December Release, Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Not for Resale’ : Release Date and How to Buy for Retail

">Whether you love them or hate them, Air Jordan’s, especially the Jordan 1 are the great grandfather of the reselling game – we have seen them appear in no less than 66 differing colourways since their inception by Nike alone! Ironically, the “Not for Resale” version of the Air Jordan 1 are reselling like wildfire, and we’re here to bring you all the info regarding buying these for retail on their release date so you don’t have to pay resale.

The Jordan brand is so beloved in the industry that every designer/ brand under the sun from Virgil Abloh (Off-White), Eminem, Carhartt WIP, Public School New York, Levi’s, SoleFly and Dave White (to name a few) have teamed up with Nike to give their own spin on the shoe’s design. 

This December we are set to see wider release of 2x colourways to the beloved Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG under the title ‘Not for Resale’.

As a background way back in 1985 a little guy by the name of Michael Jordan came onto the scene as Rookie of the Year, the Air Jordan 1’s were released in the same year and were the very first shoe to be worn in the NBA with multiple colours.   The shoe was so outrageous at the time David Stern (Commissioner of the NBA at the time) banned the shoe and fined MJ a few thousand dollars a game per game when he wore them – Nike jumped on the idea and publicly announced they would pay the fine for him.

If you are reading this, you are without a doubt a sneaker head and or a reseller – either way reselling is essential to the industry. It allows us to access sneaker releases that are often so coveted that trying to purchase them at retail price is almost impossible.  Nike and Jordan Brand are well aware of the resell market – some may say that they even knowingly contribute to the resell market through their highly coveted releases.

Releasing in December we are set to see the release of 2x more colourways to add to the growing collection of Nike Air Jordan 1 colourways – the Nike ‘Not for Resale’.  Releasing in 2x colourways; Varsity Red and Varsity Maize.

not for resale varsity red 1 jordan

The “Varsity Red” Jordan 1. Image Source:: StockX

The Design

The two designs follow the standard Air Jordan 1 silhouette – both have a white leather and black leather overlays with corresponding coloured heels and collars. Where these pairs differ from other collaborations or colourways is the text that is found all over the shoes – words that will send shivers down every reseller or sneakerheads spine such as ‘Wear Me’, ‘Please Crease’, ‘No Photos’ and ‘Not for Resale’ are stamped or embroidered all over the shoe.


“Not for Resale” Nike Air Jordan 1 Varsity Maize
“Not for Resale” Nike Air Jordan 1 Varsity Maize

Image Source: Hypebeast 

The irony of this is that every one of these suggestions will likely be ignored – during the initial drop earlier this month numerous stores employed various tactics to stop reselling. Oneness in Kentucky had buyers wear the shoes out the store and kept the box (video here)  , DAMN Sneaker Store in Asia made everyone do push ups in their pairs to avoid resell (check out the insane video here).

Both colorways are getting an extreme amount of love online, however the Varsity Maize is the most coveted of the two – the stock levels of both are extremely limited, but the Varsity Maize has less than 20,000 pairs set for circulation.

Mix the low stock numbers with the already super high hype for the shoes, and the potential for more stores running rules to stop reselling of the shoes you can expect the resell price to jump astronomically.

Air Jordan 1 “Not For Resale” Varsity Red

Air Jordan 1 NRG "Not for Resale" 2018 November
The Air Jordan 1 NRG “Not for Resale” 2018 is definitely reselling. From

Style code: 861428-106

Retail price: $160 USD

Stock levels (TBC):  17,000 (via

Varsity Maize

maize air jordan 1 not for resale december
The upcoming Yellow “Maize” “Not For Resale ” Jordans, from

Style code: 861428-107

Retail price: $160 USD

Stock levels (TBC): 4,000 (via @soleseriouss

Image Source: StockX

Release date

Originally released via small runs at Jumpman stores, small retailers early November both pairs the pairs are now rumoured to be dropping mid to late December through small retail stores and wider release online via

Make sure you get access to the Six Figure Sneakerhead private forum here if it’s still open (we’re closing enrollment very soon), and follow the Twitter account: for more info closer to the date.

Expected resale price

For those in it for the flip, you’re looking to pocket around $500-$800+ per pair, which makes this one of the more profitable drops of the year.

Based on the stock that is currently out there in the market has the Varsity Red reselling for USD$664 (US 10, 313.8% above retail) and the more limited Varsity Maize is reselling for USD$1,200 (US 10, 650% above retail).

