October has a been a huge month for Nike and if you thought the sneaker powerhouse was done, surprise ̵1; they’re not.

This month, which was packed with profitable drops, Nike came out with some really colorful, busy colorways.

To name a few we have the Lebron “Lakers”, Kyrie “Pineapple House”, the Halloween AF1’s and Dunks, and let’s not forget about the “What the NY” AF1’s.

Don’t get me wrong these colorways were hot – not only on your feet but also the resale market, and this drop, like the others, will be a flex for any outfit and for any reseller’s (sometimes very deep) pockets.

Stadium Goods showing over $500 for size 9.5 of the OG Taxi 12.

This particular sneaker’s predecessor, the Taxi 12, could sell for over $285 (the OG release for over $400) which makes this flip-flopped colorway glimmer in any reseller’s eye.

Detailed Look: Reverse Taxi 12

Official images via Nike

Some key words come to mind when checking out these Jordans:




Tipping a hat to the pair of sneakers Jordan wore in 1997 – Meet the Reverse Taxi 12:


Can you say clean?

The two upper eyelets being entirely gold, pinned against an all black suede body that’s as smooth as butter and gives adds that luxury I mentioned – just like putting a crispy set of rims on a Bentley.

There’s no wild colors or in your face graphics on this pair – the sneaker does all the talking.

Another boost to the luxurious feel is the heel. Featuring a red jumpman contrasting a gold patch. The fine white text that reads “Quality inspired by the greatest player ever” leads brilliantly into the red “23”.


The same red jumpan is found on the sole toward the front of the shoe, tongue, and innersole.

The tongue is a little more than just a jumpman logo. The Taxi Yellow “Two 3” that runs vertically downthe tongue may possibly be the freshest detail on the sneaker.


Of course, since this colorway is a reversal of the predominantly white Taxi’s – we have ourselves a snow white rubber outsole that rests underneath the primarily black upper very nicely.

Adding to the clean contrasts and simple color schematics, Nike, being the design veterans they are, know that the colors we see are nothing more than reflected light hitting the eye.

jordan 12 reverse taxi official picture side 2019 jordan 12 reverse taxi official picture outside 2019

The brand sticks with black, but instead of suede, we have black tumbled leather (changing how light reflects, therefore changing what we see) overlaying the suede toward the front of the sneaker. (Genius).

Resale Value: Air Jordan XII “Reverse Taxi”

As mentioned the sneaker not only performs aesthetically, but also on the resale market. Set to release 10/31/2019 at $190, this chart from Kicks On Fire shows the sneaker’s value undergoing a steep upward spike.

via kicksonfire.com

The 12’s might not be the most recognized out of all the Jordan’s, but there’s absolutely no disputing the “Taxi” colorway is.

StockX prices of the Reverse Taxi at the time of this writing. Check current prices here.

As mentioned before, the original Taxi colorway is doing numbers on the resale market, and looking at the hype surrounding this blacked out remix makes me expect the same.

Although these might not give you the highest profit, the hype surrounding them combined with a slightly easier than normal purchasing difficulty make them a good first buy.

So don’t waste the opportunity.

When a model like this comes out you’re going to want to have a proven and highly reviewed tool at your disposal like the HypeMaster Playbook to make the most out of it, like the plug status that comes with getting multiple pairs and scaling your business intelligently.

Release Date and How to Buy: Reverse Taxi Jordan 12

Remember, the release date is Halloween, not to get confused with the original date of November 9th.

So mark your calendars for a release date of Thursdsay, October 31st 2019.

Hopefully it’ll start your Halloween off right.

We will update you of any changes that we come across.

Sitelist for Jordan 12 Reverse Taxi

The sneaker will only be available online and select Jordan retailers – so if you plan on this pair of kicks ending up in your candy basket, the same clever joke that landed you an extra Reese’s cup when you went Trick or Treating isn’t going to help.

Sitelists include:

(full site list and live purchase links in our private winner circle, the Cook Group)

It’s tools like the Hypemaster Playbook, our Instagram, email list and private cook group that will score you a pair of Jordan’s with a high demand like these.

If you’re an Air Jordan fan who’s on your game, you’ll definitely notice these 12’s are a little similar to another legendary colorway – The “Playoffs” 12’s.

The similarly colored “Playoff” 12’s on StockX. .

The “Playoffs” colorway is on StockX to purchase for $300-$350 (one size is demanding over $500).

When you take the numbers the “Playoffs” and the original “Taxi’s” are doing, given their similarities to our featured, to-be iconic colorway, the “Reverse Taxi’s” should crush the market as well.

Actually, most Jordan 12’s that have even just a fair amount of surrounding hype, do really well on the resale market.

In addition, any Jordan that pays homage to a classic, is more than likely going to do well as the OG Taxi owners are going to be chomping at the bit to add this pair to their collection and will be willing to pay a pretty penny to do so.

Nike thinks the demand won’t just be among men and is releasing these beauties in full family sizes. Here’s a breakdown of retail prices:

  • GS Sizes – $140
  • PS Sizes – $80
  • TD Sizes – $60
  • You’re Resale Listing – ?

It’s all adding up to be a profitable drop.

And a stylish one.

Anyone who owns the OG Taxi’s is essentially going to need this remixed colorway in their collection, so whether you’re reselling or looking for some heat to rock, these are going to be exclusive, so don’t take this drop lightly.

Appreciate you all for reading and don’t forget – the tools mentioned in this article aren’t just highly reviewed, they’re proven.

If you want to make bank doing something you love, you could succeed through grit and trial and error, or you could detour a lot of those bumps in the road and see success quicker.

It’s been real.

Until next time,


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