Today we have a special entrant in our daily sneaker news. There had been rumors circulating here and there but here, we like to know the facts before we tell you something.

After a long while, we finally have all the details regarding the latest Nike Air Jordans drop.

The Air Jordans will be revisiting their Wings concept with a new colorway of the Air Jordan 10. The concept was first tried out on Air Jordan 12 released back in 2016. And after 4 long years, we are witnessing it again.

Here are all the details.

air jordan 10 wings white chrome ck4352 102 release date info 1

Release Date: 12th February 2020

Retail Price: $190

Retail Point: Nike Official Website


When you look at the pictures, you might think “interesting choice of colors” and there’s a good reason behind that.

The Jordan 10 Wings is a part of Jordan WINGS Scholars Program. Now you might ask what that means and here’s the answer.

The WINGS Scholars Program is Michael Jordan’s foundation whose aim is to allow underprivileged youth with 100% scholarships to colleges in North America and in Greater China. (

The question you might have now is “Why would Jordan do all this?”. Well the simple answer is he has too much money. Nah I’m just kidding.

It is because the G.O.A.T understood the importance of a formal education. Even when he was drafted and had an extraordinary 2 seasons, he still went on back to his college (University of North Carolina) to finish his degree.

Each year from a vast pool of candidates, a select few are selected and then given the opportunity to pursue their education. These candidates identify themselves as local leaders in school and in the community.

“What does all of this have to do with the sneaker release, Haider?”

The sneakers are a way to raise awareness regarding the foundation. Each sneaker sold, as a part of the WINGS program, contributes directly to the scholarship fund.

Therefore, this year the WINGS program gave 4 high school students from Chicago the opportunity to overhaul the Air Jordan 10.

Now let’s dig deeper into the color scheme, shall we?

air jordan 10 wings white chrome ck4352 102 release date info 3 air jordan 10 wings white chrome ck4352 102 release date info 2

The lines and weaves of the Air Jordan 10 represent the Chicago transit system. The vibrant and asymmetrical tones represent different transportation routes.

The shoe looks as if you’re reading a map with a complete white exterior with colored lines. It’s a very neat look in my opinion.

The heel, as we can see, acts as a key to read the “map”.

air jordan 10 wings white chrome ck4352 102 release date info 5

The Air Jordan 10 Wings is a part of the Jordan Brand’s All-Star Weekend and we can expect to see it in select stores and also on Nike’s official website.

Resale Value

If you’re planning on buying these to turn a profit then my advice to you would be, Don’t!

For a shoe to have any resale value, there has to be adequate demand. The demand for a shoe is derived through the hype it creates, and unfortunately, the streets are silent with this release. A few articles here and there, but that’s about it.

It’s not to say that the marketing has been weak or anything, but the sneaker itself doesn’t really spark any extravagance as one would hope from the Jordan brand.

The students did a great job in representing the mass city transit system but frankly, there’s not much to talk about here. We don’t know what the inspiration behind it is either so cannot comment on that.

A quick check on StockX will show you the current resale price of the Air Jordan 10 Wings.

Annotation 2020 02 10 002405

As you can see they’re being sold for $30 less than their retail price. Usually, at this point in time, we would expect the reselling price to be at least a bit higher than its retail price. So this is not a good sign at all.

But don’t worry guys, I’m not leaving you out to dry. There are plenty of hot drops coming up where you’ll be able to cash in on multiple profitable deals.

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Michael Jordan is arguably the best player to ever grace the game. His work ethic combined with his talent proved him formidable against his opponents. This is shown by the fact he never lost a final in his entire career.

Ever since he was drafted third, he had a chip on his shoulder. He always wanted to prove he was best, and boy did he do that. And Michael Jordan has always been a key member of his local community as highlighted by his WINGS program.

So if you want to buy the shoe for charity purposes then go right ahead because this isn’t the one for resale.

Till next time!


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