For a switch up of the slew of Air Jordan 1 high’s of 2019 (many of them profitable like the recent -shattered-backboard-3-0-resale-value-stockx-goat-stadium-guide/">Nike Air Jordan 1 High Shattered Backboard, the Mid top variation is getting love like it never has before.

As part of the Jordan brand’s “Fearless” collection,  which was primarily dropped throughout November 2019, the “Maison Chateau Rouge” is one of the most highly anticipated–and for a reason.

Let’s take a look at some on foot flicks of these kicks, valuable information about the brand and how you can buy these.

Detailed Look: Maison Chateau Rouge Air Jordan 1 Mid

Official detailed shot from @maisonchateaurouge

It just takes one up close picture to understand that if you rock these shoes, people are gonna look, sneakerhead or not.

Don’t be surprised if you get compliments all day, so it’s almost worth even buying these for a good resale price.

An official Nike on foot side shot
Via Nike

The red and blue contrast nicely to the yellow and white, and of course one can’t ignore the detailed embroidery.

Ok they look nice, but what’s the big deal with the brand?

Turns out, Nike picked them out for many awesome reasons.

Here’s a little bit about the brand.

Maison Chateau Rouge

The brand’s founder Youssouf Fofana via The Socialite Family (2018)

Paris based fashion brand Maison Chateau Rouge has an eye catching tagline / mission:

Coutumes et traditions africaines établies à Paris depuis peu…

Translation: African customs and traditions established in Paris recently …

Perhaps better said is a quote directly from the founder himself:

(Maison Chateau Rouge) is a pop lifestyle brand, inspired by my African heritage, and which builds on deep-rooted values with a focus on social and economic responsibility.

Maison Château Rouge is born of a desire to share African culture, to open it up and make it accessible.

-Youssouf Fofona (source)

This mission of bringing African culture to the people through a French brand is the doing of Youssouf Fofana, twenty-something African-Parisian who is doing quite the justice by bringing a presence of a underrepresented minority in a stereotypically mono racial world of France.

The name, after all, is named after the “Little Africa” of Paris.

Lookbook styles from the brand show where the shoe’s inspiration came from.

Over the short lifespan of the brand, Maison Chateau Rouge has attracted positive attention with its perfectly balanced style that attracts attention with bright colors and the use of wax.

The brand’s local charity work is noteworthy as well, so we are happy to spotlight and support him–for this instance, it almost looks like they don’t really need it.

In November 2019, Youssouf seems to have gotten a big break: Since its debut in 2015,  their time in the sneakerhead spotlight is now: the multibillion dollar shoe resale market took notice of them and their Air Jordan 1 Mid.

Resale Pricing Projections

With current profits in the hundreds of dollars per pair across all sizes, it’s no wonder that tons of people are trying their best to get them.

Prices on StockX. Check current price here.

The data on StockX is showing that resale profits of the Maison Chateau Jordan 1 Mid are roughly $300-$500 per pair above its retail price of $130.

This is quite the juicy opportunity, especially for those who know how to get multiple pairs.

Although this drop in particular may fly under the radar more so than something from the insanely lucrative Off-White brand, it still won’t be easy to get them.

Here are a few tips, including a sitelist and some time tested buying tips that should give you a slight edge.

Sitelist and Release Information

The Maison Chateau Rouge Air Jordan 1 Mid is set to release worldwide on Saturday, November 30th 2019.

Here are the places you can buy them:

These sitelists are subject to change.

One example of how these shoe drops change and need up to date news is the shock SNKRS drop which happened in Paris.

A shot from the SNKRS App

Reservations for pickup were available in a 15 minute window, and people in cook groups got the latest info and were able to reserve.

Although this particular one was in Paris, they happen frequently in US cities as well.

We will update this article as we can, but for live updates with a full list of release links and times, check out our Cook Group here, which includes both US and European markets.

How to Buy

Mark your calendars for Saturday November 30th, 2019. The release time on SNKRS in the US is 10AM EST, and an early 7AM call for our friends on the west coast.

You can of course just test your luck and go after these manually right when they drop.

These will likely sell out in seconds, which is why many people use sneaker bots–here’s a quick guide on how to use them here.

How to Sell

If you’re lucky or skilled enough to have required a pair or a few, you’ll have to put them on the resale market.

Using all the different platforms can be confusing, so you can check out our write up here on a comparison from GOAT to eBay and more.

The reason we wrote the Hypemaster Playbook was to piece together all of the steps necessary and leave no stone unturned when it comes to the shoe resale market.

Check out the rest of the many profitable shoe drops on our blog here.

Take care and good luck,


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