Air Jordan 1 Fearless

Sneakerheads, rejoice: Jordan Brand looks to continue their most sought-out and ever-popular releases of the Jordan 1 Retro High OG with the “Fearless” colorway.

Official Nike image

Not only does the shoe’s design encompass his basketball journey from his college days in UNC to his superstardom in Chicago, other elements pays homage to Michael Jordan’s illustrious basketball Hall of Fame induction speech of 2009.

Air Jordan 1 Release Date and Description

The shoe is set to release on November 2nd, 2019 but the hype has already come earlier, making its profit-worthiness apparent.

What exactly will the resale profit be for this shoe?

Let’s take a look at how we can project by looking at similar models.

Other Jordan 1 colorways have released this year that resulted in sneakerheads depositing money in the bank.

A list of some of the best of 2019 are the Jordan 1 UNC, Jordan 1 x Travis Scott, Jordan 1 Satin, and the Jordan 1 Gym Red – and honestly that’s just some of the profitable ones.

Many different factors that are explained in detail in our Hypemaster Playbook will directly affect the amount of profit the Jordan 1 Fearless will accrue.

Another one from StockX signifying how profitable this similar “Fearless” drop should be.

The cash pocketed from shoe to shoe can range from almost $2,000 like the Jordan 1 x Travis Scotts, to the Jordan 1 UNC’s profit of $200 – and remember that’s just one shoe. Imagine two shoes, three shoes, four shoes – *cha-ching*, money in the bank.

Ok let’s get back to the Air Jordan 1 Fearless.

This Jordan 1 iteration has a unique split design in comparison to the other colorways mentioned.

An on foot look from @hanzuying on IG.

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Draped in shiny patent leather, the shoe boasts a Chicago Red overlay in the front with the UNC Blue making its presence felt in the rear.

The midsole and toe share a white colorway that assists the black Nike Swoosh’s shine, and the black tongue douses the top of the shoe.

A Nike official view from the top with the inspirational phrase visible inside.

A super special touch for these shoes is the text in the insole that read “Limits, like fear, are often just an illusion,” which paints a small picture of Number 23’s inspiring Hall of Fame speech.

The Jordan 1: A Brief History

The resale price on the Jordan 1 Fearless have already started, however, before we dive into resale predictions and more comparisons, let’s recap the history of the Jordan 1.

banned 1 1985 bred
The controversial and legendary 1985 Jordan 1 worth $30,000 + per pair.

Why are the Jordan 1s so popular? Why do people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on such a shoe?

What if I told you initially Michael didn’t even want to sign with Nike? As history would have it, Jordan balled in Converse’s Chuck Taylor and was interested in signing with them before his pathway to NBA legacy. Nike had other ideas.

They pitched to him about creating a whole entity and brand based on Michael Jordan himself, and obviously become the face of the brand. The Air Jordan 1 did not come to fruition here, though. Michael explained that he didn’t like their model’s soles – that they were too thick. Nike evidently created the sillhouette Michael wanted and history was made.

How to Buy: Air Jordan 1 Fearless

As of right now, it’s tough to compose a full sitelist, but here’s what we have so far.

Although this shoe does not show on the launch calendar of any foot sites like Finishline or Footlocker, it’s safe to assume it will be launching on Nike’s SNKR calendar.

If you haven’t yet, immediately download the SNKR application on your smartphone so you can be informed when Nike uploads the shoe in their catalog (also, check out our free guide full of tips on how to increase your odds of winning shoes with it).

To further prepare, subscribe with their newsletter and/or click the “remind me” button when Nike uploads the shoe on their release calendar.

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Resale Value: Jordan 1 Fearless

As mentioned earlier, the Jordan 1 model has experienced great resale in many of its colorways. The market for these shoes can be seen on Stockx sneaker resale platform as size 9 is climbing almost over $500.

It’s important to note that these prices will spike just before the drop, then will drop a minor percentage after the day of the release but will still garner a decent profit margin – remember the retail value of the shoe is $160. Based on our data intelligence, the “money sizes” (sizes 8 through 9.5), will float around $300 to $400. If you don’t believe that price, we have various public data models to make such a claim. In fact, not only will there be a resale price, it may even rise in value.

Will the Shoe Price Rise in Value?

Whether the monetary value of the shoe will rise or not is based on the amount of stock that is manufactured, in combination with the popularity the shoe demands.

Given that this shoe is a Jordan 1, it’s unique colorway that embodies the Jordan 1 UNC and Jordan 1 Chicago (both were profitable), this shoe should rise in value overtime.

For educational example, let’s look at the Jordan 1 Gym Red which had a last sale of $322. Surprisingly enough, this Jordan 1 colorway had an abundant stock, also known as a general release pair.

StockX chart of the “Gym Red”

Even though this was a general release pair in comparison to shoes with limited stock, it still did outstanding in the resale market.

The graph displayed shows the value of the shoe on its y-axis and the months in the x-axis.

This shoe released on June 29th 2019, and if you direct your eyes on the June section of the graph, you will see the classic spike just before its end of June release date.

After a few months, the shoes value increased from mid $200s to over $300. For this shoe, its fair to say as time increases, so does its value.

It’s only fair that we show a limited shoe’s performance on the resale market, such as the Jordan 1 x Travis Scott, arguably sneaker of the year. The shoe released on May 11th, 2019, so direct your eyes towards the month of May on the graph below.

The price peaked just prior to its release and plummeted right after the release to just under $1000.

The price decreases slightly after the release date because many people who received their pairs are selling fast, for a less-than-fair-market price. Just as you would say in the stock market, the bears are in control over the bulls. In only a matter of 3 to 4 months, the value of this shoe doubled, proving that the bulls are totally in control.

If you can’t fathom this yet, let me break it down. The shoe released at a retail value of $160. If you would have purchased this shoe on the day of the release and held it until it reached the $2000 value, you’ve profited $1,840 – from one shoe! 

For more on this topic, check out our investment guide on how sneakers can beat the stock market here.

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