• Even if you’re not an NFL enthusiast, the name Colin Kaepernick has become a household name due to controversial battles between Americans with different political views.

In addition to common Americans, monumental figures like Donald Trump have weighed in on his decision to kneel during the National Anthem.

Colin Kaepernick Kneeling

Thus, sparking biased headlines from ESPN to FOX News, with each side bolstering their opinions and points regarding the matter.

Even Kaepernick may have not projected the impact kneeling would have done to the political landscape and his own career, however, here we are.

Colin Kaepernick Pronounced a Hero

Colin has yet to find a job in the NFL, meanwhile, he’s become a hero in many people’s eyes. On the same token, he’s been criticized and condemned.

If you don’t have a penchant for political views, it’s reasonable and valid.

Nonetheless, the shoe this Six Figure Sneakerhead piece revolves around is his collaboration with Nike and thus the reason for the collaboration is significant.

Kaepernick Nike Just Do It Campaign

And now, just a year after Nike announced his face to spearhead their 30-year anniversary “Just Do It” campaign”, his sneaker is introduced.

Let it be known, the resale for this shoe is attributed to his popularity and his contribution in the black rights movements, rather than his abilities on the field.

Albeit, he did post respectable statistics during his playing days.

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The 32-year old Kaepernick will release his first sneaker collaboration with the Nike assist on December 28th.

Make sure to note this date as his popularity will cause these sneakers to sell out fast.


As of right now, there is just one site releasing the shoe and rightfully so, as the stock is most likely limited.

SNKR– Releasing at 10am ET


The partnership between ex-NFL football player, now social activist, Colin Kaepernick has produced many headlines, however, the most significant one relevant to Six Figure Sneakerhead is the new sneaker.

Kaepernick x Nike AF1

What better way for Colin’s first shoe collaboration than on a classic Air Force 1 Pallette?

Kaepernick x Nike AF1

The black and white color scheme may present itself as a basic colorway, but it doesn’t stop there.

In lies a gradient feel, apparently paying homage to a pair of Air Force 1s he wore before lacing up the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro cleats to ball in.

Kaepernick x Nike AF1

Furthermore, the upper is featured in all leather with the sides including a multitude of Kap’s customized details.

If you take a look at the shoe’s white midsole, you’ll find Kaep’s number 7 hangtag, all atop an icy translucent outsole, similar to Jordan 6 Infrared.

Kaepernick x Nike AF1 Outsole

An additional detail that is significant for history and Colin’s social activism leap is the date “8/14/16”.

This date, as you may have guessed, adheres to the day Colin’s knee met the football turf as he protested for the stop to police brutality.

The aforementioned gradient Nike Swoosh meets an authentic drawing of Colin above the heel collar.

Kaepernick x Nike AF1 Rear

This image perfectly encapsulates his afro’s contrast to his face, on a white background.

The tongue also serves as a symbol, as it boasts a letter “K”, presumably for Colin’s last name initial.

The all-black laces complete the look, thus successfully producing a historical shoe on a classic canvas.

the CoLIN KAEPERNICK movement timeline

If you’re not interested in the political timeline of the social activist leader, you may have to scroll down to the resale projection, however as prior mentioned, a brief history is relevant to why this shoe will hold resale value.

Kaepernick Kneeling

Then San Fransisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, chose not to stand for the national anthem during a mere preseason game against the Green Bay Packers on August 26th of 2016.

He stated “I am not looking for approval. I have to stand up for people that are oppressed.”

Obviously, it sparked a frenzy of opinions, biases, and twitter finger social activists to come out of the woodworks.

Tony Stewert Bashes Colin

Although it gained approval from the likes of ESPN commentator Dominque Foxworth, Olympic gold medalist Simone Manuel, and ESPN First Take host Steven A Smith, there was also a backlash from the likes of Tony Stewart and Donald Trump himself.

This led to Kaepernick changing his tone, to compromise, by choosing to kneel instead on September 1st, 2016.

Megan Rapinoe Kneels

September 11th, 2016 leads to Megan Rapinoe of the United States women’s national soccer team to also kneel during the anthem.

Soon after, the entire WNBA’s Indian Fever players decided to kneel as well.

It was a domino effect that led to even some high school players to kneel, thus starting an epidemic in the name of police brutality.

A year later in March 2017, Colin opts out of his contract with the 49ers and he has not played ever since.

Colin Sues NFL

This culminated in Colin deciding to file a grievance against the NFL that accused the teams of colluding to blackball him from the league.

It was never affirmed, but it is assumed many owners did not sign him due to the controversial news he may bring, thus distracting players.

There were also players that did not agree with his acts, as well.

Colin Wins NFL Case

Colin wins his grievance against the NFL on August 30th, 2018 as his lawyer uncovered enough information to come up victorious.

Just a week later, Kaepernick becomes the face and voice of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign as they celebrate their 30 year anniversary, thus leading us to this article.

The next significant date as far as Six Figure Sneakerhead is concerned is December 28th, when his Nike collaboration will be released.


With a price point of $110 retail, there is already resale worthiness of this collaboration.

Kaepernick AF1 via Stockx

This collaboration will most likely be limited stock, if so, the resale value will trend higher.

As this junction in time, the resale price range between $175 to $200 can be confidently projected.

The month of December is dwindling towards the end as we near the Christmas holidays, however, the heat hasn’t stopped as this week introduces the Colin Kaepernick shoe and the new Yeezy v3 model.

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Good luck to everyone

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