some of that belief is manifested into his works. A lot of his personality is also placed into the sneaker with subtle hints that only his fans would recognize.

For example, after turning vegan, the Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Super Earth was made to be 100 percent vegan. As for the design, he sketched the floral pattern himself. All of these pieces of himself that he puts into his work appreciates its value in the eyes of the consumers.

To estimate the resale value for the Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Super Earth, let’s head on over to StockX.

adidas Superstar 80s Pharrell Pioneer

Adidas Superstar 80s Pharrell Pionee StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $150

Peak Resell: $500

Release Date: 02/14/2015

Colorway: Black/Gold/White

This 80s inspired Adidas superstar resembles the Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Super Earth with its floral upper. It features a multi-colored and multi-textured upper with a pink heal and black toe. Some black laces, a black tongue, and a white sole finishes off the design.

On StockX, they’re currently pretty dead but that wasn’t always the case. They’ve been sold for as high as $500 while today on StockX, the Pharrell pioneer only resells for around $60.

Sean Wotherspoon Air max 97

Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97 StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $160

Peak Resell: $2,500

Release Date: 03/26/2018

Colorway: Light Blue Fury/Lemon Wash

The Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97 is a super special sneaker as it’s the first collaboration between Sean and Nike. Initially, it came to be as part of Nike’s sneaker design competition which Sean had entered.

He won the people’s choice and was awarded a chance to design his very own Air Max. As the rumor goes, Sean was inspired by the 1980s Nike hats when he made this sneaker.

This Air Max features the upper of an Air Max 97 and the sole of an Air Max 1. They also feature a colorful upper with frayed edges that are unlike any other. A bone mid-sole and a multicolored out-sole completes the design.

On StockX, these are selling for whopping price tags of over $1,500 per pair! And that’s without the accessories. Currently the average price is just shy of $1,100 which is an average gross profit of $940. At peak resale, gross profits are over $2,300 per pair!

Sean Wotherspoon Asics Gel Lyte 3

Sean Wotherspoon Asics Gel Lyte 3 StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $165

Peak Resell: $1,100

Release Date: 06/27/2020

Colorway: Multi

The Sean Wotherspoon Asics Gel Lyte 3 is a super colorful sneaker that will definitely turn heads. A blue, teal, yellow, and orange upper, a white mid-sole, and multi colored out-sole completes the design.

On StockX, they’ve also been selling for great profit margins. The average selling price is $510 which is a gross profit of $345. At peak resale prices, gross profits are over $935! I believe the Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Super Earth will have similar but slightly lower resale value.

Sean Wotherspoon Adidas SuperEarth

Via sneakerbardetroit

Retail Price: $110

Estimated Resell: $300

Release Date: August/29/2020

Colorway: Cloud White/Cloud White/Off White

After much anticipation, Sean Wotherspoon officially partners up with Adidas to bring us yet another master piece after his back to back hits with Asics and Nike.

The Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Super Earth takes the classic superstar and turns it vegan! The entire sneaker is made without the use of animal derivative but not only that.

They’re also responsibly made with new methods to minimize wastage. Not to mention the recycled materials the sole unit is made out of. This sneaker is every nature lover’s dream shoe.

The white leather upper is most notably embellished by multi-colored flowers drawn on by Sean himself while frayed embroidery hangs down the upper creating a kind of meadow. An Off White toe and mid-sole and light blue eye-stays further provides further contrast.

Finally, a “Super Earth” logo on the tongue and trefoil logo on the heel completes the design.

Take a moment to enjoy these detailed images.

Via sneakerbardetroit
Via sneakerbardetroit
Via sneakerbardetroit
Via sneakerbardetroit

Estimated Resell

Just like Sean Wotherspoon’s previous collaborations, I believe these will sell out fast and resell for very high profits.

To get your money back, you’ll need to sell the Sean Wotherspoon x Adidas Super Earth Superstar for at least $130. Thus by using my estimated resell value, you can expect profits of around $ $170.

By selling on websites such as eBay, you can earn profits of up to $190 per pair.

Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Super Earth Where to Buy

You can cop them for retail prices on August 29th for $110. They’ll be available at select retailers and

You can find the Adidas Sean Wotherspoon StockX link here.


Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Super Earth

Retail Price: $110

Estimated Resell: $300

Release Date: August/29/2020

Where to Buy: (Retail) Adidas

                           (Resale) StockX

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