After being teased since April, Nike partners up with OFF-WHITE yet again for another explosive collaboration! This time, the canvas for their masterpiece is the Air Jordan 5.

The Off-White x Air Jordan 5 Sail Fire Red price is $220 and was originally slated to drop on October the 24th  and is now confirmed to release Thursday , October 29th.

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Before we get into details for the Off-White Air Jordan 5 Sail Fire Red. Let me walk you through some background information.

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Air Jordan 5 | Background

Nike Air Jordan 5 Information History Justin Maller
Justin Maller

The Air Jordan 5 was a product of Tinker Hatfield’s genius and wild imagination. Hatfield took inspiration from places you’d least expect, such as a WW2 Fighter Jet. To be more specific, the AJV was inspired by the WWII Marine Spitfire. Hence the flames on the sides.

Another source of inspiration came from the movie “Back to the Future”. Marty Mcfly’s translucent soled shoes inspired the Air Jordan 5. Making it the first Jordan sneaker to feature a translucent foam upper.

They also featured 3M reflective panels along with an Air Jordan logo on it. Overall, the sneakers looked pretty cool and garnered decent attention. Although many new Jordan sneakers demanded the same respect, the Air Jordan 5 today is one of the most sought after.

In 1990, only a hundred Vs were manufactured, each with a price tag of $125. They were later re-released for a price tag of $120 and were still extremely limited.

Due to the scarcity of the sneakers, resale for them is incredibly high. You’ll still today find some collaborations and colorways of the V such as the Air Jordan 5 Fire Red, that even after 20 years, are selling really well.

OFF-WHITE & Air Jordan| The Dynamic Duo

Via Haven

OFF-WHITE, under Virgil Abloh, has become a street-wear and even cultural icon. He founded the Milan-based company in 2013 and ever since then, his popularity among the elite and high-end street fashion enthusiasts is unrivaled for many.

Various collaborations with brands such as Levi’s and Nike have propelled OFF-WHITE into a household name. The Jordan collaboration, however, has made the company’s products one of the most sought after in street-wear fashion history.

The Off-White Air Jordan 5 Sail Fire Red is the latest out of a long line of Jordan x OFF-WHITE sneakers. Due to both companies’ prestige and the limited amount of sneakers released. Off-White Air Jordan sneakers’ resale prices are extremely high and highly profitable.

To estimate resale for the Air Jordan 5 Retro Off-White Sail fire red, let’s head over to StockX. Assessing similar sneakers may give us a good idea of what to expect.

Air Jordan 1 Retro OFF-WHITE White

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OFF WHITE White
From StockX

Retail Price: $190

Peak Resell: $5,600

Release Date: 03/03/2018

Colorway: White

The Air Jordan 1 High Off White (White) features a white leather upper with OFF-WHITE fashioned blue and orange stitching.

Sail overlay on the sides and heel along with a sail mid-sole provide some contrast. “AIR” printed on the mid-sole can also be seen while a white out-sole finishes off the design.

On StockX, the average selling price is a whopping $3,100 per pair. That means on average, resellers are making an average gross profit of over $2,900 per pair! At peak resale, profits are at an insane $3,700.

Although the Off-White Air Jordan 5 Sail Fire Red won’t have profits as high. I believe they’ll still be extremely profitable.

Off-White Air Jordan 4 Sail (W)

Off White Air Jordan 4 Sail StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $200

Peak Resell: $3,500

Release Date: 07/25/2020

Colorway: Sail/Muslin-White-Black

The Off White Air Jordan 4 Sail came in women’s exclusive sizing and is extremely sought after. The upper features a sail color tone constructed with full-grain leather. On the toe region and rear side of the sneaker, there’s mesh and other translucent materials.

The only real contrast is provided by the “AIR” printed on the mid-sole and the light blue jump-man on the tongue. The Air Jordan 4 Off White Sail was perhaps the most anticipated release of 2020.

On StockX, the average selling price is a staggering $1,150 per pair. At peak resale, gross profits are as high as $3,300!

Off-White Air Jordan 5 Metallic Silver

Off White Air Jordan 5 Retro White Black
From StockX

Retail Price: $225

Peak Resell: $2,200

Release Date: 02/15/2020

Colorway: Black/Muslin-Fire Red

Through the Off-White Air Jordan 5 Black, Virgil Abloh pays homage to his first-ever pair of Jordans. The Air Jordan 5 Black Metallic.

While much of it stays true to the original, this Air Jordan V is constructed with a black textile mesh upper and netted side panels. A grey be-speckled flaming design on the mid-sole provides contrast along with the fire red Jordan branding.

An exposed Air unit on the mid-sole and a yellowed out-sole finishes off the design.

On StockX, the average selling price is a respectable $800 ($575 Gross profit). At peak resale prices, gross profits are over $1,900 per pair.

I believe the Off-White Air Jordan 5 Sail Fire Red will have very similar resale value.

Off-White Air Jordan 5 Sail Fire Red

Via Yankeekicks

Retail Price: $220

Estimated Resell: $750

Release Date: October/29/2020 (EU) TBC

                         Fall/2020 (Worldwide)

Colorway: Sail/Fire Red-Muslin-Black

Virgil Abloh’s take on the 5th Air Jordan’s second-ever colorway is inspired by the OG “Fire Red” colorway. However, it adds in a further deconstructed and worn-in look, perhaps a nod at Abloh’s own personal pairs.

The Off-White Air Jordan 5 Sail Fire Red features a thinner collar which is a result of thinned out padding. The entire upper half is constructed with a TPE-like material that hints at the Air Jordan 5’s past.

A fire-red “23” appears behind the netted side panels which rest under the circular window on the sides. The tongues, on the other hand, features reflective silver with a fire red Jump-Man for some contrast.

This Air Jordan also features a fire red design similar to the OG “Fire Red” colorway. Except these include yellowed out eye stays and out-soles for an aged look.

Take a closer look through these detailed images.

Via Hanzuying
Via Hanzuying
Via Hanzuying
Via Hanzuying

Resale Value

As with any other Off-White and Air Jordan collaboration, I believe these will sell out extremely fast. As a result, profits are also expected to be very high.

If you decide to sell on StockX, to get your money back you’ll need to sell for at least $260. Using my estimated resell value of $750, you can expect average profits of around $490 a pair!

Those are extremely high profits especially if you can cop multiple pairs. Although copping one will be extremely difficult, once again our Winner’s Circle can vastly improve your chances!

Off White Air Jordan 5 Release Date/Where to Buy

You can cop the Off White Air Jordan 5 Sail Fire Red at select retailers and Nike SNKRS US.

Originally set to be available on Saturday, October 24th, they are now set to drop Thursday, October 29th.

You can also buy them today through reseller websites such as StockX.

Stay tuned for the exact release date when we update this article in the future as news comes out–signing up to our email list at the bottom is the best way to get the latest news.


OFF White Air Jordan 5 Sail Fire Red

Retail Price: $220

Estimated Resell: $750

Release Date: TBA Fall 2020 (World Wide)

                        TBC October 29th (EU)

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike SNKRS

                           (Resale) StockX

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