Environmental awareness in sneaker culture is on the rise with Parley and Adidas Leading the way! The Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Parley Core Black release date is on the 7th of August for $190. Keep reading to know all about it!

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We’ve already covered the Cloud White colorway which is expected to have promising resale. Before we estimate the resale of the Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Parley Core Black. Let’s get into a bit of background.

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Parley-Saving the Oceans One Sneaker at A Time

Parley x Adidas

Parley is an organization founded by Cyrill Gutsch in 2012 for the noble cause of saving the environment. He aspired to do this by not just inspiring individuals but also organizations and governments.

They seek to inspire and empower individuals and governments to recognize the dangers pollutants. The earth is in danger and it is in fact, the only one we’ve got. If you want to get into some facts and figures, I have some for you.

According to condorferries.uk, the ocean has 5.25 trillion macro and micro pieces of plastic. That’s 46,000 pieces in every square mile of the ocean or a weight of 269,000 tons.

That’s quite a scary amount and at this rate. Scientists believe there may be more plastic than fish in the oceans soon. Parley is working tirelessly since conception to prevent that from happening.

The fashion industry is largely to blame for polluting oceans. However, sneakers may just appease the over-all impact of pollution caused by fashion. People are so passionate about sneakers that it speaks to them on an intrinsic level.

It has the power to change people’s minds quickly and effectively and parley/Adidas could be leading the way for change in the sneaker world

Parley x Adidas

Parley and Adidas collaboration

The relationship between Adidas and parley is simple yet effective. Marine plastic waste in coastal areas such as Maldives is collected along with its global help force.

It is then efficiently packed up and sent out to parley supply chain partners such as Adidas. That plastic waste is then manufactured into making performance sneakers.

The special recycled material is known as Parley Ocean Plastic which is transformed into yarn. That Yarn is then used to replace virgin plastic which is actively devastating the oceans.

The partnership with Parley restricts Adidas from certain actions such as using plastic bags and beads. Moreover, materials for yarn also need to be intercepted from the oceans to minimize pollution.

Elimination of using plastic completely is the duo’s over-all vision for 2025. If they’re able to achieve it that would set a new standard for other manufacturers to match or surpass.

The first collaboration sold over 11 million pairs after releasing in 2019. This reputation was further embellished when they started re-selling for over $3,000 on resale markets.

To estimate the resell value of Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Parley Core Black, let’s look at some similar examples.

Adidas Ultra Boost Parley 4.0 Legend Ink

Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Parley Legend Ink
Via StockX

Retail Price: $180

Peak Resell: $288

Release Date: 06/27/2018

Colorway: Legend Ink/Carbon/Blue Spirit

In my opinion, Parley x Adidas Ultra Boost are one of the coolest out there. They’re great for the environment, look fire and, are super comfortable.

This sneaker features a prime knit upper in “Blue Spirit” and “Legend Ink” colors. The triple striped cage features carbon, while the mid and out-sole feature a striking white.

According to StockX however, these bricked pretty hard. The trade range is between $72-$122 with the average price being $139. They’re mostly going for below retail currently.

Had you sold these at peak resale, profit would have been $108 before tax and service fee.

Adidas Ultra Boost ST Parley Legend Ink

Adidas Ultra Boost ST Parley Legend Ink
Via StockX

Retail price: $190

Peak Resell: $180

Release Date: 06/27/2018

Colorway: Legend Ink/Clear Mint/Aqua

Similar to the Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Parley Core Black, these sport an inky black upper. Aqua highlights present throughout the sneaker including the triple lateral stripes. A white mid-sole and black out-sole finishes off the design.

The Resale value is pretty bad here as well with no sneaker being sold recently over $180. That’s possibly because of low hype and high production quantity.

Adidas Ultra Boost Parley For The Oceans

Adidas Ultra Boost Parley For The Oceans
Via StockX

Release Date: 07/21/2016

Peak Resell: $18,895

Colorway: White/Clear Grey

This sneaker started the environmental revolution and its resale is off the charts. This was one of the first time Parley collaborated with the sneaker giant Adidas and it was a huge success.

It was manufactured using 11 plastic bottles each of which were collected from beaches around the world. At first only 7000 pairs were launched but later on, they manufactured over a million.

The resale value is unbelievably high, especially recently. The last sale was over $18,000 and the value seems to be rising even beyond that judging by the lowest asks.

The Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Parley Core Black probably won’t hit even a grand in resale. However, due to it being such a similar silhouette and style, I suspect it won’t brick like the other similar models.

Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Parley Core Black

Adidas ultra boost dna Parley Core Black on Feet

Retail Price: $180

Estimated Resell: $240

Release Date: 7th/August/2020

Colorway: Core Black/Blue Spirit

In celebration of the anniversary of Parley and Adidas’s partnership. The Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Parley Core Black drops on the 8th of June for $180.

The prototype that was created and presented to the United Nations in 2015. In hopes to inspire and demonstrate how an environmentally friendly sneaker is possible. This sneaker is inspired by that prototype.

The upper is constructed from Yarn made out of the special Parley Ocean Plastic. Collected from beaches around the globe.

A minimalist branding approach is taken this time around. With branding only on the tongue and quarter. The entire upper is a solid black with aqua lines covering the sneaker.

Do you prefer the Core Black or the Cloud White? Let me know.

Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Parley Core Black Lateral View

Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Parley Core Black Rear View

Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Parley Core Black Hover View

Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Parley Core Black Sole View

Resale Value

Judging by the similar “Ink Black” models, you’d think these will brick hard as well. I think the contrary to be true. Simply because of how fire these sneakers look.

The aqua highlights all across the sneaker make them stand out like no other. That and because of how similar they look in terms of design to the OG, I think they’d sell for a profit.

To make your money back after apply a standard US tax, you will need to sell for around $215. Using my estimated resell prediction, that’s a profit of $25.

Where to Cop

You can cop the Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Parley Core Black at select Adidas retailers or Adidas.com. They are expected to be available at 03:00 AM EST (TBC).

If you fail to cop, you can also get them from re-seller websites such as StockX. Use a bot or sign in through multiple accounts to increase your chances.


Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Parley Core Black

Retail Price: $180

Estimated resell: $240

Release Date: 08/07/2020 03:00 AM EST (TBC)

Where to Cop: (Retail) Adidas.com, Select Retailers

                         (Resale) StockX

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