Edison Chen, the mastermind behind CLOT, is a true creative with a hella interesting back story involving a sex scandal that tied with a steep fall from Brad Pitt levels of stardom in China (93w">check out his whole story as told by VICE here).

As seen in the VICE doc, you’ll understand that Chen’s true passion lies in fashion and streetwear, and that he risked everything and didn’t have much of a competitive edge at all as his celebrity status in China meant absolutely nothing in LA where he eventually settled.

The Canadian/Hong Kong visionary/creative bomb has some real hype on his hands this year which will generate much deserved attention towards him, his brand, and inevitably the crazy billion dollar sneaker pie that’s making teens rich.

Details: CLOT x Air Force 1 “Royal University Blue Silk”

Image from Juicestore.com

It’s pretty rare that resellable shoes actually look expensive to outsiders who have no idea what is going on–this is painfully clear in the report from a huge bust of fake Off-White Nikes in which the journalist attributed signature, authentic Off-White x Nike characteristics as “obviously fake”:

For example, the loosely attached swoosh symbols, a globally recognized Nike trademark that appears to have been shoddily stitched onto the sides of the high-tops.

On the flip side, these upcoming CLOT Air Force 1’s, appearing to actually be made of silk, will be super hard to fake and thus should maintain high resale value.

Just check out the detailed shot of the heel: this fine embroidery is a true, luxurious work of art.

Those lucky enough to cop this fine footwear at the store pricetag are getting away with a relative steal:

The retail price of these CLOT Air Force 1’s is set at a fairly reasonable $250.

Although this is more than double the normal price of a Nike Air Force 1, the craftsmanship and unique materials all contribute to a shine that would justify an even higher retail price tag.

The formula for these seems perfect to add to your sneaker resale business.

Let’s have a look at the expected profits to be had.

Projected Resale Value and Profits

The last time we saw such a shoe from Eddy Chen was the Air Force 1 Low “CLOT 1WORLD” Silk, which is basically the same thing as these blue ones coming out except in a different colorway.

We can see that even nearly 2 years after their release, these predecessors are still going for hefty profits of up to $2000 per pair for those who were educated and prepared enough to cop them in the first place.

We’re seeing similarly aspirational resale prices for the “Blue Silk” version, but as most re-releases/re-colors go, the price is never quite as high as the original.

Still, we expect a nice profit of around $500-$1000 per pair depending on the size you grab: these are definitely worth going for with everything you’ve got.

Release Date: 2019 CLOT x Air Force 1

The early bird gets the worm, and this will certainly be the case for those who luck out manually copping online .

Although the wider release date is on Monday, November 11th 2019, your best chance at the juiciest profit is to get these CLOT x Nike Air Force 1’s on the initial release date of Friday, October 18th 2019.

This release date is true for just one colorway, the blue ones, but we’re expecting a Rose Gold tone to drop soon, likely to increased hype and thus resale value, as very little info or even pictures of these are out online yet. They were originally slated to drop alongside these blue ones.

How to Buy: CLOT x Nike “Blue Silk” Air Force 1

If you’re looking for a sitelist for this drop, you won’t have to look hard as for this is limited to just one: JUICE, the official retailer for CLOT.

Here’s the direct link that is expected to redirect you to purchase these on their release date tomorrow:


You’ll see that this redirects to a password page, which a lot of websites do, either to fight bots, confuse people, or both.

Another confusing aspect of this drop to make note of is the release time:

These are set to drop at 12PM Hong Kong time zone, which is at the moment 12 hours ahead of EST, meaning these will drop at midnight EST on October 18th.

Make sure you’re prepared with a payment method to cop these.

Details from their Instagram read:


Those who read the Hypemaster Playbook (it’s highly reviewed for a reason) and are members in our private cook group which pushes live updates are going to have the best chance at grabbing the bag that comes with copping these for retail.

As you can see though, if you take an L on this round, you still have another chance at getting these in November.

We will be updating the blog with a whole list of resellable kicks that are set to drop in November 2019 as this market keeps rolling strong, full of winners and losers–lemme tell you though, it’s way better to be a winner.

Take care guys and good luck on this one,


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