2015 was a big year in the sneaker game for a number of reasons.

Some highlights were Yeezy switching from Nike to Adidas,  causing revived Kanye frenzy, and Nike̵7;s Jordan band put out one of the most beautiful luxury shoes to grace the game, the Just Don C’s.

One drop that went down in the history books in the sneakerhead community was the OG Shattered Backboard Air Jordan 1.

Sneakernews.com showed a high rating for these back in 2015, a good indicator of resale value.

Dropped in Summer 2015 to a lot of hype and high ratings from normally harsh sneaker blog audiences, this $160 pair of shoes resold for consistent levels of $500 shortly after the drop, definitely contributing to the individuals who sometimes become six figure resellers in the process.

A further market move upwards in the following years have given the sneaker a new rise in this present moment of late 2019, with prices as high as $2000 per pair for a size 7.5:

Size 7.5 prices of the Shattered Backboard OG on StockX in Oct 2019.

This nice looking chart showing a rise in profit is something that would make any traditional investor super excited, and part of why sneakers can be such a good investment that often beats the stock market.

History can be a good indicator of the future, although it isn’t always so, these resale numbers should be reflected (albeit maybe not at such a high level) with the upcoming October 2019 Shattered Backboard 3.0.

Let’s dive in to the specifics of this SBB 3 drop, from some of the best pics we’ve found, where to buy, how to sell and potential profit numbers.

Detailed Look: Shattered Backboard 3.0

It’s looking like time is a charm for Nike with these.

2016 saw a “Reverse Shattered Backboard”, which went up and down on the resale market but has since settled around the $400-$500 level, which is still more than $200-$300 in profit per pair.

The 3.0 version of the Shattered Backboard is certainly more eye catching than an ordinary Retro Jordan with  different colors thanks to its unique texture and finish.

A crinkled patent black leather has received noteworthy comments for those who were lucky enough to get pairs early, and we’re not surprised because, unlike most Tinder dates, these look better IRL than online.

This isn’t to say that Nike official images looked that bad, but these are particularly nice on feet.

The definitely planned coincidence of Halloween being upon us for this black and orange drop means that the hype is high with this one.

Buying them won’t be easy, but reading this post (or the Hypemaster Playbook for those that are super serious) will certainly give you an edge.

How to Buy and Sitelist: Shattered Backboard 3.0

As we tell you in all of our posts,  your chances of copping will be best increased if you know where to buy and combine manual and bot methods.

You’ll definitely want to be ready on the release date of Saturday, October 26th 2019 for these Air Jordan 1 SBB 3.0s.

Here’s a list of websites of where you can buy the

Sitelist includes:

Members of our private cook group will have the most up to date and live release info and links for the highest chance of copping–discount is given (end of October promo only) to those who have purchased our Hypemaster Playbook.

Resale Value and Pricing of the Nike Air Jordan 1 SBB 3.0

Image from Kicksonfire

With a retail price of $160, the room for profit in these is a bit higher than the typical retro Jordan price of $220-$250+.

The hype and relatively low stock number and difficulty of buying these means they will sell out super fast and definitely have resale value.

Anything Shattered Backboard (with the exception of the Air Jordan mid SBB) is super hot on the resale market, even if it’s women’s shoes.

The Jordan 1 “Satin Shattered Backboard”, made exclusively for women is selling just about as well as the men’s OG Shattered Backboard, which, frankly, is pretty surprising, but just another thing about the sneaker game that needs to be learned and understood.

Early pairs on StockX are all over the place, from $300 up to $1500 for the smallest sizes.

We are expecting the resale price of these Shattered Backboard 3.0’s to be $300-$400, a $140-$240 profit per pair.

Considering it takes about 2 hours at most to make this flip, by doing this sneaker game part time, this means you’re earning a higher hourly wage than most parents, definitely in the six figure annual range.

Why sell your time for less?

You can max this opportunity out the most by learning  to be able to get multiple pairs of shoes on release date by using sneaker bots and gaining plug status–both key aspects of profiting from this billion dollar sneaker game.

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Thank you guys, good luck and take care



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