Edison Chen succeeded in shaking the plate tectonics of the sneaker world in 2019 with his Nike collaboration of the Fragments and -low-release-link-guide/">Blue Silk, and now he’s looking to start the 2020 CLOT takeover.

Edison Chen Via The Straits Times

The sneaker community has been increasingly impressed with the Chinese multiple layered shoe style, as Edison Chen blessed everyone with back to back releases of exotic and illustrious shoes in the year of 2019.

Canadian-born Hong Kong fashion designer, Edison Chen, looks to bridge the east and west this year with the CLOT Nike Air Force 1 Rose Gold Silk.

Nike Clot Air Force 1 Rose Gold via Sneaker Bar Detroit IG


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The new year of 2020 is being ushered in by a CLOT exclusive, but it isn’t the only shoe that’s making noise.

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Look for the new all rose gold colorway to release on January 11th, 2020 at the $250 price point in all adult sizing.


This shoe will be in high demand but limited quantities.

The rare collaboration will release in selected retailers:

Nike SNKR: Releases 9PM CT

JUICE: Unreleased

All dates and times are subject to change.


Edison Chen’s CLOT releases have been creatively crafted, to say the least.

This rendition follows suit with his prior releases, however, it is still a shoe that is unlike anything else.

Nike Clot Air Force 1 Rose Gold via Sneaker News

After releasing the black and blue editions, this sneaker is doused with a “Rose Gold” makeover and Chen’s signature Chinese design is the main event on another classic Nike pallette.

Nike Clot Air Force 1 Rose Gold via Sneaker News

The upper constructions mimic its blue and black predecessors, however, this time the pink silky fabric leads the way.

Nike Clot Air Force 1 Rose Gold via Sneaker News

In addition, the matching rose gold laces are featured in the shoe’s center, along with a consistent darker pink hue throughout Nike’s swoosh branding.

On the same branding token, the insoles are placed with “Nike Air” logo on top of Chen’s branding.

The shoe tongues are tucked in and suttle as the Nike Air Force 1s are, in a rose gold hue with “Nike Air” imprinted.

On the other hand, the heel collar features the “Nike Air” texts in all white. Finally, all the shoe elements sit atop a white midsole and gum outsole.

NIKE X CLOT 2020 releases

As we ring in the new year with another one-of-a-kind CLOT design, reviewing the 2019 CLOT superstars is mandatory.

First and foremost is the Royal Blue Silk color scheme that released on November 11, 2019.

Nike Clot Air Force 1 Blue Silk via Sneaker Bar Detroit

The all-blue colorway features the same design as the imminent Rose Gold model.

Chen did not make any upgrades or alterations from this model to the Rose Gold release as it features the same Nike Air Force 1 palette and design.

Nonetheless, you can get lost in the deep Royal Blue hue that surrounds the shoe.

Nike Clot Air Force 1 Blue Silk via Stockx

The CLOT Royal Blue Silk had a resale value of around $600 at first release, and although it has declined slightly, it is still doing excellent in the resale market.

Reason being, the units were limited, the style is one-of-a-kind, and on an iconic Nike Air Force 1 model.

With the release of the Rose Gold color scheme, the Royal Blue rendition will see a slight rise in resale value as is such the common resale behavior.

So if you bought this shoe for retail and decided to hold as to a “quick-flip”, a decent time to sell will be after the Rose Gold release.

Nike Clot Air Force 1 Fragments via Kixify

Following the Air Force 1 Royal Blue suit, is the Nike x CLOT Air Force 1 Fragment.

This Edison Chen model on the popular Air Force 1 pallette has done even better than its blue counterpart in terms of resale value.

Before we dive into the resale price, it’s hard not to admire the characteristics of this shoe.

Not only does it boast the multi-layer texture that enhances the creativity that Edison Chen possesses, but it also features a versatile all-black structure.

Nike Clot Air Force 1 Fragments via Kixify

With all-black laces, black upper, white midsole, all on a gum outsole, you can wear these shoes with almost anything.

In addition, the design and “pop” this edition features were instrumental towards its high resale price.

The average size 9 requires deep pockets, as it will require a grand to purchase.

Furthermore, unlike the Royal Blue edition, its resale price has only increased.

Nike Clot Jordan 1 Mid via JordanUpdate

Before the year 2019 ended, CLOT released his best design thus far.

In my opinion, the collaboration with Jordan Brand on the Jordan 1 Mid exceeded all expectations.

Nike Clot Jordan 1 Mid via Hypebeast

Although it’s a Jordan 1 Mid and not a Jordan 1 High, the shoe was still heavily sought-out due to its brand name and elegant color scheme.

The foggy white hue lay on the aforementioned Chinese design, complimented by black shoelaces, black Nike Swoosh, and with Jordan Brand’s ever-popular Jumpman logo front and center.

Nonetheless, the Nike Swoosh might have been the best takeaway, as it’s evident the threading was done with fine precision.

Finally, the outsoles resemble a deep red that serves as a perfect color-blocking to the upper construction of the shoe.

Nike Clot Jordan 1 Mid via Stockx

To reiterate, this collaboration was on a Jordan 1 Mid instead of the Jordan 1 High model, which could be why it did not do nearly as well as the Nike x CLOT Air Force 1 Black rendition.

Nonetheless, the resale price still sits roughly at a $500 value, thus, people that were able to acquire the pairs for retail made a profit.

With all that information rendered, the resale value of the Rose Gold edition can be estimated based on its color, shoe model, and stock.

It can be assumed that this shoe will have limited pairs as its predecessors, however, being a pink color could be detrimental towards its resale potential.

As a result, the shoe’s resale value should sit around $500 a week after its release.

Although the month of January has been dry, as they usually are, there is still some decent January sneaker heat yet to come.

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