Despite an original release in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 is still hugely popular and not going anywhere anytime soon. You can catch at least one colorway, if not many, in the rotation of literally every drip king on the scene.

">The red, black, and white “Chicago Colorways” are the OGs of the Air Jordan 1, but the “Black Toe” model always stirs up hype even among the OGs.

The Jordan 1 Retro High Women’s “Satin Black Toe” releasing this month follows in the footsteps of the “Shattered Backboard” Jordan 1 in its detailing, but does so in one of the most universally recognizable colorways of the shoe.

Originally designed by Peter Moore in the 1980’s, Nike and Jordan brand started rereleasing the Retro High Jordan 1s as we know them today in 2008. Since then, Jordan Brand has been consistently releasing new takes on the classic and it is often featured in notable collabs.

Recent Jordan 1 WMNS Releases:

The Satin Shattered Backboard model is very very similar to the Satin Black Toe, with the major difference being the orange vs red colors and the Air Jordan logo detailing (embroidered on the Shattered Backboard and metal 3D on the Black Toe).

satin wmns jordan 1 release picture
Image from SneakerNews of the Shattered Backboard Satin model

You can see that the satin materials of the Shattered Backboard have the same glossy feel as the Satin Black Toe, with much of the same premium leather construction on the midsoles.

You might be tempted to think that because the Satin Black Toe is a women’s model that it might have less resale potential than a similar men’s shoe, but take a quick look at its predecessor, the Shattered Backboard’s, historical resale:

shattered backboard satin 1 resale price stockx
Image from StockX

The Jordan 1 Retro High Women’s Shattered Backboard also debuted at a $160 retail and over a year later is still pulling down some serious numbers with net profits this month over $500 in various (to include smaller) sizes. Originally inspired by a jersey worn by Michael Jordan in a charity game in Italy, The Shattered Backboard has become one of the most sought after and beloved AJ1s.

Recently, prices spiked even more, scraping $1000, as seen below:

satin backboard 1 wmns release stockx price
Last sale nearly $1000, with a retail price of just $160 as seen on StockX in early August 2019.

Similarly, the Women’s Jordan 1 High UNC Patent has also continued to perform very well since initial February release.

unc patent 1 jordan womens resale price stockx
Resale prices staying high for the Patent UNC model of the WMNS Jordan 1

This Jordan 1 model also originally retailed at $160 and has consistently been reselling for double its retail value. Granted the design and UNC colorway is a little different, but these numbers, combined with the Shattered Backboard, definitely show that a women’s designation on a shoe need not hurt resale potential.

Jordan 1: “Satin Black Toe”

on foot air jordan 1 satin black womens august 2019 release
The Jordan brand’s official on-foot image of these ladies’ kicks.

Jordan 1 Retro High Satin Black Toe is built with a mixture of leather and satin giving it an extra luxurious feel and a slight reflective quality on the red satin in certain lighting. The white, black, and red colorway is also the classic Jordan “bred” combo that historically holds value more than other colorways.

The Air Jordan logo, rather than stamped or embroidered as it is on previous models, stands out with black metal 3D detailing to offer a more premium look.

jordan 1 satin womens
From @hanzuying on IG.

Paying homage to the original 1985 Black Toe Jordan, this silhouette is made up of white leather and black leather uppers, satin red heels and collars and the traditional white/red soles. The sockliner is also made up of a silky material to keep with the sleek feel of the shoe.

August 2019 Release Info

jordan satin black toe picture 2019 release
Image via Sneakerbardetroit

Release Date: Saturday, August 17th 2019

Retail Price: $160

Peak Resell – $500+ per pair

Potential Profit – $340+ per pair

Originally slated for August 31st, Nike pulled this release forward to the 17th.

@hanzuying revealed with official photos of the Air Jordan 1 Satin WMNS “Black Toe” that the shoe will be limited to about 75,000 pairs worldwide.

Limited exclusives releases almost always bode well for resale.

The bigger sizes typically perform better than the smaller sizes with women’s Jordan 1’s, so make sure to snag those if you can. But even the smaller sizes have had decent resale with the Shattered Backboard, so if these are a SNKRs cop for you and you have free returns, not a bad gamble even with the smaller sizes.

stockx womens satin black toe price 2019
StockX prices looking promising for the Satin Black Toe

There have already been quite a few sales on StockX at some pretty crazy prices: people were paying up to $850, a near $700 profit for resellers. As with almost all exclusive releases, there is typically a spike in value in the week leading up to the drop and then a quick dip as the market floods with products.

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However, if the Shattered Backboard is any indication of what to expect, the Shattered Backboard never dipped anywhere close to below retail and steadily grew in value in the months after its release.

Since the classic Chicago Colorways typically do well across all Jordan models, it seems like a pretty safe bet to expect the Satin Black Toe to hold value in a similar, if not superior, fashion.

How to Buy the Nike Air Jordan 1 WMNS Satin Black Toe for Retail

As with most of the limited release Jordan models, you can certainly expect a SNKRS drop at 10am EST on the morning of August 17th. Right now we only see a Nike Launch page from China, but we’ll update this with a link as the release date approaches..

Footlocker and Champs both have it on their release calendars, so some local raffles might also be a possibility worth exploring.

If you miss out on these limited J’s, without a doubt you will see them on StockX, GOAT, and StadiumGoods among others.

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