Air Jordan 4 is coming back in August with a re-release of one of its most popular colorways. The Air Jordan 4 Pine Green is releasing on August 5th for a retail price of $225. The price is relatively high but that̵7;s what inflation does, guys.

The Air Jordan 4 is probably my favorite silhouette because it’s just so different from the other Jordan silhouettes. Plus, when the AIr Jordan 4 is dressed in a completely white upper, it just looks so good man!

I guess we have Tinker Hatfield to thank for this blessing. If you don’t know already, Tinker Hatfield has been the visionary behind most of Nike’s iconic designs such as Air Jordan 3 and Air Max 1.

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The Pine Green colorway has become somewhat a staple in the Jordan line-up so it’s only right that we review the previous Pine Green releases.  

Jordan 4 Retro Metallic Green (GS) 

Air Jordan 4 Green Metallic Pack 1

Part of the Air Jordan Metallic Pack that released back in May 2020, the Green Metallic was probably the one that caught our attention the most. Each sneaker in the pack was sold for roughly $190 and the Metallic Green has been performing not too shabby on the market. 

According to the StockX data the average resale price is around $205 but we have seen peaks of almost $300. Looking at the bids section, buyers are lining up to pay an average of $250 for each Air Jordan 4 Metallic Green.  

Air Jordan 4 Retro Classic Green 

Jordan 4 Retro Classic Green 2004 1

The predecessor of the sneaker we will be covering in this article was released back in 2004 and damn it was hot!  It has a white leather upper with green accents on the lace tabs, tongue and air unit on the heel. 

The sneaker retailed at $100 at that time and the resale value has been performing well. According to StockX sales statistics, the trading range for this Air Jordan 4 Retro colorway has been between $551-$789.  

Jordan 1 Mid Pine Green (GS) 

img01 17

Yes yes, we know that this isn’t an Air Jordan 4 but why not spice things up a little with the silhouette that started the entire legacy! This Jordan 1 Pine Green was released in 2018 for a retail price of $100.  

The sneaker features a completely white upper with Pine Green overlays. The white and green is contrasted with the black on the sock liner, laces, and the Air Jordan logo on the laterals.  

If we take a look at StockX’s trading data, we can see that the average resale value of the sneaker is around $260 with the peak resale around $400. I’ll admit that the sneaker performed well largely because of the fact that it is an Air Jordan 1 but that Pine Green colorway sure looks good on this silhouette, to be honest!  

Air Jordan 4 “Pine Green” 

air jordan 4 pine green CK6630 100 1

The Belle of the Ball, our main attraction of the day. The Air Jordan 4 is re-releasing their signature 2004 colorway this coming week. The Air Jordan 4 Pine Green will be releasing on the 5th of August for a relatively higher price of $225.  

This Air Jordan 4 comes in a completely white upper with Pine Green patches. While we only have mock-ups of the potential design of the sneaker, I think we can be sure that the colorway is a reference to the world-class 63-point playoff game that Jordan played against the Celtics back in 1986.  

That game has been called arguable the best playoff performance ever by any player in the NBA! And we can’t seem to disagree with this argument, to be honest.  

Where To Buy?  

Unfortunately, there is no chatter on the world-wide-web regarding where we can buy this sneaker. Our best bet is that it will obviously be featured on Nike’s website and a few raffles here and there.  

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Resale Value 

So now we finally come to the important part. Taking a look at how the previous Pine Green colorways have performed, I think we can make the argument that this one will do well too.  

According to our stats, the Air Jordan 4 Pine Green will be resold for an average of $280-$300. With a retail price of $225, you are looking for an average gross profit of $55-75. Obviously, the profit is going to be lower when you consider selling costs such as transportation and etc.  


Sneaker: Air Jordan 4 Pine Green 

Retail Price: $225 

Release Date: 5th August 2020 

Resale Value: $280-$300 


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