pic.jpg" alt="Jordan 11 Bred" width="1140" height="800" /> The Jordan 11 Bred Releasing December 2019

It was just a normal day anticipating a Travis Scott shock-drop, and just like that Nike sends all sneakerheads into a frenzy with the iconic Air Jordan 11 “Breds” shock-drop instead.

They sold out in a minute.

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RELEASE DATE: jordan 11 “bred”

While Santa decided to come early and unexpectedly bearing “Breds”, the classic Air Jordan 11 is set to release on December 14th 2019. This is the first time Nike and Jordan brand are opting to release the “Bred” colorway of the Jordan 11s since the year 2012.

Jordan 11 breds
Jordan 11 Breds 2012

The exemplary black and red colorway has stood the test of time, in fact, it’s one of the most popular colorways doused on many of the Jordan brand’s silhouette.

Air Jordan 11 encompasses a high patent leather that boasts the black, red, and white in a vivid luxurious feel. The black midsole and outsole sit on the white and red base, while the jumpman logo and MJ’s jersey number 23 completes the look on the back.

They will release for the whole family, coming in adult, big kids, little kids, preschool, and toddler sizes.


The Jordan 11s should be available in various retail stores as well as the Nike store itself. We will list the assumed stores but keep checking back on SFS as we update the list with accuracy.







Before diving into the resale value, it’s paramount to understand the Jordan 11 “Bred” history.

Jordan 11 bred
Michael Jordan wearing Jordan 11 Breds

Did you know the Jordan 11s were not only worn by his Airness on the hardwood but also the 1996 class “Space Jam” movie?

Most Jordan sneakerheads will tell you their favorite Jordan line are the Jordan Infrareds because he won his first championship in 1991, or that their favorite is the Jordan 4 “Breds” because he received his first MVP award in them.

So, what’s the hype behind the Jordan 11 “Breds”?

There are a few reasons behind the high resale value—the first reason being obvious, he wore them during this prolific NBA career.

Although the Golden State Warrior’s topped this record within the recent years, it was Michael Jordan’s Bulls that held the best record in the regular season going 72-10.

Jordan 11 bred
MJ’s Historic Regular Season

In addition to the historic regular season in the black and red, he won the regular-season MVP, All-Star MVP, and the Finals MVP. Jordan wore the classic Jordan 11 “Bred” during this illustrious year, yet it was still just one of the many from his legendary career.


The adult men’s size will drop at a retail price point of $220 on release day.

While this sneaker is most likely going to contain a large stock, there is still an opportunity to make a profit. A larger stock also means you will have a decent chance at obtaining multiple pairs to double or triple your profit.

The money sizes will be between size 8 through 9.5.

Jordan 11 bred
StockX Bids and Asks

Sizes in the money size range are going just north of $300, which means a decent profit per pair. Although the price may dip slightly after the release, the market should correct itself if you were to hold these shoes for a month or two.

Don’t limit yourself to one selling platform with an abundance of competitors. Popular and trusted online selling platforms like eBay can also be your asset.

Jordan 11 Bred
Jordan 11 Bred

Someone who obviously took advantage of the shock-drop today (maybe he was following our instagram) has already posted the sneaker for a higher price than Stockx.

To reiterate, the last time the Jordan 11 “Bred” retro return was in effect was the year 2012. A single pair catapulted to a value of $650—of which is now plummeting due to the news of the December drop.

Jordan 11 bred
Jordan 11 2012 Stockx Graph

This market history suggests that if you hold onto these pairs long enough, your return-on-investment could see 300% as these pairs retailed in 2012 at $180. This blows the stock market average return-on-investment of 7% out the door.

A relevant shoe that can be compared with, that shares similarities in value, stock, colorway, and hype are the Jordan 4 “Breds” that released May of this year.

Jordan 4 bred
Jordan 4 Bred

Another shoe worn by Michael Jordan himself, these sought-out Jordans were also a general release shoe propelled by sneakerhead hype. The graph from Stockx shows that the market value for the sneaker has risen over time from $240 to $270.

Jordan 4 bred
Jordan 4 bred Stockx Graph

This year, Nike and Jordan brand have been pushing their most popular retros to the forefront of their sales. Nevermind the countless Jordan 1 colorways and iterations, but they also brought back the Jordan 6 Infrared, the Jordan 4 “Bred”, and now the classic Jordan 11 “Bred” will put a pin to 2019.

It’s not unlikely that Nike and Jordan brand adds another hyped drop in the month of December. If you’re just starting out to become a sneaker reseller, it’s a necessity to be informed and prepared.

Shoes like Yeezy Alien, Yeezy Slate, and Travis Scott Air Force 1s are all profitable sneakers, and acquiring them will be difficult.

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Until next time, good luck to everyone copping.


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