October is being introduced nicely for another 9-shoe-release-list-resale-goat-stockx-buy/">good shoe resale month with the Air Force 1 Low “What the ‘LA'”, with a release date of Tuesday, October 1st 2019 (update: the release date is delayed until further notice.)

This colorful shoe is impossible to ignore, and it’s bound to sell out quickly and continue to drive this growing, billion dollar shoe resale market.


Throwing the classic Nike mixed bag “What The” palette on a timeless classic such as the Nike Air Force 1 Low is just part of the formula that six figure resellers understand, which we break down further in our Hypemaster Playbook.

Let’s dive into a few more details and pictures on this coveted release, and importantly, how to buy for retail to keep, or to potentially capture the big resale profit as these are surely expected to resell.

Release details: Air Force 1 Low “What the LA”

The AF1 Low “What the LA” was originally set to drop on Tuesday October 1st, 2019, but is now likely delayed but is definitely coming out in the next 2 months maximum.

This is somewhat of an odd date because most Nike or Adidas shoe drops happen on a Saturday with the occasional Thursday.

Because of this, make sure you mark your calendars for this and set a reminder so you don’t miss these.

Typically the official announcement would be made on news.nike.com , especially if they choose to do a “Launch” release which relies on the SNKRS / Draw .

At a fairly low retail price of $130, there should be room for a good margin as with other hyped Air Force 1’s, but in this case, we’re looking forward to an excellent margin, which we’ll get into in the resale value section later in this post.

Detailed Pictures: AF1 What the LA

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find on foot pics yet but we’ll be sure to add them to this article when we have them.

For now though, here are a couple official detailed pictures from Nike:


A splash of colors atop a predominantly white upper which is balanced with black and white laces and insoles. Even the lacelocks are mismatched gold and silver, a cool touch.

nike air force 1 what the la CT1117 100 3 1 e1569707988832

Looking something like a dual colored baseball with LA to Chicago themed colors is the inside of the left heel of these What the LA’s.


Stylish stitching of Los Angeles on the outsides of the heels are a nice touch and arguably necessary to recognize these because of the lack of dominance that the Laker team colors have over the rainbow splashes of others.

Most may find it hard to recognize the tributes to the other LA teams including the Rams, Clippers, Galaxy and King among others, but these are the root of the method behind this madness.


Witness a true sneaker frankenstein: the outside of the left heel has almost too may colors to be allowed to be seen at once, with a nauseating implant of a futuristically colored metallic swoosh

Our favorite touch that unifies the whole theme is the embroidered “Los Angeles” on the outer heels in white and purple.

Overall, the look of these is definitely not for everyone–criticism is coming in hot with people calling them clown shoes. But, hey you can wear what you like, and maybe these people are just salty because they basically know they’re gonna take an L on these like the majority of people who can’t use sneaker bots (post on how to use them here).

From the looks of the interest in these, a sufficient amount of people do like them a lot.

At the least, your wallet will like them if you’re not buying them to keep.

Resale Value of the What the LA AF1

Sold prices of the “What the LA” preorders on StockX.

Because of the historic potential of such a unique drop, this never-before-seen LA iteration of a Nike “What The” is already making sales.

Just after a confirmation of this drop just days ago in the final week of September, multiple high priced preorder sales went through on StockX as seen above, with a ton of size 9s moving for some reason.

We expect the price to settle towards the $300 range, still a more than double profit on these.

Whether or not these are a good long term sneaker investment will remain to be seen, but the hype should remain consistent on a one-off colorway like this which is not expected to restock.

These are expected to be quite limited as none of the footsites have yet announced them to be in stock.

How and Where to Buy

From Finish Line

We have confirmation that Finish Line will be stocking these shoes, so be sure to check out the site at an expected 10AM EST to have a chance at a manual cop.

Although Nike Launch and the SNKRS app haven’t yet pushed a live announcement, be on the lookout for one soon.

We’ll update with an official release date when the word comes.

Some boutiques are expected to stock the “What the LA” Air Force 1 as well, and with these the release date may vary slightly, so be sure to check out your local sneaker boutiques if you have any (you have the highest chance if you live in one of the top nine cities for sneaker reselling).

With these, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze so go for them as they will be worth it either to keep and wear or to flip.


Be on the look out soon for our monthly shoe resale list for the month of October, which is slated to be yet another profit packed time with brands like Off-White and Sacai expected to continue to drive profit for resellers who are continuing to ride the money train.

If you haven’t already done so, you can sign up to our email list for a free preview of our highly reviewed Hypemaster Playbook below for a taste of the business lessons and dense knowledge it contains in its near 300 pages.

Thanks guys, good luck and take care,


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  1. Susan Silva

    Did the date get pushed back?

    1. JVG

      Looks like it as no official sites announced to be stocking them for tomorrow. We’ll update the article when we find the exact date.

  2. DeAndré

    So is it for sure releasing at finish line, footlocker, or Champs?