Both pairs are averaging between USD$700 (Varsity Red) – USD$1,000 (Varsity Maize, see below) for the current stock in market. You can expect a slight dip at the end of November or start of December as stock levels are confirmed but this should be followed by a sharp increase closer to Christmas and pre as well as post launch. If you get a pair, consider yourself one of the lucky few worldwide whom have been able to secure one of the most hyped releases for 2018.
stockx resale price jordan 1 not for resale

Image Source: StockX. The Varsity Maize Air Jordan 1 is selling for a pretty penny.

For the last bit of this article, we’ll get a little more technical, but if you read carefully and take action on these steps, you’ll have a really good chance of getting lucky with this coveted online drop. Here are 3 steps on how to buy these Jordans for retail.

3 steps: How to buy for retail

1. Set up your and SNKRS App correctly

Based on the last drop of these shoes, the current resell market and demand for these colors, it’s a guarantee that these will sell out super quick!

The two kicks are already releasing in extremely limited numbers, so you are going to need to use a few techniques in order to try and secure yourself a pair or two.

Specifically, for ensure that you have multiple accounts set up and running (using multiple IP’s to avoid getting blocked) on the desktop & mobile website as well as making sure you have your SNKRS app set up correctly if a drop happens via the app.

 The SNKRS app will stop you having to locate the products through multiple products so it’s great to have this steady source for getting these shoes at retail if you know how to use it.

2. Enter multiple raffles for added chances

Smaller stores will run raffles in order to combat the potential of users running bots that will often crash their websites!

Raffles will normally only let you enter once per raffle item but if you are smart you can enter multiple times. 

Smaller online retailers will run a raffle but some will even run in store raffles which require you to physically go in and sign your name up.

Enter as many times as you can using your name, your girlfriends name, your mom or dads name – whoever as long as you trust they wont withhold the sneakers from you if you win.


If you don’t trust your friends and family, you can also use an address jig to enter multiple times under your own name.

Jigging your address can be as simple as changing your address from Level 1, 123 Main Street to Lvl 1, 123 Main Strt – don’t use this too often as you might get banned if the site owners realize you are entering multiple times. Also check out this great tutorial here on how to jig your address.

Twitter and SoleLinks provide a huge amount of information to the current raffles that are currently live and will constantly give you info as more are brought to the attention of everyone. Be sure to check out speciality stores in your area that might not be as popular or mentioned online yet thus increasing your potential success rate.

If all of this stuff is starting to sound way too technical, don’t worry, it is for most. Our Hypemaster Playbook breaks everything down in simpler terms and includes a blueprint for scaling to a six figure business, so feel free to give it a read for those who are serious and want more insider tips. Subscribe to our email list below for a free preview.

3. Early links & working with a cook group 

Screen Shot 2018 07 18 at 1.07.13 PM

If you have your Nike accounts set up, SNKRS app ready and you’ve entered as many raffles as you want to ensure you have as many early links or website drop sites as possible. All of this combined will greatly increase your chances of getting the Air Jordan 1 “Not For Resale” Varsity Maize or Red for retail on the release date in December 2018.

If a website isn’t running a raffle you can bet, they will release the shoes on a First Come First Serve (FCFS) basis. The shoes will drop at a pre-determined time (usually indicated by a countdown timer) through an online shopping portal.

These are the websites that are usually going to be the easiest to cop the products manually but be warned, they will be hit hard by bots or server issues with the huge influxes of traffic during the drop date.

Stockists/ early links will become available through Twitter or dedicated cook groups. Working with a cook group will give you info before it hits the wider public as well as allowing you to access powerful bots that will increase your chances of copping a pair or two!

The added bonus of joining the SixFigure Cook Group is you get to work with like-minded people around the globe who will give you further tips, tricks and information about drops before they become available to the wider public.

You also won’t have to spend as much time learning all the technical stuff or investing in your own sneaker bot that normally can cost a few thousand dollars, you can simply use all of the included tools and services provided in the private community.

For that reason, our cook group is a huge bargain, but for the same reason, we will have to cap enrollment soon to keep it as successful as it’s been going so far for past shoe releases and the many more in the upcoming future.

Subscribe to our email list if you haven’t already as it includes a free preview of our Hypemaster Playbook as well as notifications of the newest posts (like our monthly profitable shoe drop lists–here’s the most recent one from November 2018) and tips on how to get the latest resellavble Nike and Adidas sneakers.

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