What’s up soccer fans! I’ll tell you what’s up. The Nike Air Force 1 jewel Home and Away releases on the 6th of June for $140. Stay tuned to know all about!

The Nike Air Force 1 Home and Away comes in 2 colorways, grey and black. Both of them seem to be profitable however, a more detailed look on the resale later. Thus, not only are these sneakers appealing to soccer fans but also sneaker-heads alike.

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Before we estimate the resale value of the Nike Air Force 1 Jewel Home and Away, let’s get into a bit of history.

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History/Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1 advert in 1982

Nike had always been a “Running Shoe” manufacturer so transitioning to basketball was difficult. The Nike Air Force was the first Nike sneaker specifically made for basketball performance.

The difficulties came due to the completely different requirements needed for each sport. Running requires heel toe and straight line activities.

Basketball on the other hand, requires a far wider array of movements. More cuts, jumps, heavy landings and quick re-jumps required sneakers to have way more traction.

The legendary Bruce Kilgore was responsible for designing this sneaker. He took inspiration from the Nike Approach hiking boot with similar support and increased flexibility. The out-sole however, was made completely unique.

They gave the out-sole a circular design due to basketball players using the pivot move in the post. This was then given to basketball players for testing.

An interesting fact is, one of the testers was the famous Tinker Hatfield. Initially, he was just Nike’s corporate architects but after witnessing the sneaker, he got inspired.

The effect was so profound that he shifted his efforts and became a legendary designer in his own right.

Nike Air Force 1 Jewel/Home & Away


After discontinuing the Air Force 1, Nike re-continued in 1986 due to high demand. Today, there are over 2000 models of the Air Force 1. The Air Force 1 Jewel being one of them.

The Air Force 1 Jewel released in 1997, design by the late Sean McConnell. He was the designer for the original Air Force 1 Mid as well.

The design was done as a fun little experiment to embellish the clean looking Air Force 1. It has since then, successfully stuck around to this day. They gained much popularity on the East and West coast.

The Nike Home & Away collection was later unveiled by Nike and Footlocker for various models. They released these in order to honor the 3 most important cities in the sneaker industry. Houston, Atlanta and Miami.

The Air Force 1 and the Air Max both have Home & Away variants available. They’ve not only been hyped up by fans but also have done well on the resale side.

Let’s take a look at a few examples to estimate how the Nike Air Force 1 Jewel Home and Away (Black & Grey) will do on the resale Market.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Jewel Wolf Grey Royal Blue

Retail Price: $100

Peak Resell: $160

Colorway: Wolf Grey/Deep Royal Blue

Even if you’re not into the Jewel colorways. You have to admire the elegant craftsmanship and design that went into this. A very clean sneaker with an all grey leather upper.

A royal blue Nike “Swoosh” logo in the jewel design and matching grey laces. The white mid-sole with “AIR” branding and a rugged white out-sole finishes off the design.

According to StockX, the trade range is between $95-$163 which is pretty volatile. The average price is $100 which means you’ll lose money on average with tax and service fees.

That’s not to say profits are impossible. Recently resale has picked up with sizes 9 going for as high as $125 and sizes 11 for $145. At peak resale, profit would have been around $60.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Detroit Home

Retail Price: $100

Peak Resell: $200

Release Date: 02/02/2019

Colorway: Indigo Fog/Indigo Sail/Thunderstorm-Gym Red

Nike went with an old school retro look with these and they seem to be currently very profitable. According to StockX, trade range is between $145-$186 with the average price being $87.

The low average price is sure to rise as demand for these kicks is also on the rise since 2020. Had you sold these at peak resale value, profit would have been $100 before taxes and service fees.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Detroit Away

Retail Price: $100

Peak Resell: $154

Release Date: 02/02/2019

Colorway: Black/Atmosphere Grey/Turf Orange

These were released exclusively for Detroit, as embroided on the rear of the sneaker. It comes in an all -black leather upper with a grey out-sole and orange hits throughout. It’s not the best looking colorway which may have been reflected in its resale.

According to StockX, the trade range is between $75-$125 with the average price being $85. They’re doing much worse recently with no sneakers being sold for profits.

Had you sold these at peak resale value, profit would have been $54 before tax and service fees. Overall, the resale may have been poor due to the design and lack of hype.

Nike Air Force 1 Jewel Home and Away (Black & Grey)

Retail Price: $140

Estimated Resell: $180

Release Date: 06/06/2020


Nike is back with the Nike Air Force 1 Jewel Home and Away with these new colorways. There are certainly a few special things about these sneakers to take notice of.

The hang tags of both feature luggage labels and the entire upper changes color after wear and agitation. The all black variant transforms into a clay-ish red, mimicking the Nike logo.

The grey variant on the other hand, changes into a sporty blue contrasted by an orange jewel “Swoosh”.

Before its color transformation, the black variant has a black leather upper with clay red hits. A black tongue black laces and sail mid-sole. A sail out-sole finishes off the design.

The grey variant has an all grey upper with slight orange hits and a jewel Nike “Swoosh” in orange. A sail out-sole and mid-sole finishes off the design.

Over all, I really like the design especially the color changing upper. Here’s a few official shots of the Nike Air Force 1 Jewel Home and Away (Black & Grey) from Nike.com. Let me know what you guys think.







Resale Value

The resale value for these kinds of shoes are all over the place. The Detroit Away variant was not profitable while the Detroit home had decent profits and saw some success.

The price is also a bit higher this time at $140 so profit margins may not be that good. However, the crazy color changing scheme along with the clean look makes me think these will sell out. A quick flip may be ideal.

Depending on how limited the sneakers are, I expect these to resell for $180. After applying a standard US tax and service fee. To get your money back you will need to sell for at least $167. Thus profits of around $13 or more are expected.

Where to Cop

You can cop these off the Nike.com and select retailers for $140 on 6th June. These may sell out so turn on all notifications and use multiple accounts.

If you fail to cop for retail, you can cop these off reseller websites such as StockX.


Nike Air Force 1 Jewel Home and Away (Black & Grey)

Retail Price: $140

Estimated Resell: $180

Release date: 06/06/2020

Where to Cop: (Retail) Nike.com
Select Retailers

                           (Resale) StockX

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Good luck everyone!

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