Prepare for takeoff. We’re back to talk about a super fly pair of Jordan 1s – the Air Jordan 1 High “First Class Flight”.

These new J’s will be touching down during the last week of September, so let’s get into all the components you need to know.

About the First Class Flight Jordan 1

Air Jordan 1 First Class Flight Release Date 555088 170 Price 3
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit and IG user @hanzuying

Firstly, we’ll discuss this backstory that inspired this shoe. As we’ve seen with Jordan Brand in the past, they find inspiration in some bizarre places, to the applause of some sneakerheads and dismay of others. What we all can appreciate is their ample array of modifications, emblems, and OG colorways.

This particular pair is influenced by Nike in Beaverton, Oregon’s own shipping department.

The sneaker was initially revealed in the spring of 2019 and was rumored to release earlier, but all we got was silence. Now, we have official images and a set release date and we’re ready to show off its best look yet. Sneakerheads have been making the connection that the white leather mimics packaging slips – “folding and creasing at stress points.” See for yourself.

Air Jordan 1 First Class Flight 2019 Release Date 555088 170 Price 2
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

Barcodes embellishments are at the ends of both heels. Small safety or recycling logos can be found subtly on the lateral side towards the back of the shoe. The rest of the upper is white, even with white stitching for all the paneling.

Yellow, which has always been a trademark, high visibility shade that many pillars, signs, and railings use, is splashed on the inside swooshes.

That same yellow is also on the Nike Air tongue tabs, the collar, and the outsole. A twist is that the outer swooshes are white with only a sign of yellow on their stitching. The shoe also features Michael Jordan’s signature which can be seen around the ankle area, just under the wings logo. For the detail freaks like myself, the ankle flaps are sewn in, so these aren’t like your Off-Whites. And yes, they do come with extra yellow laces.

nike air jordan 1 first class flight release date price 11
Image via Swiss retailer Titolo

Thoughts and Predictions

This looks like a great shoe to me. We’ve seen an immense amount of Jordan 1s come out recently but this pair has that little something extra.

Silly backstory aside, I simply like these for the design and execution.

As much as I adore a well crafted suede shoe, you absolutely cannot go wrong with an all leather shoe. We’re approaching fall and winter will be right around the corner so that means weather – and these will clean up incredibly easy.

As our friends at Full Size Run would say: “this is a drip for me.”

With all this being said, this shoe could be a decent one to flip if you’re looking to make a few bucks. Being that it’s not a tier zero sneaker in exclusivity means there will be a good amount of pairs, but for $160 it’s hard to imagine it will resell under retail. Jordan 1s tend to keep their value and rise over time so this could potentially be a smart investment.

We’re in the presence of a sneaker moment. I don’t know if anyone would have imagined seeing this many Jordan 1s being pumped into the market. It’s gotten to the point that a few edgy shoetubers have put out videos with titles like “ANOTHER JORDAN 1?!” or “JORDAN 1S ARE DEAD!!” We may be in a bubble but I believe that this production can still be sustainable.

Something our pockets can all appreciate, and a surprise to me, is that the Jordan 1 has stayed at the same price point for years now – $160. Every “general release” AJ 1 has taken this price point. Even super hyped releases and sneaker of the year candidates like Off-White 1s have been $160.

Of course we see Travis Scott 1s jump to $175 and Union LA 1s shoot to $190 retail but that’s still a price we’re willing to pay–especially given that the resale price for both of these shoes are now well over $1000.

I have to wonder if Jordan Brand will stick with this?

Release Info: “First Class Flight” Jordan 1

As alluded to earlier in the article, the original release date was scheduled for sometime in July, 2019. Now, we get the certainty that they’ll be dropping towards the end of September.

Air Jordan 1 High OG “First Class Flight”
Color: White/Dynamic Yellow-Black
Release Date: September 26, 2019
Price: $160

Air Jordan 1 First Class Flight 2019 Release Date 555088 170 Price 1
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

How to Buy for Retail

Oddly enough these are not on the SNKRS app launch calendar as of now. They will be on the Nike site as well as East Bay, Foot Locker, and Foot Action. These are the sites we’re seeing at the moment.

Do what you can to get your early check in’s on all of their apps. Enter local raffles if any are available at these stores or other boutiques around you. Call ahead and ask if they’ll be getting pairs and what you can do to earn a spot. If you’re feeling like a night owl, here are some links to international sites that will have the shoes.

  • 9am CET/3am ET
  • 9am CET/3am ET

You now have a chance to be the first on the wave for this upcoming release.

This sneaker is a could be a good opportunity to commence your sneaker reselling game, potentially able to make thousands of dollars or more by flipping sneakers. Our Hypemaster Playbook guide can show you step by step to picking up this latest drop and turning the shoes into a nice profit.

Let me know what you think of these new Jordan 1s, and if you’ll plan on picking them up or not.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your sneakers!


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