Air Jordan 4 PSG 2020 Background, Release Details, and Resell

PSG football fans are in for a treat with PSG̵7;s latest collaboration with Jordan brand! This time they’re going with the Air Jordan 4 in a clean new colorway. The Air Jordan 4 PSG price is $225 and releases October the 10th. Stick around to know all about it!

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The Air Jordan 4 PSG 2020 is what a lot of PSG fans have been looking forward to. Before we get started, let’s talk about the sneaker’s background.

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Air Jordan 4|History

Air Jordan 4 History Grey Hoopeduponline
Via Hoopeduponline

The Air Jordan 4 has an interesting bit of history behind it. The great Tinker Hatfield was once again behind this silhouette after creating the highly revered Air Jordan 3.

This time, Hatfield wanted a more performance focused sneaker than a lifestyle one more-so than its predecessors by tweaking the design and achieving a significantly different shape.

The AJ4 has an interesting design process where they dipped the sneaker in soft plastic and blew air through it so it didn’t look cheap. The air would clean out any residue plastic in between. It also featured an over molded mesh.

At first, people weren’t feeling this sneaker. Many thought this was ugly while others jumped on the “New Jordan” bandwagon and didn’t look back. Later on however, the design started to grow on people and it became very popular very fast.

A special quirk of this sneaker is related to the lacing system. You can actually tie it 18 different ways! Just a bit of specialization for fans that value those things.

The Air Jordan 4 retailed for $110 in 1989 and has had various colorways released ever since.

Paris Saint-Germain x Nike

Via News Nike

Nike in recent years have agreed to provide the French football club “PSG” official football kits until 2032. This agreement not only means providing kits for both the men’s and women’s teams, but also extra collaborations with Jordan sneakers.

PSG has also seen various kits that are marked by Jordan Brand. This collaboration has been active since 1989 and is considered Nike’s strongest and longest active partnership.

PSG’s President, Nasser Al-Khelaifi stated, “This partnership represents a very important milestone for the club and reflects the dreams and aspirations we have for the future of football. This partnership demonstrates Nike’s commitment to stay with us every step of the way for many years to come.”

Along with being kit providers, PSG x Air Jordan sneakers have been killing! Not only do most of them sell out fast, resale prices can also get quite high. I expect the Air Jordan 4 PSG to be one of the profitable ones.

To estimate the resale for the Air Jordan 4 PSG, let’s head on over to StockX.

Air Jordan 1 PSG High

Air Jordan 1 PSG High StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $160

Peak Resell: $380

Release Date: 11/06/2018

Colorway: Black/Black-White-Challenge Red

The Air Jordan 1 PSG High features an almost entirely black upper with darker materials used on the ‘Swoosh’ and the Air Jordan branding. Thick black laces and toe box continue the blacked-out trend.

A white mid-sole with lateral red stripes provide the only contrast on the sneaker. Finally, a black out-sole finishes off the design.

On StockX, the average selling price is $170 which is quite mediocre. On average you won’t be making a lot of money off of these sneakers however, at peak resale gross profits are up to $220.

I believe the Air Jordan 4 PSG will have much better resale value because of the new colorway alone.

Air Jordan 6 PSG

Air Jordan 6 PSG StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $225

Peak Resell: $440

Release Date: 08/10/2019

Colorway: Iron Grey/Infrared 23-Black

The Air Jordan 6 PSG features a grey upper with black stripe-like overlay. Red hits can also be seen throughout along with a red ‘PANAME’ tag on the heel. Finally, a grey mid-sole with an exposed air unit and grey/black out-sole completes the design.

On StockX, they’re not super profitable either however, sales do seem to be showing an upward trend. At peak resale prices, gross profits of $215 are possible.

Air Jordan 5 PSG

Air Jordan 5 PSG StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $225

Peak Resell: $600

Release Date: 09/14/2018

Colorway: Black/Challenge Red-White

This typical WWII fighter Jet inspired Air Jordan 4 PSG features a full black upper. It also has transparent be-speckled underlay on the sides with “Paris” printed on it. A red “75” can also be seen on the heel. A PSG logo on the heel completes the design.

This sneaker was the first ever Jordan brand collaboration with a football club and changed the PSG landscape forever.

On StockX, the average selling price is $290 which is an average gross profit of $65. At peak resell prices, profits are as high as $375. I believe the Air Jordan 4 PSG will have similar resale value.

Air Jordan 4 PSG Paris Saint-Germain

Via Foot Patrol

Retail Price: $225

Estimated Resell: $300

Release Date: Saturday, October 10th 2020

Colorway: White/Neutral Grey-Bordeaux-Black

The Air Jordan Retro 4 PSG comes in a matching ‘PSG’ themed box with the PSG logo on the top. This Air Jordan takes inspiration from the region of Bordeaux, applying colors of their red wines while shades of purple also embellish the sneaker.

A premium white leather upper covers most of the sneaker while a subtle grey shade covers the toe region. A white Jump-man is printed on the tongue along with the word “Flight” while a black “PANAME” tag adds extra character to the design.

The rear also features the circular PSG logo while a sole with an exposed air unit completes the design.

Take a closer look with these detailed images.

Via Foot Patrol
Via Foot Patrol
Via Foot Patrol

Air Jordan 4 PSG Resell

This sneaker seems to be pretty hyped, especially during this time. The Paris Saint-Germain team has entered the ‘Champions League’ final and what better way to support your favorite team than to buy these kicks?

On StockX, to get your money back you’ll need to sell for at least $270. Thus by using my estimated resell value, you can expect profits of around $30.

On other websites such as eBay, I believe profits will be higher at around $75 per pair.

Where to Buy

The Air Jordan 4 PSG Paris Saint-Germain will see a world wide release on October 10th for $225. You can buy them for retail at select retailers and

You can also buy them today at re-seller websites such as StockX and GOAT.


Air Jordan 4 PSG 2020

Retail Price: $225

Estimated Resell: $300

Release Date: Saturday, October 10th, 2020

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike

                           (Resale) StockX

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