Air Jordan 1 high og “volt gold” history, release details, and estimate resell

From exciting new collaborations to hyped retro colorways, Jordan Brand has come out with hit after hit with their Air Jordan 1 lineup, and to start off the new year, they’re set to introduce yet another retro Air Jordan 1. The Air Jordan 1 High OG “Volt Gold” Release Date is on January 2nd (EU) and January 9th (North America) with a retail price of $170 for men. They’re also confirmed to be releasing in full family sizing.

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The Air Jordan 1 High OG “Volt Gold” is likely going to be high in demand. Before estimating its resale, let me tell you why these sneakers are so special.

Air Jordan 1| From Sportswear To A Fashion Icon

Air Jordan 1 High Michael Jordan History
Via We Are Basket

In 1985, two legends were born when Nike decided to sign Michael Jordan. The first legendary figure to emerge was Michael Jordan himself, the Rookie of the Year, and Multiple time MVP. The second legendary figure is his first-ever signature sneaker, the Air Jordan 1.

They were designed by Peter Moor in 1985 and were inspired by other OG Nike sneakers. The silhouette was mostly inspired by Nike’s first basketball sneaker, the Air Force 1.

It had a very similar collar, toe region, and tongue, however, the sole had to be narrowed down. Michael always said that he wanted to “Feel the court beneath his feet” so that’s what Peter made.

When presented with the Air Jordan 1, Michael hated how they looked and called them “Clown” like. Later on, they began to grow on Michael and he would wear them gladly to all his games.

Because of the story of MJ that’s associated with the Air Jordan 1, they’ve achieved legendary status. People started wearing them not only for basketball but also on the streets as fashion-wear.

Even today, most pairs sell out instantly while some resale for hundreds of dollars over their retail prices.

Retro & OG Colorway Success

Nike Air Jordan 1 High Retro OG Colorways
From SSwagger

Although retro colorways have been very popular with a lot of success in primary and secondary markets, OG sneakers also have a place in the market

Simply put, OG sneakers refer to brand new colorways while a retro is just a re-release. Depending on the hype of a retro colorway and how limited it is, they can be very highly sought after with potentially high profits.

The same goes for the OG sneakers that can be just as sought after if the colorway is done right.

Recently, Nike has been releasing both variants and they’ve been selling out like hot cakes left and right. Most Air Jordan 1s are also very popular on reseller markets with their profits depending on how hyped and/or limited they are.

The Air Jordan 1 High Lucky Green, for example, is relatively profitable since it’s nothing too special. The Air Jordan 1 High New Beginnings, on the other hand, is highly profitable.

To estimate the resale value of the Air Jordan 1 High OG “Volt Gold”, let’s head over to StockX. Assessing similar sneakers can help us estimate their resale value.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High CO.JP Midnight Navy

Air Jordan 1 High CO.JP Midnight Navy Release Date 3

Retail Price: $170

Peak Resell: $690

Release Date: 11/14/2020


The Air Jordan 1 High CO.JP Midnight Navy is inspired by the original “Midnight Navy” Air Jordan 1s which released in very limited quantities (3000 pairs). The 2020 versions were originally planned to release in celebration of the Tokyo games.

It features a white leather upper with a dark navy overlay on the toe region, eye stays, rear, and collar. Navy also covers the insoles with a white “CO.JP” written inside. A metallic silver ‘Swoosh’ covers the lateral sides and sits underneath a metallic silver “Air Jordan” logo.

A white midsole and navy outsole finish off the design.

The average selling price on StockX is $260 while peak resale prices have crossed over $600. The Air Jordan 1 High OG “Volt Gold” will likely have a slightly lower resale value.

Air Jordan 1 High Yellow Ochre

Air Jordan 1 High Yellow Ochre
From StockX

Retail Price: $160

Peak Resell: $760

Release Date: 05/09/2018

Colorway: Summit White/Yellow Ochre-Black

These sneakers came part as part of the Best Hand in The Game pack and feature interesting color tones.

Donning a white, yellow, and black upper, these sneakers feature white side panels and toe boxes, black eye stays, toes, and collar linings along with a vibrant yellow “Swoosh”, rear, and collar. A clean white midsole and Ochre Yellow outsole complete the design.

Overall, these sneakers are highly reminiscent of the Air Jordan 1 High OG “Volt Gold” colorways. However, resale for the Volt Gold will likely not be as high.

On StockX, the average selling price is massive $500 which is an average gross profit of $340 per pair.

Air Jodan 1 High Biohack

Air jordan 1 Retro High Tokyo Bio Shock
From StockX

Retail Price: $170

Peak Resell: $830

Release Date: 09/04/2020


The Air Jordan 1 High Bio Hack is inspired by the bustling city of lights that is Tokyo.

It features a multi-colored leather upper that is both dark and vibrant at the same time. Similar to the colorful streets of Tokyo at night, where neon lighting is present seemingly everywhere.

Black side panels and laces are contrasted by a white “Swoosh”. Brown overlay covers the collar and rear while teal covers the toe box and navy around the eye stays and toe region. Pink collar lining and a bright yellow throat stick out like neon street lights on a dark evening in Tokyo.

While featuring similar color blocking to the Air Jordan 1 High OG “Volt Gold”, the resale value might also be similar.

On StockX, the average selling price is $280 which is a gross profit of $110 per pair. At peak resale, gross profits are as high as $660.

Closer Look| Air Jordan 1 High OG “Volt Gold”



Retail Price: $170

Estimated Resell: $250

Release Date: January/02/2021 (EU)

                        January/09/2021 (North America)


Jordan Brand starts off the Year with a brand new Air Jordan 1 debossed in bright and vibrant color tones.

The most striking feature of this new Air Jordan 1 is perhaps the use of gold and green along the upper. Starting off from the collars, black and white collar linings are contrasted by a neon green strap that goes over the collar with a black “Air Jordan” logo.

A yellow translucent flipped tongue label sits atop an off-white throat and laces that perfectly match the midsole. A Crisp white leather is featured on the side panels and toe boxes while a contrasting black leather is donned onto the eye stays, ‘Swoosh’, and toe.

Finally, golden heels and black outsoles finish off the look.

Take a moment to enjoy these official Nike images.


Estimated Resale Value

You can expect these sneakers to sell out fast and also be fairly profitable. I definitely recommend going for a cop on these and going for larger sizes. On the other hand, don’t sleep on the grade school sizes either as they may also be profitable.

Using my estimated resell value of $250, I expect gross profits of around $80 per pair. If you can sell on websites that offer services fee waivers such as eBay, pure profits will be higher.

Air Jordan 1 High OG Volt Gold| Where to Buy

You can buy these sneakers at select retailers and Nike SNKRS on January 2nd, 2021 for EU and January 9th for North America. The retail price for men is set at $170 per pair. They will also be releasing in full family sizing.

To buy them today, visit websites such as StockX.


Air Jordan 1 High OG “Volt Gold”

Retail Price: $170

Estimated Resell: $250

Release Date: January/02/2021 (EU)

                        January/09/2021 (North America)

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike SNKRS 10:00 am EDT

                       (Resale) StockX

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Have a great week everyone!


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