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Dear readers, it’s March and you know what that means right? It’s time for March Madness. No, I’m not talking about college basketball but you’re close if that was your answer.

For us, this month is synonymous to madness is because of the drop after drop of the most lit/cop-worthy sneaker. At sneakerflippers, you’ll for sure find the latest news regarding every shoe drop.

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Now getting back to the topic at hand. The Jumpman brand is releasing a new pair. It’s a new colorway of the Jordan 3.

If you want to skip ahead to where you can buy the Jordan 3 UNC and how much it will resell for, feel free to skip till the end.

However, I’d suggest you to read through the entire thing.

Here are all the details of the Jordan 3 UNC:

Air Jordan 3 UNC Tar Heels

Release Date: 03/07/2020

Retail Price: $190

So just in time for March Madness of college basketball, the Jumpman has dropped their latest sneaker. The Jordan 3 UNC represents Michael Jordan’s college basketball career.

Initially, this colorway was only player exclusive. This meant that only athletes could wear this at the University of North Carolina (Jordan’s Alma mater), and due to popular demand, it is finally coming to the general public.

Air Jordan 3 UNC Top

Is there any difference between the player exclusive version of the Jordan UNC and the one you’ll be getting?

The only thing changing will be the logo on the tongue. On the player exclusive, the embroidered logo was that of UNC and this will be replaced with the Jumpman logo.

Jordan 3 UNC PE Jordan 3 UNC

The shoe provides a very clean white look coupled with grey elephant print mudguards and valor blue detailing. If you look closely, you can see that a white rubber heel tab, visible Air unit, and grey out-sole completes this design.

Air Jordan 3 UNC back

Where to buy?

So either you skipped till this point or you read the whole thing. What matters is that you’re here now. So you’re all hyped and you know you want to buy this sneaker no matter what, but the question is where can you get this?

Well, worry no more, sneakerflippers is at your service. You will find the Jordan 3 UNC dropping on Nike’s official website.

Moreover, you can purchase the shoes from StockX.

However, according to our sources, the sneakers are bound to get sold out quickly and therefore, if you miss out on the chance to purchase off of Nike or StockX, simply follow our Instagram and bookmark this page so you can stay updated on where you can buy the latest Jordan 3 UNC.

Resale Value

Now comes the most important question. “Haider, how much can I make off of these pairs?”. Well, lets take a look at the question in a holistic way.

So initially, these pairs were only Player Exclusive which restricted their supply to a great degree. Due to this, the resale price of Jordan 3 UNC PE is an average $3700.

Jordan 3 UNC PE Stats

You might be tempted to believe that this will be a similar case for the general public release because of its hype. But basic economics would prove your temptation wrong.

Once the pair releases to the general public, there will be an overflow of the Jordan 3 UNC in the market which will drive it’s price down. But it’s not all about that.

The aspect of exclusivity will no longer exist. Because almost anyone who wants to buy it will be able to buy it. This will even lead to a drop in price of the Jordan 3 UNC PE.

Taking a look at the StockX page of the Jordan 3 UNC we can see that the average reselling price of the pair is $296. I had hoped the reselling price to be higher at this point because once the shoe releases, the reselling price tends to drop.

Jordan 3 UNC Stats

Worth copping or not?

Now even though, you wont be able to realize profits worth thousands per pair, you can still earn a decent margin. You can earn easily $100/sneaker if you find the right buyer and if you’re able to purchase the shoes for their retail price before they’re sold out.

If you’re buying purely for collection purposes, then I give the go ahead as well. Because, damn! Look at the shoes, they provide such a clean look! I’m getting a pair for myself too.

Therefore, the Jordan 3 UNC are definitely worth copping for both collectors and resellers.


Release Date: 7th March, 2020

Retail Price: $190

Retail Point: Nike and StockX

The Jordan 3 remains the all-time fan-favorite silhouette of the Jordan brand. The Jordan 3 has been released in multiple color iterations ever since it was first released back in 1988, the year in which Michael Jordan received his first ever NBA Most Valuable Player award.

Some of the color iterations have been really hard to come by, especially the UNC. Therefore, it’s a big opportunity for collectors and re-sellers alike to capitalize on, if the Jordan 3 UNC is being released for the public.

If you’re not sure how to resell the Jordan 3 UNC or are unsure about entering the business of reselling (which BTW is almost a billion-dollar industry) then we at sneakerflippers have the perfect offer for you.

The Hypemaster Playbook will take you from a novice to an expert re-seller. It’ll provide you all the tools that will create a strong foundation for your reselling business. This will allow you to stay ahead of the curve and outplay your competitors.

That’s all for today, sneakerheads.

Till next time.


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