South Park x Adidas Campus 80s “Towelie” Celebrates 4/20

In an unexpected collaboration, Adidas and South Park are set to drop a new Campus 80s inspired by everyone’s favorite talking towel “Towelie”. The South Park x Adidas Campus 80s “Towelie” has a set release date on 4/20 for a retail price that’s TBC. Stay tuned for all the details!

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Before we take a detailed look at this hyped collaboration. Let me walk you through some background information!

Adidas x South Park

adidas towlie south park campus background history

Originally known as the “tournament”, the Adidas Campus 80s has a history that’s quite similar to that of the Nike Dunks.

They started off as basketball sneakers in the 1970s. However, soon after being renamed “Campus”, skateboarders looking for sneakers with good traction and ankle support found them to be perfect.

Then with the boom of hip-hop, more artists and celebrities started rocking pairs and simultaneously raising the popularity of the Campus sneakers. Eventually, the silhouette would be the canvas for collaborations with other hyped brands like Undefeated and Bape, further elevating its status.

Although popularity has died down recently, the collaboration with South Park may just change that.

Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park is an American animated sitcom that started in 1997 and is still running.

Introduced in 2001, “Towelie” is a genetically engineered living towel created by the government that gets its abilities from smoking a certain “plant”.

Towelie’s random appearances and towel advice, along with this constant urge to get with the crew high while spewing iconic quotes have made it a fan favorite.

For South Park fans, there’s no better way to celebrate this 4/20 than by rocking a pair of this Campus 80s collaboration. To estimate its resale, let’s head over to StockX.

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Bape x Undefeated x Adidas Campus 80s “Black”

Bape Undefeated Adidas Campus 80s Black SOLIFESTYLE

Retail Price: $160

Peak Resell: $380

Release Date: 4/20/2013


Also released on 4/20, this 3-way collaboration included two pairs, both of which are currently profitable on reseller’s markets.

This black colorway features suede uppers with black side stripes and golden “UNDFT” and “BAPE” branding on the lateral sides. Army camo tongues and interiors, white midsoles, and outsoles complete the look.

The average selling price on reseller’s markets is currently around $220 which is a $60 gross profit. The South Park x Adidas Campus 80s Towelie will likely have a much higher resale value because of how popular South Park is.

South Park x Adidas Campus 80s “Towelie”


Retail Price: TBC

Estimated Resell: $450

Release Date: April/20/2021

This Campus 80s features a terrycloth material with white leather side stripes and heel tabs, reminiscent of the show’s talking towel.

The same terrycloth covers the throats and tongues which forego any branding and opt for Towelie’s googly eyes instead that turn red when exposed to UV rays. The other side of the tongues features the towel’s iconic lines that read “Don’t Forget to Bring A Towel” and “I Have No Idea What’s Going On”.

Hidden stashes can also be found on either side that includes Towelie keychains.

White midsoles and outsoles complete the design.

south park x adidas campus 80s towelie release date 3
south park x adidas campus 80s towelie release date 4

How to Buy

You can buy these sneakers at select retailers and on 4/20. The retail price yet to be confirmed.

To buy them today, visit reseller’s websites such as StockX.

Estimated Resell Value

Judging by the polls we did on Instagram and coverage that these sneakers are receiving. I’d say they’re extremely hyped and will likely be very profitable.

Using my estimated resell value, expect gross profits of around $300 if the retail price is set around the usual $100-$160. According to our Hype Meter, I give these sneakers a “Hype”.


HYPEMETER HYPE2 e1611117417532

South Park x Adidas Campus 80s “Towelie”

Retail Price: TBC

Estimated Resell: $450

Release Date: April/20/2021

Where to Buy: (Retail)  Adidas

                        (Resale) StockX


                                       Fight Club

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Have a profitable week everyone!


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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

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